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We all dream of realizing a certain big dream, or if you are like me, sets of dreams. But realizations of dreams do not happen in a vacuum. Dreams are to be desired before they can be realized.
And I mean, burning desires.

We have people whose passion of football is unquenchable. They cling to their football club, as if they have heard of no other football team in the world. And there are people who relish basketball like crazy, and apart from that they know nothing else. They can even place their whole life savings and bet on their team, and would even dare take a loan to secure their victory.
But the funny thing is the fact that, these people do not put an iota of desire when it comes to their own personality.
I do not say desires for sports or social plays are to be taken off a man’s life. What I mean is to make an analogy in respect to the dream a man has for himself. These are worth more important, and it is capable of making a person more self-gratified than fleeting joys found in seeing your team win, or lucky moments gained by chances.

This analogy is made so that if you have a passion in one thing or another, say; listening to music, watching of movies, series or even football leagues, you would redirect, reflect and think again on how you live.
Live also for your dreams. Dreams are gifts from your inner self, wishing to be birth out also by your inner self to the world. But we know it is easier said than done.
But, it is worth saying the things we have been dreaming about, for it is in this that we would be self-conscious to make our dreams be done.
This said, it stands to point out that you should see where you want to be to be there.

You have to see the good place you so wish to be first, to be able to get there. If you feel your dreams, you create in your brain substances called endorphins. A substance that energizes your flow of energy so as to keep your goals and dreams realized.
But the prerequisite is the decision to dream. If you dream, you would begin to realize what it takes to get there. And what it takes to get there is your talents. Talents that have stayed dormant in yourself and have remained unpolished is your trustful ally to make your dream a realization.
So my advice is to quench the taste for unprofitable activities and trade them for the profitable things: the polishing of your talents.
If you can sing, then you do need to polish it to get to your blessed homeland of fulfilled dreams; if you can public speak you should work on it to be a recognized orator; and if your legs are swift train yourself, probably, a shining club you’ve so admire would call you to be a striker for them.

That is how it works. But all ends have causes.
The causes of all professionals who hold mastery, built their life having dreams unquenched. They felt the dream of being a master of their life. And of their life vocations. Now they are at the top and we all think luck, fate or chance placed them where they are. But if we dig deep, or if we are bold enough to ask them how they made it this far, they would tell you they had a midnight candle that never went off during their training times.
And it never went off because of a burning dream.
Purpose today that you too would take the dreams of your heart seriously. That you would not downplay the visions of your heart. They are echoing and beatings that causes you to bring your dreams out.

Imagine your hidden lyrics no more became hidden but set into good music; imagine you build your good music and also make an album for yourself, imagine yourself going up stage receiving a nomination award as the best artiste.
No one may know the days and nights of trials and errors when it came to selecting right lyrics or mixing right tunes. But after you have polished your dreams and made yourself a star, you forget all the years of hard work.
We must feel the dreams we have deep on the inside of us, these dreams do not appear as a one-time wish that suddenly pop-up into our heads, they are neither thoughts of what people think of us in terms of what we could possibly be.
There are vivid truths we may fail to look at.
When we see the attitude of dormancy, idleness and sluggishness existing in a situation, then perhaps we are not living a vivid dream.

Dream has the ability to inspire us to move forward, it amplifies our vision, steering up a burning desire in our hearts. We must be hopeful all year around, and it does not matter if we fail to realize our dreams.
The recognition is where we must work towards reaching. We must inspire ourselves to move on to high areas of influence with regard to what we have in our hands. When we fail to impact society, let us learn from our mistakes, which is, the lack of attention with regard to the dreams we have.
We have more than enough relevant potentials lying dormant in us. We only need an awakening to lay grasp on them. Our duty is just to be dedicated and determined in the search of our ambitions.

Dreams are the quiet truths that only you know, you know them when they become awake to yourself on your sleeping-bed, on streets while walking and even in the living room when you feel idle and do not know what to do.
These truths do not lie, and if you follow them you shall yield results you personally would much appreciate.
So now you should realize it.

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