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You must get the awareness of where you are. I mean to say, look in retrospect at the position you would have now reached if you had absolutely full control of that which you did with your limited resources.
Don’t you think you would have been healthier and better in shape, if only you were particular on the choices of food you ate or the preference of drinks you drunk.

Review the past events that have taken place in your life, had you invested rather than spend that amount of money on that junk item, you could have now bought your up-to-date gadget you are eyeing right now.
In fact, when you look back, you would realize that some choices, if not more than 70 percent of them, had been a total waste which should never had occurred. Get the awareness, that you are from today going to live better than yesterday, and tomorrow would be better than today.

And that, this progressive cycle would perpetuate further into a deserving personality you ultimately dream to become.
Awareness is simply a conviction that there is the need for change, and that there is a desire for improvement. You can have an awareness, but there could be no desire for improvement. If you indeed have an awareness, that your life could have drastically improved than it is now, but lack the passion for a change of action, then you would not have any result at all to feel proud of.
Passion for change, is the drive after we have the awareness that our life is not perfect. Whether you consider your life to be a total mess, an average ordinary life, or an ideally improved life, there is always room for bettering your life. And these can have tremendous impact on the placement of where tomorrow would take you.

When you have an awareness, you have a certain understanding that incite feelings for personal growth and development on your individuality. So consider that awareness for the need of improvement in your life, be it; marital, spiritual, financial or health-wise.
There would definitely be an advancement of situations which you can’t manipulate, but consider this one thing – I am to get better!

Get better, but how do you know that? The answer is definite and simple: you reflected back and realized that there was a need to change the game tactics of life. Things have to now turn in your favor, in fact, things have to now work in your favor and you are passionate to achieve that.
I do not think that an individual who sees progression of life as a need, would not have fruition in its due season, as his expectations are backed by discipline and hard work.
There is nothing like chance or favor when it comes to – changing life for the better.
Rather, it is by the gaining of an awareness that our lives are in a mess, and things would be messier if we don’t change to take a different route. Awareness of where we are, is crucial for self-improvement and personal enhancement.

Don’t think that leaving things as they are, is the safest thing to do; or side to imagine that, efforts intended for the improvement of your life would ultimately lead you back to the same spot you once were.
Let us consider this: you have a severe quick temper that makes you uncontrollable even in the presence of your best of friends, and you see this to cause you shame and regret a million of times.

On one hand, you think setting boundary for friends could make things a whole lot better, but does it? You’ve not improved your bad temper at all, rather you should face it and fight against it.
The awareness you picked that mannerism from a fellow friend you walked with, 5 years ago, could be the secret that would open your eyes to understand you can change. Possibly, you must change the friends you hang out with, and the frequent use of vulgar words.
But if you think that this is who you are, an irascible fellow who congenitally has that trait then you are deceiving yourself, and you are ridding yourself from getting a greater steering control over life.

You drive your life, whether you are turning on the right course or the left course, it is you who holds the steering wheel, and destination after destination has always been your own makeup.
Appreciate that, the detection of a flaw you have blemished on your life is the first way to ensure the removal of it. However, the problem is; we may not be passionate about a change of action, even when we do understand our shortcomings.
We may feel lazy to take prompt steps for the removal of it, or like we always do, we’d procrastinate expecting a more favorable time to present itself in future. But we must ask ourselves, some few questions:

Do we really want this desire we seek?
What are the rewards to let go of this bad habit for the adoption of a new habit?
Questions like these that make us focus on who we would like to become have tremendous power to cause us to achieve set ambitions we have for ourselves, and this is all because they raise an awareness on how we can make our life better and more meaningful.
It makes us to reflect more on our personality, which in turn creates an awareness on ourselves. When we are conscious of how our actions affect us, and how they would continue to affect us, even more intensely, we begin to put things in check to suit the expectations of our desires.

Apart from, awareness and realization of a wrong, the question for a change of action stands pointless. It is therefore highly necessary to look back over our life to see the imperfections contained therein.
There is no promise that by the instant notice of the flaws we have, there would be a radical change to accompany the eradication of them. Rather, there would be a realization for change, and this thereupon would cause us to realign our decisions to suit well-intended expectations we lay on ourselves.
And we would see; steadily and gradually, there is a changing of mind as we walk, day in day out.
In other words, there is no guarantee that the identification of a problem would result the granting of an answer. But it is able to bring to light more clearly the issue needing a change of outlook.

This same way is with awareness, when you realize that it is not as a result of an addiction running in your family, that made you subdued. But that, it is by your own realized or unrealized inclinations that has resulted in you to be subjugated by the addiction, your viewpoint that would affect your battling of that habit would change, and the effects would be profitable.
Don’t believe that situations you face are beyond your control, that you can’t transform for the better. Be aware of how basely you have used your capacities, even as you look in retrospect of the decisions that have put you in the place you are today.
Then with the same realization, see what a better version of yourself you can become, and how the effect can build up, as each day goes by.

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