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Drawing the path for your life is not a simple plain thing to do. It calls on one to consciously decide on what to do at every point in time. It is one thing to have a broad dream to follow and another thing to draw out the specific goals intended to reach a given goal.

Everyone can dream, everyone can see something they desire so much to attain. But not everyone can put in the effort to daily have constructed schedules intended to get that dream accomplished.
A person who performs a broad dream alone, can easily sway away. He would move from one dream to the another, all because he thinks today that one thing is worth more having than the other, and thinks tomorrow that, another thing is worth more pursuing.
He is not single-minded, he is unfocused and does not know what he truly wants.

A person must first of all see his innate desires, and convince himself that such desires are worth pursuing. With this he would be stable enough to create paths that tend to achieve the desires of his heart.
Drawing a path for your desired dream should solely be done with the guidance of one’s own instinctive wits. You must believe deep down within you that you are have the strength needed to bring out a specific dream.
This conviction cannot be accurately proved by another, but you. You only hold the eyes to determining whether you are well-matched against one dream or the other.
Get to work out your gifts.
Things you love to do, and who you want to become; things you don’t care doing on the long-term even unto your demise, are the true things that you must pursue to do. You have to sharpen those things at a tender age, and not procrastinate.

For there are shrewd lies that tells you that, you would not earn good income if you pursue that course. There would be cunning deceits that tells you that you are going to eventually fail and your friends would laugh at you in the end.
Block such thoughts, let you spirit man dominate. Let what you think to be a joyful work hold supreme over your mind. In the end, that would be what matters. How pitiful it is for a person to follow a vocation for filthy lucre, ending up not able to develop himself in bringing out the treasured gifts buried within him.
You are not those who view life passively; you are those who view life to be something cherished. So you know the burning dreams on the inside of you holds more worth to pursue than having a loaded chest full of lucre for yourself yet never laying hold of your dreams.

Dreams are the priceless God-given seeds in us, that we are called to birth out through our faithful pursuance of it. A person who attains a limelight in a society yet fails to work out on his dreams is a distracted individual, and does not know how he really must be living.
Life is fulfilling when a person starts to reorder his life by placing his dreams over all other life undertakings. When you have thoughts about your dreams and place them above all others, you become much aware of yourself. You get to see distractions clearly and avoid them.
The path to follow is easier to see, and less difficult to draw up. You know what to avoid and what to follow. You know habits to break lose off and habits to attach yourself unto.

A training athlete, knows the junk foods to give up and the dietary foods and supplements to take if he wants to be ahead of the game. He would never attain mastery in his field of sports if does not cut off certain foods from his life completely. That is what focusing on your dreams is all about.
The path to take are simply the measures to put in place to harness the capabilities within you to be at full potent power. When you are in the place of mastery, the old tempting habits you once had becomes an acrid scorn.
A pure Vegan who learnt the art of avoiding meat himself, and not from birth, would hold disdain for meat in the course a few years if he was true to training himself to become a vegan.

The path to reaching our dreams is hard to set in the initial stages of our transformation, but with dedication and discipline we can become better people who know what we want, and more importantly, know the steps we have to take to get there.
Our dreams become much alive when we attach short-term targets to it, this keeps our minds to be focused. This keeps our subconscious self to sharpen our capabilities. However, when we leave our dreams dormant or set general-targeted steps for ourselves we are not only deadening our senses to understand our dreams, but also failing to bring forward our dreams.
The path of our dreams presents somewhat an unclear route for us to reach. What we dream about is not in itself a physical thing to lay hold of. It is not a concrete thing to attain, and be fulfilled after having attained it.

Dreams are also more than that. They are infinite and inexhaustible desires that call us to reach hard after our vision. When we begin in the realization of our dreams, new pathways are open to us and we then see that, there is more for us to do.
But until you begin, you are not going to know the depth needed to reaching your intended goal. When you begin the journey of reaching your goals, you would see that the path that has been set for you is a straight path that lays bare the things you have to do so as to remain on it.

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