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There are many models that can serve as a descriptive tool to explain the varied personalities of individuals better.
Understanding personalities or the make-up of people is not a straight-forward thing to do. And this may require years to fairly get a breakdown on the dominant personality or trait an individual may possess.

The information given in this material also, serves as a guide, and should not be used holistically in the making of personality-based decisions. Other personality experts or resources that throws further light on the already highlighted temperament types would serve as great complements for the achievement of a much accurate personality results.
Other good models also not highlighted in this material, but that serve to explain human behavior or personality better can be held onto, for the reaching of deeper insights with regard to human behavior and temperaments.
Guided personality tests can also serve as a good coaching, to guide in the placement of any kind of personality or behavior a candidate would exhibit.

That said, you can use this material to serve as a guide for career, marital, and other business concerns. It can even be used as a tool for your own personal growth; and this can be done by taking into consideration the weaknesses highlighted in your dominant temperament.
You can counter work against them, to provide on yourself a much improved individual. There are a lot of hidden traits an individual would possess, and you can therefore argue you do not possess one or two; but three or four of the temperaments.
However, you should work out to know the dominant aspects of your make-up. You should manage to rank your behavioral-patterns into at least two.

For by so doing, you can make a deeper analysis, while using the material as a tool to guide you doing so.
Also apart from the temperaments, try to get a fair understanding of the other models discussed in this material, for by so doing; you would achieve a thorough knowledge on how people behave or react under different environments.
Also you shall get to understand yourself better, as well as make better judgments to matters.
No personality or temperament type holds precedence over another, rather, each serves as a complement to each other.

For each of them, possesses unique attributes found in only their temperament category. Creating a temperament to gain a superior role over the other, insinuates monotony and dullness.
Each has strengths as well as weaknesses. Before we leave, I would highlight again the four temperaments we’ve discussed, so that you can make a much firmer placement of your personality, as well as, that of others.

The Sanguine(Air): He is the sociable individual who is active everywhere he goes. Just like the air, he can easily flow anywhere. He is bold and courageous, and most of the time hopeful, even when all odds are stacked against him.

The Choleric(Fire): He is the controlling or dominating kind of individual. He enjoys competition, and would like to always come on top. Like fire, he is quick to spark. This makes him irritable, quick-tempered and bossy for results. He hates slowness, and always on the move to achieve things.

The Melancholic(Earth): He is the reserved type, and prefers to be withdrawn. Very intelligent and creative, he demonstrates a high level of skill regarding the matters he embarks to do. Like the earth, they are deep, firm and enduring. They are reliable people, faithful and true. They are not usually at the forefront, but are core to whatever matters there may be, that are going on.

The Phlegmatic(Water): He is the carefree individual who takes things casually. He blends well with whatever situation he finds himself in. Very enduring, and easy to let go of wrongs.
Like water, they flow into almost anything, as well as, dissolving almost anything. They’re needed in every given environment or situation, in order to promote peace and stability at all times.

Now taking note of these temperaments and understanding where you fall, or perhaps someone you intend to acquire a better understanding of falls, will be of great service to you.
More of the times, we are not able to approach people properly because of how we may view them wrongly. We may go ahead assigning roles, or embracing people who might be a wrong fit for a particular matter. It is therefore, highly relevant that we take into consideration to profoundly understand the attributes or temperaments of an individual before we decide to see them within a given perspective.
Drastic disasters can be made concerning matters like; career or relationships… just to name a few, when we do not take the time to carefully understand the makeup of ourselves, as well as that of others.

People claim to answer personality tests within a given month, and get a particular result for the grouping of their temperament. However, they take the tests again a few months and gain vastly different results as well.
This therefore implies that, temperaments are difficult to understand, and takes time before a firm temperament grouping can be made on a candidate.
That notwithstanding, should an individual be firm in digging deeper to know his personality, then there remains the possibility on the discovery of his true personality makeup.
But whether sanguine, choleric, melancholic, phlegmatic, or a combination of either of a two; understand that you are special, needed, and useful.

Just understand that you have to harness your strength, as well as, work on your weaknesses. No matter the temperament or personality you would find yourself into, there is no way you can reach perfection.
Every human being has flaws, and it is in our makeup to err. What we must do is to always grow, and we can do this by taking practical steps to reach that effect.
Use this as a guide to understand your personality, and learn to tolerate the differences of other personalities which are not familiar in your makeup, for by so doing you create a balanced life, as well as, a harmonized environment for everyone to live in.


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