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What I intend to say with familiar, is that, a dream chaser will get used to the things he does. You should get a little more contact with yourself, and let others say to you that, you are familiar with your works.

Be closely intimate with the life activities you have chosen for yourself, and be deeply profound with the task you must do. When you have allowed your subconscious mind to learn on project works, then what you are doing is that you are going to work faster than how you once worked in the past.
You may be even addictive, because the body and mind sees that manner of acting as a basic need, and expects a daily portion of the actions to be given to him. Be familiar, but not a slave. Be familiar, but also learn to develop other areas of interests you have, so that collectively you would be more sophisticated and resourceful.

So get familiar and let the brain construct itself to suit your demands. Allow yourself to naturally follow things you love, with no sweat. When you are learning a vocation from an expert in the same field of work, you first absorb, and take his perceptive of thinking. In this fashion, you are not fast, or quick as the expert.
But if you personalize what he says to your manner of life, and also, fully understand the concepts surrounding his ideologies, then you can become a natural in the vocation too.
That is why you must be selective in what you choose to learn.
We have gifts, but our society and media would play a big role in the shape of it. Especially, in the early stages of our life; our school, household, and religious group would shape a great deal of our way of life.

We would subconsciously learn the good and the bad found in our vicinity, all the way into adolescence.
But as we grow, we begin to understand that we are the ones who are the cause of our actions, and accept responsibility for our nurturing. Soon, our way of life becomes selective and then we walk on the path on self-development.
Unfortunately, most of us do not see gifts within us. This causes blindness to the visions that speaks to us daily, which also has influence on our routine way of living. Though we do not understand how we have become less conscious with what we are doing now, we must appreciate that there is more we can discover.

The essence to living is to rediscover ourselves.
We have to dig deeper, encouraging others to dig deeper by means of the path we have chosen to tread. Soon this would be able to help our locality as a whole.
However, should we belittle our gifts and talents and think that we are like everybody else, we would die ordinarily, and our names would pass away like every other ordinary person.
Dare to be different. Dare to see your dreams, reach after it and grasp it continually. Expand your dreams and be expectant.
Almost everyone who brought out achieving something tremendous on this earth, whether dead or alive, did that because they had a resilient spirit.

With little, they started. Believing their high dreams are achievable and practically feasible. They fought persistently, until the fated day meant for their triumph.
You too can be the next big-time innovator who could be celebrated, beating decades into centuries. But it comes with the belief of who you are and what you possess. Every high mountain climbed began with a step.
Your step is the act you put in your dream. But let the apex of that mountain you want to reach be your inspiration. Move and keep moving, if your friends and those you love fall along the way, know that you are not to fall also.
Your target is the apex, whether others make it to the apex all not, be satisfied with nothing except doing your part of the deal. And that is that.

The storms of life would surely blow. This test to separate those who act on impulse and those who act on passionate drive. I can wish for something, but if I am not ready to have a relationship with it, or prepared to fall in love with it, then a sudden light instinct can sway me away from pursing that which I wish for.
But that is not the case when it comes to something you are convicted is the essence of your life; something you believe you can do best, and serve the world to become better with it. With such things, you do not move based on mere wish or sudden feeling, it is an unquenchable piece of passion lying on the deep side of you.
So when the storms come, you would face it and you would not back down. Some storms may hit you to your stumbling, but you already have a relationship with your life vocation, and so, you are bound and determined to defend it.

The dreams that you wish cannot be fully achieved, it is like the line of the horizon. We can see it, but the moment we desire to lay it out, it appears farther. And as we continue in the pursuance of it, it seemingly appears broadening.
That is how great you can become. The highest achievements of those dead and gone, can become only a threshold in your generation and those beyond yours. Since you can find a more effective way of going about a specific project and inspire others to advance in how they think, things can be done.

But you have to be familiar with yourself, and believe that there is more you can perform than you are performing now.
Be skillful with your gifts, be modern in how it’s delivered, and be naturally authentic so that people can trace the works descended from you.
So let your works speak.

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