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You should not only recognize the traits you are born with. In fact, it is also very necessary for you to build it. When you are not able to gain an awareness of who you are, in terms of your unique personalities you possess; there’s no way you can reach far in your life pursuits.

Also, a discovery of a talent or skill you possess, does not have enough potency to keep you on top. There lies in you the need to improve your traits.
You must understand that, you have to harness your personality. By constantly focusing on your uniqueness and distinctiveness; what you are doing is that you are building yourself to improve your behaviors.
Do not assume that you were born with certain peculiar behaviors, so there is no need to work them out, day in day out. You must make a conscious effort to make your traits assume a matured state.
It is the first step you must reach before you can even embark on the leadership journey. Your traits are the core marks people would identify you with.

So it is necessary that you impress upon people the right attribute you desire them to think of, with regard to yourself. Most of the time; when we think of leadership, all we think about is how effective a given person is able to lead others.
But to be truly effective, then there is the need to make your life a role model. You can make people achieve a higher level with regard to a given pursuit or aim, and have yourself become weak or inefficient regarding that pursuit.
Leaders demonstrate their competence, so they are bold they can drive a team to success.
You must not think you can be able to see the traits of people, and, therefore direct them appropriately in a specific pursuit. Do not assume you can be a leader, because there lies in you a possessed skill of leading others.

What you must realize is that, every team player admires models, they admire mentors, and they admire those who they can look up to, regarding any direction they are to take concerning a given pursuit.
If you want to drive effectively teams; then you must make it a point to improve yourself. You must gain a deep understanding of what you are leading.
You must be a role model, someone like an icon or a pattern. Without that, you can only make ordinary impacts on your followers or teams.
A first-hand experience shared, is one of the greatest assets you can offer your followers.
There is another also very important aspect when it comes to building traits. There is the enhancement of a skill; and also, there is the enhancement of a personality.

The first has to do with acquiring knowledge and adequate training with regard to a scope of interest. But the other has to do with maintaining the right behavior at all times.
Companies and most organization consider reputation to be an asset, though it has no monetary value. In the same way, a person with noble character has a peerless advantage to attract people to him. This is because they consider him to be a person of trust.
When you are building your traits, do not concentrate on only acquiring knowledge and experience in that specific field you desire to follow.
Rather, desire to improve drastically your inward character. A leader must have an encompassing embodiment of traits. Therefore, considering this, learn to improve your mannerisms and mode of behaviors.

You must be loving, faithful and kind, just to name a few. Do not build a well-developed trait with regard to the projects you embark on, without taking into consideration the character with which you would assume.
If you do not bear virtues of patience, how can you tolerate team players who do not stick to established procedures you declare them to follow.
In fact, in the long term, it is only a leader possessing a noble character that can last. So consider becoming a person of noble character, even as you strive to attain excellence in acts you pursue.
Consider establishing yourself in every aspect of your life, before you dedicate yourself to help others.

So this proves to say that; leaders are not only born, but they are made.
The made here is the character, the training, and even other elements they must possess to attain the status of a leader. So consider training yourself day in day out, and so far as you are not at the expected height you desire to reach, then do not give up.
Leaders must also understand that a considerable degree of independence would be expected of them. Leaders are not to be discouraged when team players get discouraged. Also they are not to feel satisfied, should team players feel satisfied.
It is in the hands of the leader to direct his team, by pushing and directing well each member at all times.

During a crisis, where team players feel like giving up, you must show them a cheerful and hopeful countenance convincing them that, the issues are just presently there for a short duration; and during times where victories and successes are achieved, a leader stands not to be complacent, but rather, he must encourage his team by setting higher thresholds expected of each member to reach.
But you should not be more concerned with regards to how you would drive your team. Rather, you must take more concern to how you are going to build yourself to become a better and more effective person at all times.

So, concentrate on building yourself. Focus on becoming a better person. Practice the things you tell your subordinates to do, and be a role model. Sometimes, we must see the full changes we expect to manifest first in our lives, even before they do manifest.
Because most of the time, a firm assurance is what would make the difference. See you are a dignified leader, with regard to the area or field you pursue.
You might not have achieved successes, and you might not have a track-record to show to your team members. But remain in confidence, know that you have the capacity to drive your team to follow the very high pursuits you have set for yourself.

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