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This article is to intensify the point of view that is meant to say that, awareness alone cannot drive you to achieve pronounced heights in realizing the good habits you dream for yourself.
But after the recognition of the state you find yourself, there’s the need an urgency should follow. The lack of desire for a change would not cause your expectation to be realized. The search for an answer to your problem, or inappropriate condition is the sign that you are desiring a turnaround of conditions.

You have to trust yourself that, getting better is beneficial, important, and worth pursuing. You should embrace the viewpoint that, conditions that you face today, are going to change for the better, not in the context of outwardly, but inwardly.

Do you sleep more than you are supposed to do, and hate that because, it slows you down on the pursuits you are aiming for yourself to reach on a given project, then consider how you turned out sleeping so long and understand that changing to sleep less is beneficial, important and advantageous to your life pursuits.
Until you see the balance in favor of a new manner of life you want to adopt, no passionate drive for change would be experienced from within, and almost certainly, no gainful impact would be achieved on your personality.

So do you see yourself gaining in future if you adopt this new habit? You may say yes.
Indeed, you say: I would like to be more diligent, knowledgeable, rich, and of course, loving. But the whole issue is – How am I going to change the conditions of where I am now, to arrive at the placements of where I want to be?
Okay, first you have the awareness for change, but there is another, which is more integral to the advancement for change, and this is passion. Passion amplifies the possibilities that would drive you more and more towards the intended goals you have set for yourself.

Passion makes you see more than one option getting out of a problem, it broadens the scope of how you see things. You gain energy and drive that would have in no way been achieved should you have not experienced a need for change.
Two or more individuals might be in the same situation, but if one of them understands that the situation presented on himself are dissatisfying, he shall produce in himself the strength he needs for a change.

The others with him may see a change, and wish to become that, but they have no thirst for change and may only rely on happenstances to take them there, and which would never come. But bear in mind that, one that yearns for a turnaround of situation will put his every passion he has channeled into the direction he intends to go.
Passion begins the search for the breakthrough, it helps you achieve your intention faster and surer, and it is generated through awareness.

Life has become a summation of the choices we made in the past, whether good or bad, which has brought us to where we are now, and there is nothing we can do about the past.
That notwithstanding, there is something we can do about the future and it starts by taking a decision now.
And the decision you take, is to say no to everything you don’t like that you find yourself in now. Visualize positive things for yourself, and even if you can’t see them realistically, visualize them all the same, and know that by your positive outlook of life you can cause things to turn in your favor, and ultimately, things are going to get better than the way they used to be.

Don’t stay here, that is, don’t stay at the present state you find yourself. And this I mean, in your reasoning. Continue with this, and it would affect the activities you do. And more than this, it would rock your world to be advantageous on you, all because you continue to hope for the good.
Believe that you would see what you seek materialized. So don’t stay there; it may cost you a friend, a lodgment, even a change of country, if that is necessary for the adoption of a higher personality. Do anything you can to effect that change you seek, and you would see yourself getting better than yesterday.

Where you stay influences what your life gives you, and I mean not just geographically but socially as well. Your friends, places you hang out be it on the internet or local clubs, they all have the same effects.
What you put around you, would either drag you or push you forward toward the achievement of your goal. Be careful of what you keep in your circle, how you feel in your location and the life that goes on around your surroundings.
Being conscious of what occurs around you, would make conditions convenient for you toward the achievement of your goals. And one best way to gain control over situations that occur in your life is to gain mastery over things, right where you are.

Influence and reposition yourself for your own advantage. You should know that, you are either going to allow situations of life to control you, or you are going to control situations of life. Don’t accept things into your life as they are, without first being sure they are what you truly desire, else these trifling things would grow to become a habit that would stay with you perpetually.
Walk away from imperfections, embrace a new frame of mind and lead a new life model you wish for yourself. Stay in only a position that makes you comfortable while you progress on in life.

Many voices are speaking, situations of life are compelling you to stay with them; but know this – understand what you want and know where you are going. Let these be the compass to guide you toward your destination.
Feel restless in your current situation and do not compromise! Walk away if you can, and search for a more convenient avenue to perform your dreams and goals. Habits are difficult to remove if you compromise on situations and conditions that have always been with you, and that has not made your life any better.
But if you can think different, act different and live different, you can experience a paradigm shift in all you’ve to do and live by.

The old thinking would not help us. Giving in to mediocrity would slack us; ordinariness would cause no improvement of behavior in our lives, and that is what happens when we remain still and have no burning desire to launch ourselves forward.
See the good ahead of you, and you can actually live that life if you are persistent to see a change. All you need to do is to leave that old life behind, and launch yourself ahead for the new life.
And this can only be done by only you. You hold the steering wheel of your life, and you hold responsibility to yourself should you travel forward or backward.

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