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Foundations can be built, but it much depends on how deep we build it. Projects or tasks that are very detailed calls for a much more profound foundation. However, shallow foundations are those that are not worth pursuing.

On that hand, there are many of us that have a lot of things on our mind that we believe to be a daunting ambition, dream or goal. We know that our ultimate place we desire to reach is not a light issue that can be achieved without much effort.
Nonetheless, we seem to find ourselves bored on the way as we continue in the pursuance of it. We may think that we have exhausted much time to the goal, yet all to no avail. Money and energy has been drained, yet nothing to write home about.
And we are at the very moment of going after shortcuts, so that we can end our journey of obtaining our need in a flash. Come to think of it, we all wish we could do that, that with our clever idea, we can all of a sudden reach our intended goal.

But that is not the best path a person should pursue, for in the end, we would realize that we need to get back to the scratch and start all over again. Consider a tall building with a very shallow foundation, and weak pillars.
Though you might have made a reach to the end of the building, in an unknown day which you would not foresee, you may soon see that that cherished building reaches an unfixable state of ruined.
That means if you desire, to get back the tall structured building you erected, then you have to start all over again.
That is the same with a life ambition we follow, if we do not focus our energies to concentrate on a considerable around of time in the planning stage then we would end up reaching ground-zero and we would have to start all over again.

It would be painful, to launch a product and find that the expenditure placed in it has far exceeded the revenue. It would be distressful to build a company and realize that the company is making losses every year and would have to be thinking of winding up.
That said, you might have gained true experience in the course of your ruined aspirations. But the cost that you paid is too high, and most importantly, unreasonable. It is in the building of a good foundation that you would be able to avoid all these perils of life.
When the storms of life hit you, you have an anchor. This anchor is heavy and staunch, and is ready to face any life threatening with full power. One clear thing about foundation is that, it is usually hidden from the public.

You are the only one that see it, you know it is as important as the main show people see. And your life depends on the quality you put into it.
To be able to build insurmountable foundations, there is the need for practice. You are now in the stage where the outlines of your dreams are being created. You should not think so much with the finishing-touches that you think would be necessary in the accomplishment of your goal. Finishing touches are like bonuses.
At the top, it is easy to diversify, because you are settled. You do not learn to diversify at the base level of training, where project formation must take place. There you are mostly alone, and you have all the time to see the weaknesses and strengths of your life dreams.

You should be thinking of how to suppress your weaknesses and appreciate your strengths. When a foundation of a thing is well-planned out, the expansion of that dreams comes easily.
Alternatively, when the grounding of an endeavor is shabbily done, you would not be able to maintain that endeavor, and there would be no need to talk about an enlargement.
If you love what you dream about, it is my advice that you treat is as you would whatever you see dear. Spend time, to understand more about it. Brainstorm about it, to see how, where and when the thing must be done. The importance of building a foundation cannot be overemphasized.
It is key.

It serves as an indicator for the achievement or defeat in what your hands find to do. What has always distinguished the mediocre from the very successful in life has been one common attribute.
All those that ended up successful in their life’s vocation, loved what they did.
If you what to end up as a true success in what you do, you must love what you do. Convince yourself that, the reason behind you venturing the task is not the attainment of wealth as an end, rather, it is the attainment of satisfaction.
It should be a void nothing else will fill, except for the thing your hands find doing.
You would end up more gratified in life when you are amused by what you do. Why should you in the first place spend years building a foundation, but have no attraction for the purpose of it.

How can you spend a great number of months exerting time and energy in things that do not excite your nerves?
It is better to not have started it.
The issue about holding mastering in what you do, first lies in you seeing that vocation as a calling, that is, an inward conviction that tells you that that is where you must be. Otherwise, you are placing your life in things you don’t understand.
Spend time to know the outlines of your visions. Spend time to know the structures and makeups that constitute what you do. This should be followed hard after, and you should less think about time. You need all the patience for this.
When you are convinced that you have understood the detailed compositions for what you want to pursue, you have to now personalize what you do with yourself.

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