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You reaching a mile may be something that you think is not achievable by you. Maybe you say to yourself, for me, I only can do a sprint, I only can do a 100-meter or 200-meter dash and that is it.

That is not it, if you have a will to be successful 24/7.
If you want to retain good habits, it is not a one-off show. It is not a sprint to impress the masses. It is a way of life, over a long period of time. It’s a journey, a journey that involve discipline, endurance and patience.
This calls on commitment to a goal, this calls on resilience and fortitude and this calls on a full-stack determination.
That is, to only deal with projects of great value, deal with things that would naturally take a greater time to accomplish and try your best to reach targets set before the natural time needed to have them accomplished.

You have already taking the defensive, and that is your security, that is your means of not becoming confused or anxious about the futility of your targets.
Just know that, you can go on and on, and that the schedules you have even set can be stretched and outdone. So press yourself hard and do associate yourself with people who have already done what you do and are better than you.
Do not misunderstand yourself, thinking they are better that you, but rather beat yourself to think if there is a possibility to going beyond what they do.
I mean, after you hear the outstanding performance they have done, you should say to yourself that could there be a way they could have done better if you were in their shoes.

Know that whatever great thing a man has done can be improved, so see the hindrances and weaknesses the greatest of men in your field still unconsciously possess, and work on your improvement.
You work for a mile and not a few meters because you believe you want to unleash something great when your work is done. You want to bring out a spectacular performance.
So see those above you as not the highest of achievers, but as people who drive you to research on better ways to advance. This would make you fearless, and make you feel you are the best in what you do. You may not reach all your targets, but still just believe that they would surely and definitely all be accomplished. The lighter to the weightier, and it is all going to be done brick by brick.

Have courage and move in faith. But when situations get difficult to continue or become stressful go within yourself and find some strength. Those who do 100 and 200 meters can brag if they can, but do not work to achieve just short-term successes. Live to achieve long-term successes.
See yourself as a legend who is just awakening. A superstar who is not in the spotlight yet, and see yourself as someone who holds mastery in whatever he does.
Those who have long term goals are the ones that truly succeed. This is because they see things on a wider scale, they do not give in and they believe that the yields are comparatively better when compared to a one-off thing.

Going a mile may look frightening at first especially if you have never even gone for ½ a mile before. But that should not stop you. You should be willing and ready to go still. You may think, why not settle here.
After all what I have done is not a meagre achievement. But you do not have to compare yourself. You do not have to think of yourself in a competition with someone.
Life is only you and how you manage to improve it. Life lessons are thought to each of us separate, we also understand things separate, so if everyone around you is only going on a 100-meter dash, or are going for short term targets and yielding instant results, know that is not part of your goals.

Know yours is to leave an indelible mark on the planet, yours is to stand tall and high, with no equals and for that to be done constant training and exercise has to take place. You must stretch yourself out to exceed targets. That should be your goal.
This would redefine what success means to you.
Miles begins with steps, and you must calculate the steps you have to take to get there. You should anticipate things that would slow you down, and things that would shoot you up.
You have to see your weaknesses and you have to see your strengths. This would help you act wisely, you would be able to reduce the impacts of your weakness and increase the impact of your strengths.

You can even alleviate some weaknesses you are battles for years and launch out to see new strengths you did not know you once had. Note it all begins with the determination to aim big, think big and walk long.
You must deal with miles and not short meters, staying on course to your goals. Walking a mile is like walking alone on a dry desert. It wears you down, it drains your energy speedily and it makes you think that you are about to faint.
But if you can walk through holding you head high you would be able to see that you are improving on your life.
You are gaining endurance, strength and might you did not know you could well up within you.

You would be able to face giants and beat them because you did your homework. You did not allow indifference to have the better part of you and you were willing and ready to pass through it.
After reaching the mile, you have to learn to do something important.
You have to protect what you own.
But how can you?
You have to fight your giants.

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