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Living a life, involves staying alive to what you consider life to you. Live without hesitation to what inspires you. Be it praise, be is ridicule. Stay true; remain true.
How much needless worries we could have taken away from our lives if only we understood what our true passions were, and knew how to direct them in service to humanity.

A lot of matters move around us, and they tried to get our attention unwantedly. We find ourselves culprit to impulse buying, following a sudden advertisement, social gathering or night cinema.
They are mostly unplanned, but matters and things manage to draw us in the most unlikely of ways. That is the level I want you to see things, and whether intangible matters or tangible items these are critical to your soul.
You are to be grounded in life, in such a way that you would be able to relate everything you come across to your dreams and aspiration.

  • Would watching this movie enhance my skill in my specified art?
  • Would this dietary substance hinder my health?
  • Is it really worth my time following my friend to the hangout party?

Learn to associate what you do with what you want to become, and consciously create a correlation to them. If ideas and imaginations are not in correlation to any aspiring dream you have then cancel them. Be grounded, and feel conscious that you are grounded to what you are doing.
Just like we link words to meaning, link things you do with your aspirations in life. Let it be so conscious that you would identify things that do not promote your personal growth against things that enhance your development.
Over time, your subconscious mind would quickly grab unto what you need to do, and block out things you ought not to do, impulsively.

You would soon see yourself improving, and you would turn out more satisfied with what you are becoming. So be grounded on what you believe to be right living.
Avoid habits your soul hate, avoid thoughts that your soul hate when you think of them. And detach yourself from anything you see to be evil.
Practice rather the reverse of evil. Always loving, generous and hopeful. In the end, you would see your personality changing, as you use the grounded principles of your life to be the markers of change.
Train your mind to behave in a predetermined good way, until you see your identity become what you want it to be.

You have holistically identified your dream, and you are ready to consume yourself into it. But hard work without character is the place of machines.
So while we desire to attain higher performances in our life work, we should beautify it with dignifying moral attitudes.
One thing you must always note is that, the journey of life-work is long. And we should not seek a sudden great impression on what we do. Displaying a high performing record is not a legendary achievement. The ability to raise the standards on what you would describe as now high, after a high performing record is what is called legendary. If looking at the speed of those around you, causes you to naturally draw back in providing outstanding performance, cut yourself and walk alone.

Let the world, learn from you. You have to believe that you have a higher standard of what is called mastery or professional, than what the world praises to be so today.
You believe that, you have in you better and more enhancive ways of doing a life-vocation than what have ever existed now than before. And you are ready to prove it.
The society would come in, social media and friends would come in. They might have the intent to cripple you or raise you up. But you would never know.
Unreasonably trusting in a fellow friend, in terms of what you centrally do and who you are, can be the riskiest thing a man can do. He can weaken you, or make you better than what you are now.

That is why you should be unshakably grounded, before you pick a partner who encourages you on reaching a specific goal.
When that happens, you would not be much broken, if he turns out to change from a sheep to a wolf.
If you learn to take people’s words as counsels, not judgments; as consultations, not governances, you would be able to progress in life when friends and family leave you.
Your anchor remains steadfast on your intuition, not relations. So you are safe.

Spouses have quenched the drives of many great people, fathers have extinguished the burning flame of many gifted children, the public have silenced to sleep many workers for good. But do not let outside unstable forces determine whether you are going to stick to your dream or not. They may like you if they may; they may hate you if they may. However, one thing alone is necessary; are you convinced about what you are doing yourself?
If you say, it is not a clear-cut answer you can declare then your vision is not dug deep enough for you to even work it out as a life-vocation. Just like how tangible water and fire is, your dream must speak tangibly to your heart.
It must convince you, that you are going to not only help yourself in the end, but possibly millions also. It must convince you that the burning in you would never quench. But you decide that is, whether you would bring it to reality or make it dwindle into nothingness.

If your convictions can subtly speak to you, then you have awareness. And this should be your strength. But if you continue, to childishly say: my best friend left me alone along the way, so I would not further this project; or, this comment from a prominent official has torn my heart so I am quitting.
Then it means, you are not grounded, and your life can really be disastrous, because you have over-trusted or you are neglectful.
So be organized with your goals.


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