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Counting the cost is not only in terms of money. More importantly it is in terms of strength and endurance.  

  • Can you face the future alone?
  • Do you fear?
  • What shall you lose?
  • What are the consequences of the actions you have determined to now follow after?

If you do not count the cost of what you have embraced to do you would not be successful when all odds hits against you.
You count the cost by knowing your weaknesses, both impossible to change and the ones which are possible to change by you. See and calculate accurately the things you can make better, and leave the rest in nature’s hands. Fight what you can fight and do not attempt to fight things that you know you can’t triumph over.
But know this, have a long-term mind.

Know that, that which is considered impossible would soon become possible. This is where faith comes in, see the challenges and weigh the demands it takes to get over it. Take things one step at a time, take things brick by brick and keep moving.
And know that what is tough to handle yesterday would become less tough as you train on to master yourself. That is the way to handle situations. But let your heart guide you so you would not faint as you try getting on and overcoming setbacks and barriers.
That is what walking alone would achieve for you. You become a person that do not need external motivation, for you have learned to beat down on yourself to remain composed in the face of extreme difficulties.

You should now go on to reach your goals. And when the barriers look so high also know that a man’s strength calls on a commensurate degree of attacks.
Know that the barriers are there to build you up.
It is time to face the barriers and bring them down, it is time to face the giants.
Moving from walking alone to counting the cost is hard. It’s just a proof that you want to do more, and the proof that you are not settling on only having a dream in your head but rather to accomplish it. When you get ready to count the cost the attacks which cause pain would stare at you in the face.
And it would speak to you that you can’t achieve the dreams you have longed desired.

It would taunt at you, stating that no friend you know has ever done what you are trying to do. But that is an indication that you are going further to achieving your goals. A man who receives criticisms and fail is greater that the man who does not start at all. You should know what you are in.
And what you are in is not going to destine you to a zero-life. No, it is going to make you gird up your loins and stand firmer.
You would train, work hard and build again. As you stick to this, it becomes a way of life and you daily weigh yourself between where you were yesterday and what you are becoming today.
The cost is clear now.

The cost is the competition to break yourself through.
The chains of poverty would soon feel lighter, it would look rustier and you would feel inches close to the invincible life. You see yourself as a better man. A man that can face life battles and not tremble with a slight of fear.
That is where facing your giants comes in. You face your giant because you know he is beatable. You know that your calculations must be right because you did not sleep but stood awoke to victory.
The cost is the loss you gladly embraced because you were willing to have better returns. The loss of the old life cannot be compared to the win of the new. The new is full of beauty and is full of radiance.

But the cost would bring pain. The pain is temporary, and may cause rejections but let it be. Let it be because you know you are going to become celebrated, but it is just a matter of time.
So embrace pain as a friend. It builds your muscles to face the future. If you handle greater pains yesterday, you would not in any way have yourself beaten when dealing with the pains of today.
Try to see the future, weigh your strengths and see if you can face and fulfill the dreams of your heart. The courage you exert on your troubled situations has a cause.
The cause is you have already anticipated what is required of you to do and see yourself ready to face every inch of it.

The effect is the pulling of a mountain. The effect is the trampling of giants, and the effect is the breaking of a new dawn. The lion is king of the jungle not because it is the largest in size, not because it is bestowed unto him based on happenstances. No, it is because he is tough with facing whatever challenge life presents it, and no other animal does it better than him.
So say to yourself, no person would have been able to deal with this problem and overcome it miraculously like I can. See challenges and let it excite you. Let it stimulate endorphins in you, for your good.
Be bold and go all out to beat it. For whatever barrier you break, you turn out to make a name for yourself.

People would remember you and use your name as the guide to overcome similar situations that presents itself.
So, you become a legend by the choice of giving your all to pay for the cost. Hold unto pride and have it in mind that your victory is assured and don’t be sluggish.
The cost paid would definitely be dear, but fix your eyes on the reward.
Fix your eyes on the goal and go for it. But know this, be defensive.

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