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If we want to be true to who we are and what we do, mistakes, failures and pitfalls should not be the determining factor for our quitting on a project. If we set goals, and we receiving constant criticisms against our work, that is not the sure indicator that the pursuance of our dream is wrong.

What is means is that, it is immature or probably, presented wrongly to the masses. Unrealized ideas, are not to be placed in the sections of dead ideas. Because whenever we dream of something, there remains an unshakeable iota of hope that what we are doing is useful, and also, needed.
This is the driving force behind all outstanding inventions and innovations we see. Light bulb was created with unprecedented failures, however, there was a sure belief amidst the failures, that it is possible.
No one can understand our ideas, dreams and hopes better than we ourselves. We may not reach a destination we hope for ourselves, but why do not we believe that with constant training and activities, our wish we so hope for would come to pass, be it the span of months, years or decades.

There would be constant criticizers who doubt your capability. But why should you in one moment worry about what someone thinks. What is essential is to understand from your inner being whether a capability can be brought out by you or not.
When you look deeper within yourself, you would be able to highly sense your abilities. You can envision even the possibly best of yourself in a given pursuit you undertake.
And you would soon realize that as you continue in the pursuance of your dream, year in, year out, your eyes see clearly that you can even stretch more.
If you own a business, and begin by believing you can have a 1000 committed clients subscribing to your idea, you would soon realize that as you continue to stick to the project, fulfillment in catching the attention of a 1000 fans would exist.

Year in, year out, your vision would expand automatically, and you would wonder why you chose to set a 1k threshold. You would not hesitate to see a million fans as a possibility. And this can even grow to a billion.
But the understanding of what or how you want to offer something does not first start with you asking someone whether what you are doing would be embraced or rejected.
Rather, it starts with you believing that you have an interest in what you are doing, and more so, what you offer is true and not boring.

Disbelievers of your calling can look you down and say to you, you can’t. But on what bases do they give these judgments. Probably, they see you as their friend. And none of their friends have ever realized a great vision as what you acknowledge.
These judgments are subjective and bias, and you should not have them in high regards.
In the same way, be also careful with the friends that praise your work without proper judgments. Your projects may be in an immature state, yet they tell you to launch it out. Saying that you are the best. This can be flattery, and you may not think carefully through with your life work. This can cause great grief to your soul, when you realize that most of what you dreamed, should be pursued from the scratch again.
However, there is one only sure way to start out a dream. Stick to a dream and live a dream. And that is counting on your guiding intuition. This is the natural knowledge you have when you are doing any endeavor you perform with our heart.

Your heart is free, without stress, and you know when and how you should always go about the things you dream about. You do not launch a project under competition, political tension or family pressure.
You do it, because you believe it is the right time and right moment, and there is a sure peace accompanying it.
That is what living loud is about. It is not being proud, and boastful with what you do. It is more about being true and sincere with what you do.
When you constantly live this way, people will see and understand what you are offering, and gradually and steadily, the world would recede their words of ridicule and mistrust.

When you are identified with what you do, and you prove that what you are doing is what you love to do, you create an atmosphere that turns down words and perceptions that were wrong or unappreciative in the first place.

  • Is there a natural drive in the things you do?
  • Would you continue to do it, when nobody is watching you?
  • Do you seem to excel faster in that specific life career than what a normal person would take?

If your answer is yes to all these three questions, you must know that you are doing what is right. And you should remain steadfast in that life-work you desire to greatly influence society with.

Most at times, as humans, we tend to get the passion and drive the moment an individual appreciate our works. Though it is good to expect healthy commentary from an individual, it is much effective when you build your personal development on the principle of taking a detailed analysis on yourself.
Consider, if this year, you are retrogressing or progressing. Do you think you are advancing in life? Do you sense a comedown on your life? Pick yourself up, and work on your dreams.
Understand that whatever a person says to you is an encouragement. That is, a pointer to have a pitfall handled quickly or a skill polished with speed.

You must therefore, clearly see the big picture of the matters of your life. This does not call for a concrete timetable, scheduling, or taking of notes.
It only calls on you to be grounded as you walk in life.

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