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Establishing your foundations can be a very difficult thing, especially when you are not aware of the pertinence of it. You should know that the enemy is not asleep and vanquished just because you are in control now.

He is just controlled and managed by your hands, that’s it.
But should you lose guard and weaken your circle of strength they would attack like a beast against you.
So keep your circles guarded, keep your pillars firm and keep your mind alert against your adversaries and naysayers of your successes.
And you do this by digging deep to set out you plans. The layouts and structures should be set immediately and this should be a rule you should follow.

If you are on a course to achieve weight loss, the foundation you set is that you only buy foods from only selected groceries stores, you wake up at a certain hour, and that is, irrespective of you wanting to exercise on not, and the list goes on.
This is what you need to know in every vocation desired, goal or target. If you do not have boundaries set on which you are not allow to cross, you are mistaking.
You cannot achieve your desired targets without heavy weight principles in life, you cannot fulfill your desired dreams without established rules for life and you can’t gain the excellent life if you have hidden negative habit you are not willing to get rid of.
So the foundations of your life must be established, grounded and unbreakable.

You should say to yourself, you are only allowed to live in this jurisdiction and you are not going to cross over it, and that is that. No form of enticement would weigh you down on that, and no friend, advisor or whoever it could be can take you out on that one.
Establishing foundations takes resilience and devotion. But the energy of this is acquired from the burning dreams. Dreams in us while we wait for it in hope, causes our minds to be sparked up with discipline. In fact, it causes, our identity to change for the better.
And that is when you need to make yourself alert to make those foundations.

Discipline to keep moving in your positive habits is the foundation; discipline to stay with a healthy mind, that is the foundation.
That is not a place you go to today and just walk away the next day, no. It is the circled jurisdiction of your life, and the place you dwell for life. Do not walk around letting anything and everything get into your life circle.
We must do this subconsciously; it must come naturally without any contemplation. If you have laid out plans, goals and targets you would be rightly alert when you see things that are not to be allowed in your life.

Your life when grounded would serve you well. You would be firm and resolute when it comes to your goals and targets. But if you have no direction desired interests and aims would make you flow with any and every wind that blows in your life.
So be constructive, technical and straight forward when it comes to what you want to do.
People who have set steps and directions for their lives are 10 times more likely to fulfill their dreams than those that don’t and the reason is simple. Reminders are forgotten by the latter, but life-goals reminders when written firmly stays in the minds of an individual.

Alertness and single-mindedness would exist in those that have those. It serves as instructions and you have a reason to follow them. Do not walk in life just dreaming, but without establishing foundations.
Because, living and allowing anything to be thrown at you is risky and also hazardous to purposes. You can’t allow any idea that want to be shown up in your head to exist there all because the TV or a mag is declaring things of interest in regards to that idea.
Just be in search of only what you are anticipating and looking for. When you are having a goal and you align it to your set of priorities, life runs smoothly.
You know that you are not living and walking in the shoes of other great men you don’t understand, but rather, in your own shoes that you understand.

You understand that you would be great and even surpass the greatness of the present people upheld in our society, but you know that it is a matter of time.
In that you’ve tighter schedules you are pressing to do, in that you stretch harder with all you have, and do not compromise on the rules of your life’s foundation but rather, you guard them and hold them tight so that they would constantly remain in your head.
If you have established yourself, you read only edifying pieces of literature. For instance, would you choose a newspaper or even a novel that is not in the jurisdictions of your interest?

You definitely can’t be swayed to go in for one, no matter the enticements attached to the book being advertised.
That is single-mindedness, or to say, a mind with singular focus. Singular not to mean an individual goal or thing, but a set of goals or targets designed by you to follow.
But how can you take up an attitude of good conduct when you do not set one for yourself. That is the mistake most of us do, we see the good and right way of life, but we never cling to follow one.
We make no conscious effort to stick to the matters of interest.

Rather we live in the life of another; we become excited, hoping and wishing to act as other people.
We do not embrace even one of such noble characters we know to be right. Therefore, establish the good, and focus your minds to only do those.
Know nothing else but these when it come to your way of life, and walk in that only.
That said, walk now and build.

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