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The ‘it’ here, can be the most unexpected among all things, subtle enough to keep your mind distracted, and what’s more, it has the power to slow your speed and momentum like no other.
There are friends, family members, and even neighbors who care about us genuinely and we believe they do. But you must know when to entertain them in your circle and when not to, especially when you are giving up your everything for that one thing you seek.

Let’s consider a practical example; like having a set resolve to change an eating habit, to improve your health condition.
So you prepare to change the type of groceries you would have stocked in your fridge and kitchen cabinet. You estimate the expenditure required, and understand you can meet them, you set scheduled periods for dieting, so your preparations are good.
But there is something you have never considered, and that is your friends and family. You may deny it, but their words may break you than you think. Each person you love, has the ability to boost your morale considerably or quell every sense of drive you have.
And this is powerful.

Criticisms against what we have purposed to do in mind, can shudder our core essence to lose control. Passion alone cannot make us to stay focused on a goal, that is why we need preparation to help us stick to plan. But above all this, it can appear as an elusive force which we should be very careful of.
In the early stages of our resolve to stick to a plan, we may have it all rosy.
For instance, like the matter in question, you’re happy to see your dieting is changing. You tell a few friends about your new way of life, and they cheer you on.
But as you get deeper into your resolved intentions, where you are beginning to immerse yourself wholly for the change to take complete effect, you begin to see the same friends that once cheered you on, criticizing… not bluntly usually, but with assumed empathy.

Words like these are not uncommon to hear:
You are getting weird with this.
I think you are getting too far with this.
What is really this thing you are getting yourself into.
Just quit!

More often than not, your friends would talk you out of what you are doing because, it appears a different personality is presented before their eyes, and just want the old you back. Sometimes, they think you are not strong enough or capable to go through that process victoriously.
Their speech against what you purpose to do, are not bluntly stated and are subtly elusive to detect. But there is one thing you must know, whenever someone talks you out of what you have started to do.
You have not come this long way to quit, and you are going to fight until you obtain the idealist model of what you seek. If you have began to check on the way you go about your diet, you should go through that until the perfect well-being and fitness is achieved by you.

The preparation you’ve gone through would tell you; the sacrifices you forgone, the energy you exerted, and the hopes you embraced. Why should you stop, halfway down the road; why should you consider meeting the request of another who knows nothing about that.
Usually we would give in to their words, because we want to fit in among our friends. We don’t want them to think we are detaching ourselves away from them. Sometimes, we also assume that peace would ensue after we compromise our intended ambition.
But that is just a subtle way to keep our mind off focus – what we intended to do; what we intended to achieve. Friends can cheer you on, they can be happy when they see you pursuing a goal that is good and commendable to chase. But they may fear for you, when you encounter the early setbacks that takes place in most life pursuits.

And this can deepen the heaviness of distress you are facing, but keep going. Keep going, because you had a sweet passion when you began the adventure to adopt a new personality; keep going because you felt a fresh sensation of desire when you dared to tread the ambitious journey you desired for yourself.
Most projects you are going to do along the path to attain what you wish for, would experience failures. I don’t say this to scare you, but to encourage you. You have paid a prize to pursue a worthy cause, why should you surrender so easily.
You have not come this far to throw in the towel, but to stretch yourself more and more. It is in the weakest of situations that our capabilities can be fully-fledged. When you fall get back up, and get up stronger and steadier.
That is why the best way to handle a situation like not disappointing a friend, when he or she gets scared during your road of change is to – cut them out.

Cut, sever and separate the bond of rapport because of the thing you seek. There is a peculiar fondness, bond or relationship we have with our friends and family. This can be to our advantage, but most of the time, when we are encountering a new life walk, the change tends to be radical and sometimes heartbreaking.
But you have to overcome that emotions and worries you think about. Take courage to disassociate yourself from anyone or anything that seems to slow you down.
Do you know why?
The reason is that, they would perpetually stand on their viewpoint of things and would take on the help of other family members or friends to back their point of view, and in the end, you would be waned off all your passion and you’d start to see basely every ambition you have dreamed for yourself.

This is a sure killer of ambition, and a powerful sleight against what you intend to pursue. This is because, we believe our friends and family can only think positively of us, so because we side with that, we tend to be convinced to give up on our dreams.
Cutting a friend who harasses you to give yourself a quit on your dreams is simple. All you would do is to avoid him, especially within the hours of the project you are pursuing. If there is no way to isolate yourself from him, like a fellow colleague you have at a workplace, then be wise and set your boundaries.

Be courageous and explain to him that what you seek is really dear to you, and you can’t be convinced by him, for sure. Fight to get the intended space and environment to help you achieve that dream.
When you reach this stage, the speed you would gain in working out on your goals would escalate, because you have been able to rid off all naysayers, including doubters as well, and you are just in the right ambient to make things work!

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