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Patience is a great virtue only the very few can have within themselves. When we see our set dreams before our very eyes and we wish that we had already attained them, but have not. It would take only patience to give us the courage to push through.

We need to wait in work, I mean we need to enjoy the process as well as the completion. Having a mind of loving what you do is patience. Patience is not just forbearing failure and being depressed because you think that life has come to a standstill.
Rather it has more to do with the fact that, you are tarrying to overcome the issues of life and make it to the top. It is more about endurance and staying-power. It keeps an individual glued to his quest from freedom, wealth, happiness and love.
We struggle to develop our natures; ridding ourselves off our old habits and embracing the new. It takes a great amount of courage to say no to bad habits that glued itself to us of years. And it is in patience that we can attain that. We may not find ourselves reaching great heights of self-attainment in the space of few days or weeks.

Rather, things may get to take a year or two. And it is in patience we can achieve this. Actions are claimed to take a minimum of 21 days before they can turn into habits. So this is just a gesture to prove that if you want to hold mastery in the kind of things you find your hands to do, you should get to working hard.
Work hard to throw away the undesirable aspects of your life, and in the same measure; work hard to cling to the desired wishes of your life. We must forget about the time this can take, but focus on the improvement we physically see or inwardly witness to be true.
All we need to do this is great anticipation, yearning and having an undying thirst to see conditions of our lives change.

We need to keep holding only the good in our heads. We must forget about the time transformation of a new character would take, and love the process involved with it.
We must forget about how people would perceive our works to be and only reach for displaying the good out of our project. In essence, we must think more about why we work. We must ask ourselves questions like do we love what we do, and think deeper on whether we would be willing to quit the work we are doing if another project or ambitions comes our way.
Only when, we are unshakable with our minds to stick to our goals can true life-work begin. And that is when we can find our purpose. When we love what we do, naturally, we are able to have great patience that comes with it.

A person who does any given kind of work without having a deep love or passion for what he does, would eventually slip away into failure, or perhaps, only do that which is an average achievement. Only people with passion, who are dreaming and loving what they do can revolutionize society with the craft they find themselves in.
Have a dream, and let it take the better side of you. Think about it, ponder and grow on how to realize it. And you shall surely succeed. Patience it truly execution, when a person works his craft habitually. Things may fade away with time, or slightly looks irrelevant as you work on your dreams. For you find yourself gratified with the works you do, already.

A person claiming to have patience in his field art, but grumbles and hates the work he is doing, is only deceiving himself. He should either stop what he is doing, or look inwardly and understand who he truly is, so he can then realign himself to see that he has innate skills in that specific art.
Life without pleasure in the works that mostly occupies our lives is torture or mockery to our living selves. We must yearn to self-develop our human nature, by embracing new skills and personalities. But how can we effectively do that if we are not loving or ambitious about what we do?
Patience is not burdensome; patience is not mostly tolerance of a tedious task. Rather, it mostly involves the glad hope involved in a working task. It appears to be the strength that see us through our vocation of life.

And every one of us must hold reasons why we love what we do so we can still persist on doing them, and that is why there is a need for patience.
Patience in the perspective of asking questions like, how would I be able to finish this task in the space of lesser days yet with better results? But not questions like, how long am I going to finish this task, so I can sell it off?
The latter question is what come to mind when we are so eager in attaining economic reasons behind our art that we lose the real reason behind our craft, that is: to enjoy the beauty of it.

Take steps to ponder what you are doing in life, and more importantly, to ponder why you do them. That would be able to give you the right lens so you would see life’s work better. Cancel out all the garbage work you think to be useful in your estimation.
And get ready to follow hard after your dreams, so that you would not only attain a high level in self-developing yourself, but also, to be considerably useful to your generation.
Go all out and do what you believe is useful and true. Go all out and do what brings you joy and warmth.
And look inwardly to see that the dreams in you presents you your calling.

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