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Good imagination is the number one sure way to achieve sound wellness. Imaginations are visualization we set for ourselves either because we desire to have that image, or we fear to have that condition exist in our lives.
Good imagination does not work on the notions of fear, rather it works on the notion of belief. Fear is a force that draws bad imaginations into our lives. When we dwell on things we fear, they enter our subconscious mind.

They later grows into wrong occurrences because the subconscious mind understood that we wanted them. We must learn to do away with thoughts of fear at all times.
Rather, we must focus on having thoughts of positivity. When such thoughts enter the subconscious mind the results are going to be profound. We shall draw favorable forces of the universe into our lives.
Good imaginations are not easy to produce, especially when we are training to have them take place in our minds in the very beginning. However, the difficulty begins to fade slowly when we practice to perform them over the long period.

To have lasting good imaginations, we have to work on our memory. The memory is a very powerful element that affects the brain. There is a one area of the memory called short-term memory whiles we have another area of the memory called long-term memory.
The short-term memory is known to hold information for a short period. Have you encountered a friend you knew in the past, met a year later and cannot remember the person’s name?
Short-term memory stores information we do not think as necessary. A lot of information passes through the brain in seconds. It is the work of the short-term memory to filter those memories.

It sends some away into forgetfulness, while others proceed to the long-term memory. When we can’t recall an information, when we try our very best to recall them remember that, that information we tried to recall was stored in the short term memory.
The long-term memory is able to store information for years. For example, the name of your best friend, date of your birthday, and even the number of your bank account.
We decide the value we place on an imagination. When we desire to have it be in the long-term memory let us add a certain level of intentionality to it. This way the brain would process that kind of information as useful. Here, we would be able to come a year later and still find that imagination intact in our brains.

Experiences stored as long-term memories are easier to be recalled. We do not need to contemplate over that thought over a long period. When we just imagine it, the detail pops up with no difficulty at all.
The art of having good information stored in the long-term memory is what helps students during the examination period.
Students who are known to have straight A’s during an examination, are the ones that practice storing information in the long-term memory. When you are beginning your practice of keeping a lot of information in the long-term memory you are not going to experience an easy road.

However, you would be able to push thoughts into the long-term memory with ease if you train yourself to act consistently.
Another way to ensure you have good imagination, is to work on what you say. We have to be very conscious of ourselves when we are speaking. Most of the time, the kind of imagination we have determines the kind of words we say.
A person with a corrupted imagination says vulgar and indecent words without giving a thought to it. A person with a pure imagination says honorable and decent words at all times, without even given a thought to it.
If we are intentional with what we say, we would know the kind of mindset we have. Are we having a more decent imagination or a less decent imagination? It can only be found in the words we say.

The words we say are cues to who we really are. That is why we have to be intentional in whatever we say. Let us use words like; thank you, sorry, nice to meet you. And we must do this intentionally.
This is the art of having good imaginations. We must control the thoughts we are having, and ensure we are only bringing out good thoughts.
When this is done continuously, we would not have any issues regard corrupt imaginations. We are going to be far from them.

Ultimately, we have to sever what we hear people say. Not all what people tell us must be allowed to go into the long-term memory. Most of the time, the negative confessions we hear must be allowed to enter only the short-term memory.
We have to be conscious of every word we hear. Some words we hear must be ejected out of our minds by the short-term memory. We have to take the good out of words we hear and leave the bad words behind us.
Also, this has to be done intentionally. When this is practiced deliberately, we would only have good forces controlling situations that come our way.

This is the very reason why we have to be careful of the friends we make. If a friend does not inspire drive and enthusiasm in us, we have to let them out of our lives.
We must only bring people into our lives when we understand that they are going to improve our lives for the better.
Good imaginations would only be created in our lives when we are intentional about everything that enters our thought.
When we eject out negative thoughts in our lives, the road to bring positive thoughts into our lives would be easier. There is a path for good living, but we have to be intentional when seeking it out.

It calls for deliberation and persistence, without that our hope to have good imaginations would be curtailed.
We can have spontaneous good imagination with ease and comfort. The passion and desire only has to be present.
Let us reflect on thoughts we had in the past. If there were persistent negative imaginations we had, we can intentionally replace them with positive thinking. That is the only way we are going to see good imaginations sprouting up in our mind effortlessly.

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