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Love is like a spell that is cast on an individual because, he would no longer behave within the expected norm due to the spell’s influence. Love your work and behave slightly irrational because of it.
This is a lifetime commitment, and so you can be slow about it. What is important is that, you are happy and would be wishing to do such activities, day-in day-out.

You are not under pressure to impress people, claiming you are better than what they think you really are. Be true to the state of your progression, but do not rest there, only dare for more.
The more you achieve in the piece you do, the more detailed aspect of the works is revealed to you. Do not confuse commercialization of your work with the desire you have for the work. It takes astute wisdom to decide when and why to do either.
Commercialization and money can corrupt your talents and you may no longer develop other areas of your gifts.
Like fire, learn to make turning gifts in economic gain not your master but a servant. Allowing the public and fame to direct you, with regards to the way you live can make you stagnant in your development, if you allow them.

You are the master, you are responsible. You seek more things that are satisfying than lucre to direct your passions. See your dreams, love the activities, because you know they are making you closer and closer to reaching your cherished dreams.
A music artist loves his music, and sometimes is seen murmuring the lyrics unconsciously. This happens because he has falling in love with the music and thereby, has freely given way for his music to penetrate his conscious mind.
Also, there is a reserve of strength you can never reach, if you are not yet in love with what you do. A music artist can sing his choice musical notes, for lengthy hours and would not regard time. He has out-of-the-norm energy to sail him through his melody tunes.

Similarly, a staunch individual who delights himself in poetry, would have an abnormal energy to formulate words of literature, or either recite them. He might not find this unusual drive when it comes to singing music, but he would possess unusual drive for his spoken word.
Identify what you are born to do, and see supernormal flare accompanying you in your actions. Copy what others do, and see normal step-by-step progress accompanying you in your actions. We are all special, but most of us have stopped looked at ourselves and are adored by what others have achieved.
All who have achieved a notably level of greatness, have created works they learned to study through self-awareness.

Even if they were taught the principles with regard to how to go about the works of their lives early in their life; they learned to after absorbing that knowledge, to personalize it in their favor.
Achievers do not need coaches; they need no mentors. There are leaders in their own right, and are in the process of unraveling the full beauty they have within.
Stop admiring the outward display of people, and seek after the inward beauty of your soul. If you have admired well your gifts, it would have grabbed much attention and time in your life and you would have surely help the society you find yourself in to become a better one.

Your gifts are treasures, coated in darkness. That which seems to be unattractive at the first countenance are the skills you possess. Know that embracing the thought of training is needed to unravel the treasure one has.
Have firm hope that there is truly a jewel buried deep down within you, as this would produce the needed strength for your training. Also, do not murmur or disbelieve as you progress in your work.
Do not wait one someone else to affirm to you that you are gifted in a particular field before you step out to move forward. It may never come, and you may die never bring it out, realizing nothing meaningful in life.

Go, launch yourself out. Your convictions are enough. The process of mastery would surely not come in a day, but with great desire accompanying the efforts you exert, you shall grow in swift progression.
And the works shall be masterpieces even before your estimated time.
Do not quench the fire to move on when failures come, as they may. Do not throw in the towel, because everyone of your friends and family is hopeless like yourself.
Have good judgements. Reevaluate your plans, it would appear sounder with the second and third attempts, and soon you would see a flicker of light in the work you do.

Let your works keep flicking, and soon a clear beam would protrude out of it. But you would never reach the point where your idea begins to glitter with light if you are unfaithful to your dreams.
Let the love spell cast a peculiar reason why you do not have to give up yet. Allow yourself to be stronger through the sure obstacles that would come as you pledge to stick to your dreams. It has never been a rosy journey accomplishing anything arduous. The gifts you possess have the ability to dare the impossible, and define it as possible.
But you need to understand who you are and how you should work first. When you know the strings you should hit to make good sounds, then you have made progression in life.

When you guess the strings you hit to give harmonious notes, you are like a gambler, whose future cannot be determined.
Happenstance or luck should never be an instrument to use when it comes to how you would want to live in life.
Have firm understand of what you would like to be. And know the strings to hit, in its specified order, so that only peaceful sounds would come from you. So learn to familiar with your lifestyle.

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