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There are many things that can exert fear, trying to cripple you away from realizing your dreams. There are many snares that can drain your energies of life.
If you want to attain something, you would be sure that there are a lot of ‘what if?’ questions that would present itself.

  • What if, I do not have the needed capital to start this project?
  • What if, no one like the idea of me venturing into this field of work?
  • What if, I am unable to accomplish what I purposed in my heart to reach?

Most of these ‘what if’ questions logically would appear valid, that you might not be successful with the first attempt; even, with the second or the third. But do you think that conclusion is worth enough to back down on your precious dreams.
No, they are not worthy.

If you fail in a thing you do, it is just a build up towards the grand outcome you would soon release to the world.
Failures that come in the process of realizing a dream, are the number 1 dream quenchers that any individual should make himself alert to. It is one thing to be sad, and it is another thing to fall into depression.
Failures encountered in the course of a goal journey, is surely not an indicator, that you are not fit to live the dream, or perhaps, that dream cannot be realized by you.
Most rather, it proves the genuineness with which an individual does his or her works. Trying and failing, is the proof that, that specific project needs more development.

If you are a copycat, who lacks the source of inspiration, to bring out drive, you are going to quit. But if there is a vision, declaring in your heart that you are on the right path, then you are going to rather, feel more ardent with what you are trying to realize.
The challenges of life, would either in the end make you stronger or crush you. Your heart is strong enough to pass tough challenges than you have ever imagined.
If someone gives you a harsh negative criticism based on what you do, you must not swallow those words into your being. Block the person and his words, entertaining more distasteful words from an individual who does not fully understand your passions would serve you no good.

And if entertained, that be the cause of a quench of the drive you have deep with. Associate yourself with people, who see what you do to be relevant, and understand that the road in reaching the destination would not come all rosy.
Cut the dream killers, and follow hard after the dreams of your heart. In the end, that would be what would matter. Whenever you work on activities that is related to the set goals you desire to follow, you become more fulfilled in this world.
The drive of a purposeful man remains undying. He wakes up with his dreams and aspirations, and he receives considerable energies to help him carry his tasks. However, sharp criticisms that wallow around us drains down our drives and makes us behave in a way that is mediocre.

Also, lies that are told us by family, friends and some professionals in our fields of work, makes us quit on the works that must occupy most of our time. Therefore, we must be on the watch out for anything that is a drain killer.
The cure against the things that dampen our souls, is sheer determination and persistence. When we attach this attitude to the way we live, we need no other inspiration from the outside source to keep us moving on.
Thus, we are so determined that we wake up always having our dreams and goals in our heads. We focus on reaching our destination, and this is our drive. Furthermore, we are persistent in spite of the sharp criticisms and harsh censures that people hurl at us.

Do all you can to never quench down the drive in you. It is the essence of life itself, so should you lose it, all is gone. Hold on and persist in what your life projects. You would not be disappointed in the end.
So let the commenters comment; let the disbelievers disbelieve; but neither let their words nor their reactions lay a grip on you. You are the one carrying your vision, and you hold utmost responsibility for it.
Be courageous in who you are. Identify yourself with the gifts and talents you possess. And though you can be open with the skills and talents you have, let no one talk you out of them, because they estimate you not to be a professional or a master in your field of work.

Everyone is called to build on himself with the talents and gifts in hands. So let the inner passion you have be the only indicator telling you to press on, or to quit. If you have no passion for what you do, you might as well quit. But if you do have a passion and a burn drive in your soul, do not quench it, by compromise.
Run with it, and soon, you would attain spotlight in the field of work you do. There is a world ahead of you, you can influence not by doing what everyone is doing and being a good copycat. Rather, it is by being original and authentic.
And this can only come to fulfillment when a work is done from the innermost part of a person.

Be fully convinced that the path you are treading has a firm connection with the set targets of your life. A set target, is not some one-stop destination that a person knows when he gets there. Set targets are not a championship award, it is not a gold medal, it is not a first prize. Is it above that, above tangible things people can make reference with.
Your set targets must be attached to the enhancement of yourself. That is to say, set mature targets.

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