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Viewing things personally, simply means that there should be a conscious effort to have things done your way. The topic in discussion may not be about you, the news being broadcast may have nothing to do with you.
But that does not matter. Because to you, you see things differently.

You should see things like a focused person, because you are on the search to cause a betterment of your own life. You are scanning for ideas; from the rich, the poor, the lowly and the proud. You always have to look at all things so that you would only take the good side of people and also, learn how to avoid pitfalls.
Your aim is to develop yourself. Your aim is to become a better version of yourself. So you should be specific in all that you do. You must be subjective in things you see. You should learn that the dream you require to achieve does not need slug, and the words of people can easily downplay your burning desires to achieve your dreams.
Even the bad experiences people encounter in the course of their lives can easily make you shy away from advancing on your life dreams. So it is imperative to block all sources of distractions, and pick only the hopeful ones you see.

What is necessary is what you are. What is necessary is understanding your place and seeking daily improvements on yourself. So how can you look at the failures of others to determine the steps you would take. That is, whether you would move on further with your goals or not.
The centrally issue is to take things from your point of view. You can never fully understand the details in relation to a person’s failures or successes.
But surely, you can understand that the route you are treading would be leading you downward or upward. Even if it is not a clear-cut thing to see, you are safer to reflect on your life’s daily work.

Reflecting on your daily goals, monthly goals and yearly goals is more helpful for the attainment of success rather that looking on elsewhere as a guide for decisions.
If you know what you can endure, and what has the tendency in breaking you, you have higher chances planning out your life more accurately to face what challenges of life befalls you.
The utmost reason why you should take life personally is that, you would be able to be conscious-minded. You are absentminded when you are following a path you don’t understand. And many of us have subconsciously found ourselves treading on paths like that without our knowledge.
If we do not work on our own visions, pushing ourselves to fully attain each of them we are currently self unawares. It is a very painful thing that ignorance does to us.

For the one who knows consciously to be falling in a wrong part, and yet treads there would be consciously taken steps to avert taking such steps in the future.
However, the one who is totally unaware of himself and his condition would be walking down a road to a pitfall and would never get a sign that he is heading that path until he ultimately lands into the pit.
The only way we can be prepared to walk on to greatness, is to be aware of ourselves. We must at every constant time be mindful of the inborn dreams and desires within us.
It is very wrong to look at a successful person who has become a spotlight in his specific vocation and say that: I too, I am going to tread that course.

If money and fame are the only things that incite hard work and dedication within us, you have not yet become conscious of who you are.
On the other hand, if decades before now you supposedly had a dream to be a sculptor and you see a grand monumental statue and became attracted to it, you would see that that statue being there would incite creativity within you to bring out your inborn artistic dream.
So motivation on treading on a path you believe you must tread is directly brought up.
You know walking on this laid out steps would make you happy and content should you be successful, and you would not mind doing anything that calls on you to tread on that specific path.
This is what is necessary, understanding yourself.

You must understand what your heart beats after, not what is being broadcast on the news media or high rumors spoken in your vicinity.
All issues springing up today are bound to change tomorrow, and a supposed star you see today would be gone tomorrow all within a flash. But if you have what you want to achieve buried deep down within you, you are a single-minded person of which the storms of life cannot beat.
And the simple reason for this is that, you have already predetermined the steps you must of need tread, and the commitment you would be putting in to have that carried out.
It is a blessing to live on purpose.
Our innate dreams whispers daily in our spirit, but we are busy day in day out with activities. And we are also good in procrastinating the things we have to do to sharpen them.

There is no greater killer than the silent enemy that tells us that tomorrow or any other day we would have the dreams worked on, and that, now is not the time either because we are tired, working out someone else’s dreams or currently self-depressed and do not care.
Simply we tell ourselves that it is not worth having determination and discipline in life. We easily say words of procrastination without caring about the dangers it may cause by saying words like: not now, maybe in a week’s time I would be ready to start.
But you have to make a willful effort in taking a decision now. The decision to consciously draw out the path you tread.

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