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Malnutrition is synonymous to poor personal nutrition. We have to understand the concept of malnutrition from three perspectives.
So let us work on highlighting them.

1. Malnutrition can take place whenever we eating a less than adequate amount of food.
2. Malnutrition can also take place when we consume foods that are not in the ripe state. Thus, they are too young for consumption.
3. Malnutrition can likewise exist with expired products or foods that have outlived their shelved lives.
Malnutrition there implies, a condition that results from eating a diet in which nutrients are either not enough or are too much such that the diet causes health problems.

But can we see the nutrient contents, we may not adequately have a good view of them, thereby we acquire sicknesses as well as diseases without our realizing.
Taking foods that are less than adequate may be because of poverty reason, or sometimes, it might be done because of sluggishness.
Some adults are known to eat a less amount of food than adequate, claiming they are saving for tomorrow.

Here is malnutrition.
We are putting in our body a low amount of nutrient which would serve us no good, with regards to the day’s expected productivity.
Nutrient calculation can be tedious but when it comes to food size calculation, it might not be so tedious for us to carry out. So can we understand that the size of food intake we have can be malnourishment if we take less than adequate?
We have to agree to the fact that as individuals we have to serve the body with the right amount of food substances to meet the day’s food requirement.

Each day, there is a specific amount of food requirement we require to achieve proper body functioning. We may not be able to achieve this if we do not make conscious efforts to make our bodies achieve so.
Are we sluggish with food?
We can battle this out, when we set a reminder with regards to the time we may eat. We do not only eat because we feel hungry, we eat because, it is going to help in the optimum body functioning our bodies may need.
When we take substances that are not in their fully grown state, we are helping our body reach poor nutrition. Sometimes, because we want to save money, we become negligent as to the kind of food we take into our body.

But we can improve on our decision if we allow self-awareness to guide us on our decision.
Were we able to taste the food having poor awareness with regards to its safety level?
We must secure good health, and realize that if we do not see a food substance to be safe, then there is no good indication to eat it. Unripe bananas, mangoes and oranges can be tempting.
Usually when they appear to be cheap for consumption, they make many people succumb to wrong dieting.

Availability coupled with sluggishness can also make people opt for wrong foods. Some people are quite reluctant when adding a few additional money to take a good fruit against an unripe one.
Attitude can make us study our body in a better manner, and we can opt for pleasant options only. The issue about unripeness when it comes to foods are not uncommon.
The battling against eating these kinds of foods is quite simple. We have to be patient, ensuring that we allow time to pass. When we follow good timing when it comes to the consumption of food, we can fix the attitude of poor nutrition and achieve good nutrition.

Next, we speak of foods that have reached the expired state, or foods that have outlived their shelved life. Many substances sold on the market experience a sharp reduction in price when a few days to expiring takes place.
As responsible individuals we must see to it that we do not go for expired ones. Some carelessly buy food stuffs, hoarding them, and realizing that they have reached an expiry.
We would be responsible for our safety when it comes to the foods we buy, and nobody would take that area for us. Did we acquire a given product and saw it was expired but turned a blind eye to it?
Then we must not report or complain to anybody when we visit a clinic to seek treatment. Nobody would carry the weight of seizing foods from people on their shoulder.

Cheap foods never means expired foods. Some properly prepared foods have reached a low priced area, though there are no issues involved with it. We clearly must know that people may reduce the prices of food substances because of promotional reasons or other personal reasons.
Let us check prices, but we must not allow that to be the only indicator to determine the value we place on food substances. We can receive better nourishment, but it would take a firm decision on our part to achieve so.

Malnutrition is a heavy issue affection many lives around the globe. This subject has less to do with poverty than we think. Usually it’s personal preference that makes people opt for malnourishment than what we think.
We must be careful when it comes to the choices of foods we go in for. Hygiene matters can also find its way in malnutrition. The numbering of nutrients found in foods is not the work of a layman to do, but a food expert.
Nonetheless, for an average individual that have adequate knowledge on food substances, there lies in his hands the power to secure better areas when it comes to food intake.

The general public or masses have to acquire an average knowledge concerning food nutrition, and it is therefore needful for individuals to contribute their quota when it comes to the acquisition of knowledge on personal health.
Health and wellness is a day to day progression, and the news we have concerning how our body may adequately function might be related to proper body functioning.
Our body functions better when personal effort goes into the study of malnutrition. We can live better and stay fit, but the interest on how we are going to achieve that should be present.

Not all individuals may secure themselves well in good health, but if they were more careful the story today would have been a different issue. It is in our power to stay fit and remain healthy and there would be less involvement on the part of others.
Staying fit and robust at all times, is directly linked to the kinds of foods we take, as well as the kinds of juices we drink.



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