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Personalizing what you do with who you are is a very important task you must do to progress further in the journey of your life’s pursuits. Knowing who you are and how you must act is a prerequisite for good living.

If you can be able to understand what you do in terms of your interest and natural talents, you would be able to channel your efforts of life rightly. You would not be carried away by things people claim to be generally right.
You do not need to make someone give you detailed explanations based on the experiences of his or her life. You do not need to make an individual conclude that a specific path is worth pursing than the other. All you need to do is look within and realize what you have in there.
There is a bright life that you can bring out, but you must first dig deep to see who you are clearly. Not every path is worth pursing for you.

There are many good routes an individual can take, but when you do not act based on the inward convictions of your soul, there is no drive attached to what you do.
In essence, there is no excitement, no life and no spark than keeps you on the go. It is in understanding who we are that we get the drive to push harder towards a specific endeavor. Many people when there were young said; I want to be a teacher, I want to be a doctor, I want to be a pilot.
We were young, and we felt delighted when we saw someone perform our dream jobs. And that was it. This implies that we have a yearning on the inside of us to be as such.

Basically, the natural attributes of one that desires to a teacher, is one that believes that he can express topics into its simplest specifications without ambiguity; one who yearns to be doctor believes he has an interest in understanding the human anatomy and how it functions; and one who wants to be a pilot has no fear of height given very high altitudes.
At a young age, it is clear to us that we are drawn to our own unique paths. Though many of us do not eventually follow that path, still, it lingers in us. And when given a small period required for training, we soon find ourselves to be quick learners.
We are holders of natural attributes that are drawn to specific life carriers and self-advancements. And this is where we are to concentrate on. We must not say that, only few are doing that specific vocation.

We must not say that, that way of life is fading in contemporary times. All these thoughts are delusions to keep us from reaching the very best of ourselves. We are called to dig deeper to bring out the treasures of our lives for the world to see.
But we can’t attain that if we compare ourselves, or behave lackadaisical in terms of what we really are. Focus on your true dreams, and do not look to the left or right for approval. Just pursue it. Live it, and love it.
Let self-development be your foremost priority and let it be your drive. You are making growth in terms of who you are. You are to advance in terms of what you can become. And that is worth pursuing.

Reaching higher wealth in life, cannot be compared to the person who is able to attain a higher level of self-advancement; reaching a higher level of recognition in life, cannot be compared to the person who is able to advance his human persona to higher growth.
So we must refocus our perspectives in life. We must say to ourselves that the things that our soul longs to perform are what would be our life’s steering wheels. We are to be conscious of every step we take, we must be alert to every move we make, and we must to mindful to every paced stride we reach.
Being self-conscious of where you are and what you want to become is a sure way to progress in life. You must be ready to live your dreams. And that starts with doing what you love. Many are the suggestions friends, family and social media would throw at you.

But you must be particular in picking what you choose. In order words, you are to be responsible. Not accountable to any individual, but accountable to yourself alone.
How are you training your being to become more fulfilled in life?
How are you breaking old habits your soul hates?
How are you venturing new pathways that would enliven you being?
These are questions you must ask yourself. These are questions that addresses the core of your life. They are what, when carefully pursued would bring a higher form of satisfaction to your life.
Nonetheless, do not only envision who you want to be, without given room to the way situations are changing in where you are. You have to be responsive and sensitive with the things that are around you.

However, do not compromise into adopting such manner of living, when it gives no progression to your life. This implies that, you should not let it be a detriment to the central pursuit of dreams and goals.
Such matters comprise; cultural differences, political variances, social affairs and things around us that influence us in the world we live. We must be attentive to the public issues that is related in our life’s work. However, we should not be subjected to its rule.
The reason being that, our primary goal behind our gifts and natural talents are to be used in the service of mankind. So if mankind as the public aligns itself against our gifts and benefits, we are in no way serving any good.

But, we should not be in subject to the public if the public aligns itself against our life services. Rather, we should live louder in what we are called to do with regards to the insightful life.

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