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Equipping your nature of your traits involves, digging down to see the natural abilities you possess and working hard to polish them despite all odds that have been stacked against you.
You should be able to look deep within yourself and envision your real self. Your real self might be lying idle, ready to go inactive.

But if you say to yourself daily, that, you are not going to settle at the position that you are currently in, and that, you are going to advance and do more, you would be able to achieve great things.
There are natural gifts and talents that you possess, that others can’t see. It is not the responsibility of a friend, family, or any other man, to see that for you. It is your responsibility to see them yourself, and more so, it is your responsibility to bring them out.
You have to always let your dreams stay in your mind, as this would consciously awaken the thoughts of trying to reach hard after them. You are to see that for you to be very fulfilled in life, it takes you, making a conscious effort to follow the path of your natural gifts.

You can do average or normal things, only when you are a good copycat. But outstanding and noteworthy things can only be done when you are following after the true paths of your heart alone. When you live by the natural traits you possess, you do things with ease.
It would not be a burden when you are deciding to improve on the skills that you have.
This is because you have a better understanding of things, and you also know where you are going. However, if you are following the path someone treaded without making a conscious effort to understanding the source and the inspiration of such actions, then you are going to end up stuck somewhere and you are not going to ever be truly followed.
Take time to work on yourself, on your dreams, on your goals and your life ambitions. In that alone can you find true satisfaction.

Make your living intentional, and purposeful. Your high dreams you have set for yourself is for you to achieve. It is doable to realize things that no one has ever achieved before.
It is possible to be the first person who change the way things are being done. In fact, the whole world can revolutionize because you were here.
But it does not start with, wishing. It does not start by being a good copycat. It starts with understanding what you have, and then, working hard in its delivery to mankind.
Failures and setbacks should not be seen as signs of quitting a goal. In fact, they should be seen as indicators that what you have dreamed of would soon become realized.

Failures and pitfalls produces dread on people who do not understand their vision and aspirations. However, failures and downturns declares to man who has careful laid out his set destination, that his time for obtaining victory is getting closer and closer.
This is because, he would take these experiences and better them. He would be more skillful and become more passionate. Have a mindset, that whatever may come are just challenges.
They can’t define you. The public cannot define you, your friends cannot define you, what is out in the news cannot define you.
What can define you, is you – yourself. You are the one who is intently aware of what you want to achieve, so hold your grounds and reach for more, until you are able to get what you want.

Our natural traits, holds the key to our greatness. And greatness is not only achieved in winning a competition, more so, it is achieved in great self-development. That is, holding on to character whether what you have achieved is open to mankind or not.
If you draw, draw still if no one admires your works of art. It does not matter what those around you say. All that matters, is that, you see it as a decent painting or sketch.
Likewise, if you sing, sing still even if no one sees your singing to be melodic in their ears. All what matters, it that you chose right the lyrics and combined pleasing tunes to that effect.
That means, with whatever you do, hold note to the character of not quitting, but rather, improving. You must improve, whether with praise or dispraise. Run hard with what is in your hands until you reach you mark.

Let intrinsic motivation keep you going. Daily, let your heart desires wake you up, and enliven your senses. This is all the push you need to do the extraordinary.
What man calls impossible with you can be possible, because you understand this: your life does not depend on them.
The universe has favored you with peculiar gifts and talents, and if you have a good will attached to your intentions, then be assured that the end of your works are going to be beautiful, laudable and miraculous.
Your solemn duty, is only to be responsible with what you know to be your natural traits. Get the conviction that there is an obligation for you to advance in your natural abilities. See yourself living for more, and achieving more.

When you are allowing yourself to achieve more of your self-development and being of greater service to mankind, you are enabling yourself to become a legend. And your works would look imperishable, even after you are long dead and gone.
Posterity would benefit from your works. And the earth would keep advancing, because of your decision to take the risk of believing in your gifts. Your gifts are the treasures of your life. They carry the very weight of life itself. And should you lose them, then you have lost living though you are alive.
Literally, you are existing but not living. You are part of the large masses of people around the world who look hopeless, with no drive.

Therefore, be sure never to quench the drive of your soul.

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