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After you have pushed yourself hard to pursue after your dreams, there is another very important thing you must do – organize yourself. You must be able to declare to yourself how you would fulfill your goals and objectives.

Declare to yourself when, where and how you would fulfill the core projects you are embarking on. Consider the following:
• What location would I have my ideas worked on?
• What is the specified time intended to finish each project?
• How likely would I be able to fulfill each project I seek, or perhaps, is there a better way to accomplish these projects?
Here you take crucial decisions on core projects you would be executing. You give no room for operating a pseudo-business; neither would you be doing an external research-finding at this stage.

Here, you stick by your goals. You focus on how effective you should be acting. This step shares resemblance with the stage; set the goals. But the difference here is that; you are not doing any estimation, rather, you are sorting things, to see how best they fit for your goals.
Issues are handled, not just by premeditating on them.
Matters are handled by practically working around them, so that, you’d direct the activities you perform to be at the right fitting and positioning.
Therefore, know when and where you would be performing your true objectives. So build the foundation here, all the skills you learn by researching and investigation; bring all of them together and start doing something.
You would feel more confident at this stage because you know you are putting things in place, and you are just about to launch deeply into the thing you seek. Organize the priorities you would attach to every aspect of the project.
For some projects: time appears to have the first prominence; for others, place; and for others also, how – the manner in which you must execute the activity.

Decide to arrange the issues of your project in an order of importance. This is to give you a better idea on how you should go about them. This would also give you an awareness of whether you are touching your core affairs or not.
You would also see how weakly you are working toward your objective; or how firm you tend to perform your objectives.
People who have set time as the most important factor regarding what they seek would understand that, most things can be compromised, but should the established time they have set be compromised they are in danger.
Consider establishing the foundations of what you do, and get to know what comes first and what comes second; so you would get a clearer perspective on how you must direct your movements and avoid the trouble you may encounter should you not have organized on your goals.
You tend to be more confident and positive toward your objectives when you organize them before you execute them. You tend to have the sense of security because you know how you have structured things.

In that, you would only allow the weakest part to be compromised first; should issues hit hard against you. And you would battle against the situations of life in that order…
This is like the technique used in playing chess. You would plan to only allow your weakest piece to be devoured, by strategizing to expose it to more dangers than the rest.
This is the same principle you must apply when you are going after your goals. Learn to understand the least constituent of the project. Then with your limited resources provide the least support to that constituent.
But always stay alert by never allowing the issues of life, come close to the core systems of what you embark on. Be defensive in every way possible to keep that constituent safeguarded at all times.

So make every conscious effort to build the foundations, lay down the roots of the work you would be establishing. And more importantly, learn to familiarize yourself with the things you seek, for they would present to you a more skillful approach to go about the goals you desire in life.
Never rush to start a project you intend to embark on; never side to think that, you don’t really have control in the matters of life.
It is true external factors would always play a role in the establishment we work on, albeit the personal influence we have, stands to always have a more chief role in determining our positions in life.
Your position in life can only be determined by you; and the choices you make day in day out are what bring about the placements you always land yourself into.
So take time and organize how you are going to go about your projects.
It may demand a considerable amount of time, and you may side to think you are wasting time. But organizing what you do has never been time wastage; rather, it opens your mind to things you could never have taken notice of, if you were in a haste to perform your projects without any preparation.

When organizing on your goal; have a holistic approach on how you would be dealing with matters. You must have a broad perspective on what you would be doing, so that you can give an overall assessment concerning how you managed your projects.
You can also be able to discover which aspects of the task you perform need support, and which aspects need just maintenance.
Goals on the whole are difficult to accomplish, that is why we always need a point of reference we can rely on when we have delved deep into the actions and exercises we have need to perform.
So, after landing on the foundations of your project, let a point of reference always be available to keep your mind focused on the established targets you have already set for yourself to follow.
You can consider a personalized mission statement to be the point of reference you are going to have.
Declare precisely the visions you plan on reaching.
These should be concrete and precise; never use vague statement to denote a point of reference you would have need to rely on in years to come. Be definite and intentional as much as possible.
It may happen that you would have to perform a reflection on them one day in life, when certain circumstances would try to push you away from your goal.

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