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Leadership is an endless journey, you are always learning; and you become better as you set time aside to improve your personality. There are personalities existing on the inside of you, of which you have not discovered yet.

When you ponder on the traits you have on the inside of you, there would be a rediscovery of aspects about your personality you in no way knew about.
Sometimes what is required of us is to reflect back on our makeup, just to see if there are unique attributes we have yet to discover still lying dormant.
Consider answering these questions:
• What are the things I believe to possess that I have not given thought to?
• What are some of the interest I possess yet do not consider in any life pursuits?
• Are there additional aspects of my traits I have not considered?

Do not give room to complacency. Decide you are going to channel the drive you have to things that are beneficial.
Understand, it is necessary to explore aspects about your personal makeup, more and more; and do not give up.
See a broader outlook of your nature or character, and push yourself to live that life. There would always be new traits you have to discover, and of which you would understand, you can possess.
You must self-direct yourself to do those.
Team players would never understand your uniqueness in its entirety, no matter how they have been sticking close to you. You are the only one who stands a better position to understand your makeup in a more accurate manner.

So delve deeper to know yourself, and stick to manners you believe to possess. By directly sticking to them, more personalities of your own makeup would be revealed to you, and in the end, you can be able to execute well-intended acts of behaviors you plan for yourself to execute.
A leader must have a firm belief that he is a standard, when it comes to things people must look up to.
And he must affirm these with his mode of behavior and manner of living.
You are not to presume you’re going to influence people greatly when you do not take great responsibility to enforce this in your life.

You have a distinct uniqueness that is peculiar to only you, and no one in this world has capacity to possess that.
So allow yourself to know more about this uniqueness. You are going to stay ahead in life, when you channel these peculiarities in directions that you purport yourself to embark on.
Your uniqueness is what is going to take you far in life, and that in other words is; your hidden traits.
If you can dig down deeper, you’ll appreciate more efficient ways to handle matters.
You may possess a trait to draw, but you may also even possess a trait to carve sculptures. But if you do not dig down deeper, you are only going to settle on drawing, only mastering yourself to be an expert in that field.

But if you consider your traits, by self-reflecting on them, and trying your hands in various activities; you could have realized you are capable in other skills also.
Never give up, when it comes to exploring other manners of behaviors you have. Know there is always room to rediscover yourself and make changes.
Improvement can be done to make you gain leadership in other fields of endeavors you may not even be aware of.
By your traits you can identify specific pursuits meant for you to embark on.
Your reach can be endless, if you direct your passions by taking into consideration the traits you possess.

Leaders are able to challenge themselves to stick to predetermined plans no matter the obstacles that may present itself.
They push to always stay ahead in the things they do. When you discover you possess additional traits than what you think you have, your motivation and responsibilities in life broadens.
First; you may see yourself to be only a writer, someone who deals with writing short articles; but along the line you may see yourself efficient as a novelist also. Discover more still, you may be a poet as well, scriptwriter and what have you.
The trait in the skill of writing, and successes in short-article writings should not restrict your actions to that alone. You may have a know-how to be a good magazine writer and blog writer, and perhaps you might have achieved excellence in that field, and even coach others to be good in that too.

So when this happens, sometimes we become deeply-seated in the things we do, just remaining there. This might make us neglect other facets of our traits, and so may not consider we can become successful poets or authors.
But we should try… so far as it falls within our natural inclination to go into them.
We must dig down deeper and consider things we feared to embark, taking our traits into consideration.
We may have a natural liking for something, but because we think to have stuck too long to a particular area of interest we embark on, there might be reasons for us to discontinue our explorations.

However, we must continue to explore, so far as the desire and drive is there. Do not explore with the mindset to be the best in everything.
But explore with the mindset of imagining how effective the traits in you can be used to further that undertaking.
Therefore, if a given venture do not give room for your talents to be explored, desire no such venture. There are millions of roles we can pick up for ourselves that would enable us act on our traits.
It is very important that you do not compromise your traits, when you are traveling on the path of leadership. For there would be days when stress or boredom may show up; there may be days where you might experience downturns.
So ensure your drive is intact, but engage in activities that only give you fulfillment. For in the end this is what matters.


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