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We would take time to go through the foods that are appropriate for us to take, as well as the food substances that are inappropriate for us to take.
This would help us know the choices of foods to take, as well as, the foods not to take within any given period of time.
It therefore suggests that an adequate guide should be given concerning foods that are to be taken in the morning, afternoon, as well as the evening.
Regarding breakfast, a morning meal, a considerable heavy meal is required. Breakfast simply means, breaking of a fast. This has to do with the fasting period you practiced the prior night.

There is no specified criterion regarding what is supposed to be eaten during the early morning hours. For each culture will have specific conducts regarding what kind of meal is supposed to be taken first during the day.
However, it stands to reason that breakfast serves as the most important meal of the day. It is taken before undertaking any scheduled day’s work you have planned to be embarking, therefore it should be given utmost importance whenever you decide on embarking to have it.
Popular foods that are known to be eaten as breakfast include, morning cereals; oatmeal, cornflakes, porridge, and custards. Other good foods to take in the morning include tea, coffee and cocoa beverages.
It is however important to note that, since breakfast is the most important food taken in a day, you must ensure you are adequately satisfied whenever you take them. It is unwholesome to take a light tea, having no slice of bread or even biscuit at the side.

Ensure you eat to your full whenever you take breakfast, for it is what will kick start you to fill energized to start the morning day’s activities right into the afternoon hours.
Regarding lunch, it is taken in the afternoon hours. Although certain groups of individuals would consider light foods to be taken as lunch, for most people lunch is a heavy meal, some adding desserts even after taking the main dish.
Common examples of lunch include; rice, noodles and potato.
For others too, meals are taken in courses, usually starting with a light soup, or series of light dishes; then, comes the main course.
Sometimes after the main course which is usually a heavy pasta or rice dish, next would be a dessert to have things settled.
Lunch is usually a heavy meal, and it is rare for people to skip lunch as compared to skipping breakfast.

Because some people may not have the time to take both breakfast and lunch, they sometimes would combine breakfast and lunch together, having it together as brunch.
This meal is usually taken anywhere within the late hours of the morning.
Finally, we would consider supper. Supper is usually taken in the evening. While some cultures would rather consider supper to be the main meal of the day, others prefer to have their lightest meal taken within these hours.
Common meals that are taken as supper include soups of various kinds. A common example would be noodles soup, or seafood soup.
It is usually recommended that supper should be light, especially when it falls in the late hours of the night. The reason being that it may not be properly digested and may present harmful effects to the body as you sleep.

Due to the varying eating patterns adopted by different people, supper sometimes is referred to as dinner. From this perspective, then the principal meal of the day would be taken in that hour.
Most people prefer to take a hot tea or coffee when it is supper-time. Only simple or light meals are taken, so as to keep the body refreshed and rejuvenated during the late hours of the day.
Whenever we embark on eating, we must always ensure that we eat at regular intervals. This would allow proper digestion and breakdown of food to take place in the body.
It is never advisable to take breakfast during the late hours of the morning, as well as, taking lunch during the early hours of the afternoon.
By doing this, you do not allow the body to properly assimilate food. Rather you are endangering your own body.

Therefore embark to take diets only at regular intervals, sticking to that routine, constantly. This would allow your body to function the way it is intended to work, and you would be capable to stay healthy and fit at all times.
Regarding exercising also, do not embark on taking a vigorous exercise in one stretch, because you intend to have it cover a week, or perhaps, for the month.
It is unhealthy to act this way. A rather helpful strategy is to embark on taking exercising routinely, each day of the week.
That way you allow your body to function properly, and more so, you allow your body to assume considerable health over an ample period of time.
Now regarding sleep also, ensure you enroll yourself to take an ample duration of sleep. It is also advised that a short nap should be taken in the early afternoon hours.

Your body gains more alertness and energy after short naps as compared to not taking naps at all. Sleeping also in the night should be at least 6 hours. It is very harmful to the body sleeping 4 or less hours at night, thinking you are going to spread short naps all throughout the day.
A regular pattern to sleep is required for the body to function properly, and more so, it is required for the brain to perform at an optimum height.
Changing regular patterns of sleep can result in sicknesses, as well as, lots of drowsiness all throughout the day. It even has a negative effect on your cognitive performance as an individual.
You must make a conscious effort to commit to wholesome dieting. If you do not put deliberate measures in place, you may easily fall short of accomplishing your intended expectations.
Living the healthy life is possible, achievable and realistic.
It all depends on us, whether we are going to stick to the established practices in this article, or perhaps, we care not to stick to them.



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