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The ChlorMel is any individual who possesses both the temperaments of the choleric, as well as that of the melancholic. The ChlorMel is a very analytical individual.
He would never compromise to average; he’d accept nothing less than perfect. Like the pure choleric personality, he is also prone to irritability. He is likely to demonstrate his anger if things do not go according as planned.

He is fully a leader, and would not take the position of a reserved melancholic, though he indeed possesses traits of melancholic.
He would as well direct teams or group members towards achieving intended goals or objectives. Because he is deeply analytical; he would push his emotions on people who turn to go contrariwise towards what he desires to reach or achieve.
Apart from this, he is not so much a friendly person to be with. For him, his goal is his drive. They can be very goal-driven individuals, and likely to accomplish a great deal in life.

The ChlorMel are likely to cause great changes in matters of politics, leadership and legal affairs. They are enforcers, and naturally great men. Traits of leadership can be found in them right from the early stage of their life.
They have few friends, and likely also not to be faithful friends. The ChlorMel genuinely are ambitious people. They have a great sense of duty, and know they have much to achieve with their life.

They are people who are very difficult to handle, and can easily win a case or outsmart a competitor in any related endeavor.
Naturally, they are not only assiduous people; they are also smart. Unfortunately, they are not so much in tune to the feeling of others. And the decisions they’d normally embark to take would be self-centered.
They place their goals or projects before anyone else, and this mostly defines their courses of action.
A typical ChlorMel would be very forceful when it comes to duties he wants his team to embark on. He would press to be a leader when the need arises, this is unlike a pure melancholic who would just refrain.

Also, the analytical side of the ChlorMel would allow him to take good decisions most of the time. He would know who would suit for a particular duty, and also, who would not.
His secondary nature; that is the melancholic, would make him to be less needful of friends. This helps him to fully concentrate on duties or assignments that he plans to undertake, and he would have no problems at all reaching them.
He is also not emotional.
This can be of great disadvantage to subordinates or team-players who work with him. For him, targets and goals are all that matters.

His high sense of passion, and zeal makes him to place no room for compromise. He is somewhat a dictator, and his auxiliary personality which is melancholic, makes him quite unpredictable.
This also makes him gain an upper-hand when it comes to competitions in business, politics, or commerce.
Taking the MelChlor, he would appear to be acutely different from who a ChlorMel would be. First and foremost, the MelChlor has his dominant personality to be melancholic, as well as possessing the choleric personality to be inferior.

A MelChlor is naturally quiet, meditative, and reserved. A typical MelChlor would appear to show a much sullen countenance more of the time. They are very intelligent, and you might guess they appear to be much older than their age.
They think and talk like adults, though they might be just children. With few friends, they demonstrate a lot of seriousness in their dealings in life.
Whiles you would not get the chance to understand the melancholic, because; he would be completely reserved, or not express his feelings, you can get to know why a MelChlor acts the way he does

They are likely to speak words of wisdom, or point out why people should act in a certain way and not the other way.
They perhaps are comfortable to be founders, decentralizing all authorities for others to do. They just show up to guide and direct, but do not like to engage in day-to-day activities or minute issues, something a pure choleric would be interested in.
They do not like to engage in a lot of activities, and would like to be reserved. Nonetheless, when they involve themselves in activities they prove to be very good, ensuring things go as planned.

They do not talk so much, but are known to speak insightful words when they do. They are leaders who do less, but clever in directing teams or groups to desired goals.
A partner who is MelChlor would not talk a lot, or worry the fellow partner so much. Long distance relationship which most cannot do, can conveniently be done by the MelChlor.
They do not like parties or loud entertainment areas also. They have their nature similar to a fully-grown individual, and may not fancy youthful fantasies.
Those who know them would attest to the fact that, they are well-composed in character, and can be really good models.
These can also be good teachers, and due to the analytical nature they possess, they can greatly be of help to individuals to receive tutoring from them.

The MelChlor can be found mostly alone. He would also not have any problems at all regarding the need for friendship. In fact, he never enjoys such things.
He is inwardly motivated, and can be described as people to be spiritual. He also has a great self-control, and handles his emotions quite well.
All the same, the MelChlor would likely be a talkative, exaggerating on matters he must have taken a relaxed position.
A melancholic would contain worry, profoundly enduring it over a long period of time.

But the MelChlor would yell out troubling issues, and declare all reasons why matters should have been handled otherwise.
This makes them to be easily identified as wise, this is because they express their emotions when it is required of them to do so.
A pure melancholic is genuinely insightful, but would never reveal his insight; making it more difficult to figure his nature, as compared to who a MelChlor is.

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