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You cannot live life not seeking the pathway to optimum health, and expect that you are going to end up just like someone who tirelessly seeks so.

There are many body abnormalities associated with poor dieting. This may result in general weakness, common aches and even obesity.
There are a lot of health disorders we may invite ourselves to receive unconsciously if we embark on living careless lifestyles.

We may not necessarily experience sicknesses, but truly, we are depriving our bodies to reach an optimum level required for efficiency and growth, had we been more selective in the choices of foods, as well as, the options of drinks we took.
Productivity, efficiency and quickness of mind will never be attained should we just live life anyhow.
We may like processed meats, like bacon and sausages, and take them without regulation, just because we like them.
But these choices of careless foods we take are known to cause a body disorder in us, making us move further and further away from the optimum life.
Fatty foods like pork and beef must be taking with regulation, understanding the nutrient content you would derive from them, as well as, discovering the implications on your body should you take an excess of them.

People are also known to stick to the taking of tobacco. However, we endanger our lungs when we smoke tobacco.
The way we live directly affect the health condition of our body. People who are rich and so consider themselves to be too busy to exercise, but not too busy to eat unregulated dietary foods are causing disorders on their body without their realizing.
Now, the high consumption of meat and dairy products without taking time to physically stretch out your body is just known to be a medium for the building of infections and body disorders.
Generally, processed or commercially provided foods are less wholesome to take than organic and fresh foods.

We like refined, processed, and commercially made ready products. We do not like to work, or have time to pick up fresh foods, rather we prefer ready-to-cook, ready-to-drink, and ready-to-eat foods.

This is because we think we are busy people, and so, do not have time on our side. But these ready-to-take products are most of the time unwholesome products, and most of the organic nutrients found in their core ingredients appear lost.
Always go for fresh foods, as well as, organic sourced foods if you can, for they retain in them sufficient amount of nutrients for the body.
There are also many body disorders that show up in our body as a result of deficiency. And a major cause to this might be poverty, or simply, taking on a careless lifestyle when it comes to food.
We must realize that just as an excess of nutrients like fats, minerals, and the like have a detrimental effect on the body; also, a lack of nutrient or low level of nutrient in the body have the same effect.

Taking contaminated water, eating malnourished foods, as well as expired foods, whether lack of knowledge or poverty reasons, pose heavy threats on the body.
We must not downplay the role diet have in our lives, thinking luck would always show up on our side should we be careless in how we go about our diet.
Yes, luck may show up at our side so we may not be ill, and we may not even have a need to visit a hospital for a health check to be conducted on us. But seriously, we are ridding ourselves of healthy living.
And healthy living has to do with reasonable wholeness of the mind and the body.

But should you think that lack of sickness implies good living, you would not be selective on your diet, and more so, you would only produce in your body to live the average ordinary life, where effectiveness and complete soundness would never be achieved.
Eating lifestyles have to be checked thoughtfully, for the many body disorders or low sense of activeness we have in us might have their roots to be sourced from those lifestyles.
Now another matter that is well known to hamper our reach to the healthy life, is food hygiene negligence.
Carelessness to food hygiene are behaviors we embark doing, though we may not have a realization we do so.
For we sometimes can make proof of ourselves that, we clearly know what we are about, but fail to take adequate measures to ensure we achieve doing those things.
For example, we may not store food at the proper temperature. Foods that need to be refrigerated would be frozen, foods that need to be frozen would be refrigerated, foods that need to be stored in room temperature would rather be refrigerated, frozen or stored at an irregular temperature more of the time.
This is a clear example of food hygiene negligence.

Cooking food at the appropriate length of time and required temperature is also a practice to be followed.

Overcooking may make you lose certain core nutrients food has to possess, and also a short time served in cooking may contain pathogens which have not been properly killed; and when consumed, those foods would become agents of disease with body disorders.
We must ensure that we embark to use clean hands at all times when cooking.

Also there is a necessity laid on us to fetch only neat utensils and cookware for the preparation of foods we embark to cook.
Negligence on the way we go about our diet, is a predominant cause of body unwholesomeness, and we may not even realize it, but we are far away from the optimum life; where we are intended to be or reach.
Being intentional when it comes to the foods we take in our body does not only cause us to be free from diseases and body dysfunctions, but also, it places on us to live the wholesome life which cannot be found in anywhere else except with proper eating and drinking lifestyles.


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