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The ChlorPhleg is another temperament type of people. This is where a person possesses the choleric temperament as a dominant personality, as well as, having the phlegmatic temperament as secondary.
This is an individual who possesses the traits of leadership, as well as, possessing calm in the things he or she does.

This individual is not easily irascible like how a pure choleric would find himself or herself to be. On the flip side, there may be lack of an immediate passion: a trait integral for the achievement of many services or duties.
The ChlorPhleg also enjoys being in the company of people. He is more social, open, and makes people have a say when it comes to duties he must embark to do.
This is a leader who possesses a high level of social or interpersonal skill. But most of the time, he does not commit himself to people. He likes to take decisions himself.

He is someone people may say, they show up only when they have a need. Whiles a choleric would use or take advantage of people mostly without their realizing, a ChlorPhleg would mostly attach sentiments or come openly.
They may also be less passionate regarding the state of their project at the moment. They normally would use people to achieve they goals faster, or would work together as a team, ensuring every individual brings their very best in them.
Their approach in getting the best out of people are not that much manipulative, or forceful. This makes their friends irritated, or offended. It is common for such people to lose friends, or in the position of leadership, to be down-voted to step down from authority.

They have relationship problems easily. In dating affairs, they are more likely to lose their lovers. This is because they appear to be loving, but suddenly prove to be very unconcerned or unreliable.
They choleric personality is their dominating character, and so would not care to uphold relationships if it be that there should be a break-up. But a positive trait of this personality is that, they can be one of the best leaders.
They are likely to listen to the views of subordinates, have an understanding for them, and improve the current states of people. He is also a balanced individual and would not be pushy like the choleric.

They have a personality that stands between friends and drivers. For once, you may think that they are friends; but soon, you would see them having their minds on other issues or undertakings, and rather poor in upholding relationships.
They do not harbor offenses in them; they express their anger when there is a need to do, and do not care whether they lose a friend or not – taking into consideration their actions.
But in duties or any given tasks they may be involved in, they manage to control themselves very well even under stressful situations. They are balanced leaders, and would allow team members or subordinates to work along with them toward the achievement of greater results.

Now, taking the PhlegChlor, he is not so much similar to a ChlorPhleg. This is an individual who possesses the phlegmatic personality as a dominant trait, and has the choleric trait as secondary.
A PhlegChlor never enjoys to be a leader. However, he has quite good interpersonal skills.
It is unlikely to see such an individual not sustaining relationships he or she’d find himself or herself involved in.
He blends well with people, and understands people and situations better. When involved in day-to-day activities, they can prove to be very efficient and efficient.

They do not like to be involved carrying heavy loads of duty, but can prove to be committed and forceful with basic duties they might as well be involved in. However are not always strong to bear the different personalities of people.
They may not cope with difficult people so well, and would surely counter-react with their emotions to prove their point, or protect their place.
When they decide to do things; they can prove to be very committed, and also do well. They hardly have relationship problems, and can be a good fit for any other temperament when it comes to relationships.

Apart from this they can prove to be very loyal also. They would react when matters or expectations are not moving the way they intend. They would declare hurts and misunderstanding easily when they feel offended, and this positions them to uphold relationships well.
People see them as open individuals. These people would never hide their true emotions, or moods, they would express their reactions just like they feel.
They are easy to understand, and move with. They are also easy to predict, and can be figured out without a problem.

Issues in dating, or marriage are easily resolved also. All the same, there can be a lot of trivial misunderstandings in their love affairs, and getting to deeper understand them is very needful.
They are loving individuals, but they do not draw love like how a normal phlegmatic would draw. This is due to the auxiliary personality which possesses responsiveness.
They react according to how they feel, and impulsive to share their mind also. They comment, and respond to matters. They are very reliable people; not because they are faithful but rather, truthful.

You can see their perspectives of things better, and appreciate their point of view only if you are ready to listen to them.
However, they are not so much emotional, and would not care to share their mind even if it is going to hurt the feelings of the individual they share their views with.
They can be impassive individuals, and would not care to show concern to prevailing striking matters that appear to be pertinent.
More so, they can be relaxed individuals, acting sluggish when it is demanded of them to take control of matters.
But naturally, they are happy people who desire to have fun whenever they can, and enjoy the moment.

The PhlegChlor are genuinely balanced in the things they do, ensuring to make plain hitches or pitfalls so they can be easily worked on as they further to embark on the things they do.
But generally, they are people who prefer to enjoy peace, than to work hard.

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