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Know you are always in a battle. Your giants were not attracted to you because they have kept you sleeping.
They have kept you in the state of mediocrity for far too long. But if they see that you are trying to wake up, you are trying to dust off your feet to go to the next level, they would definitely attack.

They would attack in all directions, to hold you back, and keep you in the place they want you to be. They want you to be dependent, discontent and faithless. They do not want you to stand tall and take life by your hand to live, but when you have endured and tried to come out they would show up.
From nowhere, they would show up, and their purpose is to bring you back down.
So you have to face them.
You do not back down, until you win. The mile you crossed was to give you strength for the real stage attack.

The mile you took, was the proof that you are qualified to be great. Many did not come that far, because they did not pay the cost. The cost of walking alone and passing through the scorching desert. But you chose to, and you have managed the giants’ alertness on you.
When the giants appear would you make them swallow you up and take up your goods, or you would rather bring them down and extend your boundaries.
The goliaths are taller, and they boast with prideful words because they have a track record. They have a diary where they recorded all those they badly wounded as they tried setting themselves loose from their grips.

So when they look at their list they laugh at you, for they do not see anything better in you that the others too did not have.
But you know yourself better, you understand yourself better and you do not allow yourself to be judged by others. The opinions of others do not determine what you choose you believe about yourself.
But rather you gather courage, and tell yourself, you are a victor and the goliath that stands before you would fall to the ground.
If you believe in these words, a goliath can be a mountain tall but you know you can challenge it.
You would not fall like the others, because the others did not do the miles. You did the miles and you had the patience so you are now experienced.

You stand tall too.
Your friends laughed at you because they think you are like them, and there has not arisen anyone that’s great like the Goliath in their families, and they know that history would repeat itself.
But you know who you have become, a strong courageous self-trained individual who would not give up on a battlefield.
So you face the challenge. With a strong mind you face the ancient stumbling block and then believe you would be the first of a kind to make it fall to the ground.
See you can make things change and a new dawn, a new giant and new leader would arise, and that is you.

So go ahead and resist the mountains before you. Let it know you are above it. Let it know you are the supreme here, and they shall not have power over you. Take giant steps and focus on how you would overpower the threats of your life. Do not for once listen to those that the goliaths have held hostage, do not for once listen to those the maltreaters have cheated.
But speak to yourself, saying it is my time to rise, it is my time to shine and it is my time to take up this stubborn giant that has made a name for himself for all to fear him. When your faith rises, go ahead, fight back for he would definitely tell you your place is not the high place, only goliaths are allowed.

Your place belongs to the pit, so go back and never come out, living as a poor wretched handicap. But the dreamer would not turn back. Move on to face him, and tell him in the face that you are changing the rules and that he is not worthy to be in the high place.
But rather dreamers are, and that you are a dreamer, a dreamer who believes he can accomplish exploits.
Resist him, and he would fall flat before you. For no power can hold those who have dreams and have passed through hard times to learn the do’s and don’ts of life. No armory can be used against them.
And that is what you have become.

That is what you have turned into and they know that. So speak positive, and your dreams would become a reality, your ambitions you have would not fade out, your aspirations would not be taken. But you shall see them all realized, and you would be glad.
The obstacles have heard of a new name, and it is your name. They see you are the boss here, they see you are the one in charge now. You have told them the rules have to change and there was nothing they could have done about it. So go to the place of rest.
Those who are not strong as you and were led hostage by the goliaths of life, tell them life is how you make it. Life is what you believe and if you believe in the good the good would come to you.

Make them aware that you are not going to remain with them there, where they live settling for beggarly things. But that you are a dream-chaser and you have less time to catch up with your dreams. So see a better world before your eyes now, and that, the enemy holds no supreme power above you.
Remain watchful, never closing your eyes for the enemy who has not utterly been destroyed would bounce back making himself stronger even than the first. So because we can’t see the enemy in full view, we must establish our foundations.

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