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Those who possess the choleric personality are those that possess a well-driven nature but can become easily irritated.
They as known also as the yellow bile humor, or as the fire element. Just like fire, they are not easily tamed but always full of passion.
A number of professions they may embark to take include; politics, entrepreneurship and coaching.
They are known by their nature to possess a ruling or dominating spirit. When they see an opportunity they would embark on seizing it, and take full control of matters. The person possessing a choleric disposition has a very strong personality.

Some of them appear to be leaders wherever they go, and command respect from their subordinates. Their nature allows them to be very determined people in life. They are those who set their minds to get something, and fight every way to have that thing realized for them.
They do not care so much to manipulate people or situations, if that is required to make them possess the thing they seek. They can end up very restless and frustrated when the thing they desire to achieve is delayed or hindered.

While it is not uncommon for a choleric to be easily irritated, they can be very imaginative in their thinking. And are also very intelligent.
People who work under a choleric leader would usually not build friendship with him or her. A sanguine would mingle with subordinates or fellow management members, but this is unlikely for a choleric to do.
They can be described by most people as ‘bossy’ or ‘manipulating’. For him, what he seeks is to have what he wants, and nothing else matters.
They are not affectionate with how a person is going to feel, or what a person is going to lose – so far as that would achieve getting the thing they want, then they would strive until they get it.

On the positive side, they can really drive a team to success. They are naturally not lazy people, so would not expect slackness to be displayed among a group they lead.
They hardly care about things like interpersonal relationship or peace, for them, they are goal-oriented. People working under a choleric leader would one way or the other eventually produce effective results for the business concern or project.
A choleric would ensure his team always meets deadline, and is never going to take no for an answer. They are also very analytical, and understand what to do to get what they want. They always want to be seen occupying the first position, and topmost place in any given condition. They never like it when they are not handling or possessing the thing they want, or look for.
A lover who suspects his or her fellow partner to be cheating, in the case of a choleric, is not a matter he or she would take lightly. People who date a typical choleric, or marry one can find their partners showing very erratic behaviors.

It is not a good thing to wrongfully separate with a choleric partner. A sanguine would understand he or she has been cheated, and would easily let go, hoping to find things better in future.
A choleric has a possessive personality, so they just cannot understand why they do not possess something which belongs to them. Things can be destructive when matters are not going the way they expected them to go.
They are prone to feel more jealous in a relationship, and appear more domineering in the relationship or marriage.
Two cholerics coming together to marry is possible. And so far as they have one vision or ambition, it would not be very harmful. They can act as serious drivers in the course they further. But having a sanguine or phlegmatic to blend is favorable for both you the choleric and the partner. Subordinates would greatly find your presence to be irritating if both you and your spouse are cholerics, but a spouse or partner who is sanguine or phlegmatic would be there to add a touch of calmness, and bring on the whole – peace in the organization.

Most great politicians or reformers of both our time and the past, all have the traits of a choleric in them. Most choleric fathers do not find joy playing with their children.
Sanguines in fact, would enjoy staying close to their children, playing with them more of the time. Cholerics in organizations are there to reach for the best. Whether they are at the topmost level, middle or lower level; they want to be the best among their colleagues and would strive to attain that.
Most people who possess the traits of choleric would eventually in the future end up to be leaders.
They are full of drive and promising people. But they have a drawback of getting to be easily irritable. When angry they can do very damaging things, and may have their nature at an uncontrollable level.

Their dominating spirit can also make them somewhat exploitive to others. They can abuse others to get what they want – at any prize. Do not be mistaken to think they are greedy people, rather, they have a high sense of possession.
That is, whatever they see to be a deserving property or a rightful possession would greatly be defended through thick and thin.
They are good defenders of a country, faith, family, or even a business establishment.
They would not allow just anybody to come destroy the association they are in. They just also like the environment of competition, and express themselves well when there is a prize or reward to grasp after they achieve success to come up on top.
They do not like to share positions or properties they desire to have. They want to gain ownership in its entirety.

They are those who rule, and enjoy competing to attain victory, so they can have everything they seek or hope to grasp.
They are described as the fire element, and have very high energies needed for the execution of projects or undertakings they find themselves doing.

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