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Most of the time, we are required to believe in our goals even before something tangible would come out of them.
Belief in what we dream about is a powerful force that manages to work things for us, even in the most unlikely of situations.
For instance; when you believe you are going to accomplish a goal, you tell both your mind and body, that it should realign its thinking and fortify its energies towards the things you are pursuing.
But when you have no belief in the things you are embarking on, you may hear a word and get confused whether you should go on further, or quit on what you are pursuing.

However, when you’re steadfast and resolute on your goals you appear to act differently. The decisions you take are not based on what you hear or what seems to currently appear right. Rather, they are based on the set goals you have long established to follow.
During the initial stages where you begin to follow after your dreams, you may end up encountering a lot of setbacks; sometimes, it may even appear reasonable to quit on your dreams and goals.
But you still have to hold your ground in belief. You must believe that by working consistently on your goals, there is going to be a way to achieve the specific targets you have set for yourself.
For instance; if your goal is to establish a thriving startup business, you may encounter challenges in the initial stages of the establishment.
Without belief in your goal, you would begin to imagine all the established competitors around you, and you may say to yourself; the enterprise just started, and I don’t possess enough resources like my competitors.

When this happens; you stand to be mentally disengaged. The inward drive to encourage you to push on further might no longer exist, and you may tend on deciding to quit.
But that is not the case when you have a positive mindset and resolute trust in the goals you pursue. For though you might consider your competitors to have more resources than you; as well as, seeming to be established than you – you still push forward.
After you have laid the foundations of your undertaking, you need to convince yourself that you are going to have the business progress. Belief is the assurance that what you have visualized for yourself would materialize, irrespective of the circumstances you currently face.
Most of our goals and ambitions in life are not realized because, we lack a sense of belief to take us through. Any initial endeavor you build would have pitfalls and issues you must deal with.

Therefore, failings experienced are not the proof to indicate that you are not capable to reach what you intended for yourself. Failings or challenges encountered are just phases you must pass through before you can achieve the goals you seek.
Some people like to compare themselves with the already accomplished in society, and declare themselves that they are not capable enough.
But what they fail to realize is that, every expert began like you. Every professional individual had to start as an amateur, and there is no expert in this world who started straightly as a skilled individual.
Every goal you desire to reach, has to go through a process. So encourage yourself. Usually, when you are starting off in life, it is not necessary to immediately compare yourself.
It is inappropriate to do so.

What is required is to look with focus on how you are going to perform the activities demanded of you.
And, so far as you are sticking to that which is expected of you to do, then, there is nothing to worry about.
Just remain within the requirements you have indicated as necessary; remain doing what is expected of you to do – doing so with consistency, and you would have tangible results sooner than you expected.
When your mind is focused on doing the tasks that is required of it to do, you would stop being fretful and anxious about whether situations are going to turn to become better or worse. Because you know that by being consistent with expectations and demands required from you, use shall have what you seek to attain.

  • Do you have an aspiration to be a leader in your field of endeavor?
  •  Do you have a goal to be in good health and in good shape?
  • Do you desire to become more creative with your mind?
  •  Do you have a goal to grow your business?

All these can be achievable for you, so far as you have dedicated yourself to believe in the thing you seek.

Consider that you are doing this to satisfy yourself, but not to out-compete someone else. Let all your inspiration draw from the inside of you! Don’t let your inspiration be an external force which is bound to change in any given period of time.
Inward drive is more reliable to count on, in times of uncertainty, than outward motivation.
It is true money can inspire you to achieve your goals. But would your goal end up squashed the day you’ve no earnings?
You must rest your motivation in something firmer. And you can consider your passion as something firm.
Visualize to see yourself already achieving the things you seek, and experience the pleasure that come along with it.
When everything appears to turn against you, where are you going to find your inspiration to get back up.
It is only by having a firm belief that what you seek is worth pursuing. Stand sure to your goals and know that no matter what may come, you stand to still succeed.

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