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You must tell yourself you are capable to live the dream life you see yourself to live. And this has to do with the leadership-life you envision yourself to have.
You must after practicing to walk the life, be comfortable to possess the life.

It is not going to be automatic for you to live the life of a leader. Rather, it would take a sense of awareness, and it would take a sense of drive on yourself to act as such.
Consider, setting goals that would involve your traits to show forth. It is your personality you are handling here, so you must allow yourself to act according to the expected demands of your nature.
Take the time to improve yourself, and take time to rediscover the uniqueness you possessed all along.
You can be more productive as an individual if you’re determined and resolute to act according to the expectations you seek for yourself. The leadership personality has always been with you, but it may be dormant.

It may be lying there untapped.
But the moment you are able to declare to yourself that you would follow a certain path you’ve predetermined to walk on, that is when tangible results can be achieved.
You cannot live life, just any way you want and expect results to follow. You must be intentional, and you must be deliberate about the things you decide to do.
When you focus on improving your character, you consciously must learn to give up wrong habits and embrace good habits.
Your natural traits would not achieve that for you.
No one comes to this world, naturally possessing traits of diligence or patience. All these virtues must be learned, and they must be desired.

For you to attain the very intended heights of leadership, you must reorganize yourself to walk on only intended paths you desire to walk on.
Walking on a path day in day out, would create in you a habit, and in the end, this would grow to become a life.
You must be positively driven that your manner of actions is going to effect changes you desire for yourself to attain.
You must see where you want to be, and also, you must possess a clear visualization of it.

Focus on not allowing yourself to follow anything that throws itself at you. Make sure you decide what you intend to follow. And ensure to follow things that have a bearing with your traits. If what you spend your life on, most of the time have no bearing or relatedness in your personal makeup, then it is time to reposition yourself to act according to what is expected of you to do.
Leaders are never born, self-made. They learn, they embrace divine qualities there admire, and they are intentional when it comes to goals they want to pursue in life.
People would admire you by what you possess a natural flair in. They are not interested in the things you say, for they are more interested in the character you possess.
So consider to change your mode of action, and realign them according to your given pursuits of life.

Embrace wholly your nature, and live the life of the leader you have always dreamed to live.
Consider identifying yourself with desirable attributes you intend to have as a leader. See yourself living that life, literally. And in no time, you would see yourself transforming to possess that nature.
Until you are wholly engulfed in the new nature you seek, give no room for settling on something you do not intend to become.
All notable leaders, had to travel on the road of rediscovering themselves. And that is what you are doing here. When you set your mind to things that makes you exhibit more of your traits, and abilities, you tell yourself you are willing and ready to adopt the full-blown nature of a leader.

You tell yourself that team players can trust you, they can rely on you, and look up to you.
See yourself launching deeper into things that keep your mindset and individuality focused on the improvement of your natural traits. For when you are able to improve these, you pave way to live just the perfect life you intend to live.
Your life can greatly improve should you do this.
So see yourself embracing the good life you desire to reach, and forcefully execute your passions in that direction.
You are responsible for the way you act, and you are accountable also, to your own self.
So position yourself in a way where you would have access to execute your natures properly. If you already have team players you want to guide more effectively towards a specific undertaking, but realize you are most of the time ineffective in drawing in them passions, you have to change the way you direct state of affairs.

You must consider how you are going to be a more ideal individual, of which they can rely on.
And people would always rely on leaders who they see possess exceptional character, and this is because; they assume you are the idealist model they can look up to when they are down or discouraged.
But if they see their leader to be weak, or ineffective, you have right there quenched their drive. So there would be lack of passion, or no motivation to pull them back up.

But note that, you should never let the opinions of others, or the conduct of others influence your makeup considerably. Allow yourself to be self-motivated, and guide yourself to walk in that light.
You cannot allow yourself to walk in actions people influence you to have, without possessing a regular interest in those matters.
You have to have a natural inclination to every single thing you introduce into your life, for this is the only way you are going to live a meaningful life.
Therefore, the pursuance for the mark to be a leader must always be self-directed. It is in this alone you would find satisfaction and contentment, apart from this, every sense of drive would be lost as you move further toward the dream and goals you have in life.


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