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Defensive simply means be watchful. Watchful not to lose heart. For there would surely be attacks. Attacks would come in all directions. And this has less to do with a physical weaponry, it is about verbal weaponry people use. It is about negative thoughts you unconsciously allow to gain root in you.

That is what you should be defensive over. Do not let your body receive the negatives that drains the strengths away. Make a conscious effort that you are not going to relax, doing nothing.
For the negative thoughts that always pop into our heads are very devilish and distractive.
It says to you, tomorrow is another day, it says to you that you can do this after breakfast, and it says to you that you can do this by noon time and when noon time comes it says that you can have it done when you take lunch. Do not settle to thoughts of procrastination, be defensive.

Take a schedule and stick to it. You have to plan your life out beforehand. This may not include all the details but it surely helps you to focus. It helps you to stick to your goals and helps you fulfill every one of them.
Only by the fulfillment of them can you say to yourself that it is okay to take breaks, only by fulfilling to yourselves your dreams can you say it is okay to go out or maybe, take some rest. It is imperative for you to have discipline.
Use it as a defensive strategy when all odds are set against you.
Use it to curb away the old way of life you once had. This is the path to be successful in whatever you do. Do not look at others comparing yourselves to them.

Have your own targets and try to over beat them. Reward yourself when you attain great heights of goals and do not be sluggish. Be persistent in the things you are doing and press after them the more. That is the only way you should derive contentment, however, if you have not achieved any of this yet then there is no cause to relax and be content.
The negative thoughts do not only take the form of procrastination, they take the form of fear as well. Do not fear when you want to begin something.
Believe in yourself. Believe that you are going to reach your goals come what may and that nothing is going to stop you.
Let your desires push you further and say to yourself if someone has ever done it in their lifetime, then I too can do it.

Many people have achieved great heights with little support and resources but with persistence they did not waver, but rather they stuck to the goals they had in mind and this made them achieve greater exploits.
Your success on goals would not show up in one day alone, it takes time. You would have to be patience and let the dreams in you grow. You would have to be patient and follow the law of timing.
Everything has a time for its harvest. We forget it is the greater number of seeds sown that produces greater harvests.
Let’s sow in tears even if it is painful, knowing that the sweat is not going to be in vain.

You would be able to reach goals not believed to be attainable. Let your ambitions hold supreme place in you so that should friends stick the noses in your work and tell you it is unachievable, unrealistic and unfeasible you’ll still stay true to your goals.
Have targets, draw plans, set dates for their fulfillment and set time limits you are not supposed to cross. Do not let another person decide on what you have to do, by deciding strategies for you. This is not going to turn out to help you.
The only person that can understand himself best, is the person in question.
Nobody knows your feelings and desires better than you, so do not let any doctor decide your health goals for you, do not let any professor decide on your study goals for you, and do not let any religious leader decide on your path of worship for you.

These are known as guides who can only direct and lay bare the good for you, however they are not the ones to move you to do it. You are responsible and accountable to only yourself.
This is the defensive position. This position makes you aware of yourself, it makes you aware of the consequences of your actions and makes you see clearly the future that lies before you.
If you put your trust in man to assist you entirely and one day that person fails to show up, are you going to quit?
Ask yourself.
That is why it is needed to direct your goals yourself. Be in charge of your destiny and be in charge of your life. Nobody holds that place better than you do. Say to yourself, you understand what you are in, and that you are going to allow yourself to improve brick by brick, one step at a time.

Give yourself milestones to see if you are indeed crossing the targets you have set up for yourself.
Step back and reflect.
Are you retrogressing or you are progressing, is there a challenge that is holding you down to carrying out your goals, or perhaps, there is an impediment making you weak by feeding your energies?
If you find it, deal with it. Things that are postponed to be dealt with later tend to make us less efficient.
When you see a defect, cut it off before it spreads to other parts and areas you do not want it to cross.

Always hold high sense to yourself and be watchful if any destructive element is showing its head up.
Do this persistently until it becomes a part of you, an automatic part you are naturally tuned to follow.
And go for a mile.

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