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Overcoming fears especially for the first time can be very scary. You may not think you are capable to pass through a thing because you have seen many people never able to pass through.
But know that the others have not learnt the art of training. The difference is in your training house. You work and you stretch, that is why to can face the dangerous and bring it down.

There are things that can make mighty men fall, but you don’t know that, all you know is, there are things that would make a man rise. That is your focus, and that is what you have to reach to fulfill. So seek to raise the standards, and still aim to beat them.
Fear is the feeling that we don’t fully understand a thing and that thing can make us fail. But this thing we don’t understand may not exist at all, and may hold us bound for years.
Just see that this fear is weaker than what your strength can contain, so be strong and keep walking. There is a better life you can become, but you should not ask your neighbor if you can reach that dream to become a better person.

Only look deep within yourself and ask yourself, “am I capable?” Think through, and see that indeed you are capable. For sometimes all we need is to question a thing and then analyze for ourselves if we can face that thing.
Find a way to face the fears, even if you can’t face it now. Still, work your way around it until you familiarize yourself to it. Then try again till you believe you can face it. Resilience is needed for you to push down the barriers standing your way.
You don’t need the motivation from others to make you face the giants of your life. No matter how tall they are, all you need is to look deep within yourself and say to yourself, “you are capable!”
You have capacity within you than you have unearthed, you have ideas and solutions within you than you have ever imagined. It just takes courage to break out. It takes single-mindedness to pull out certain hidden treasures dug deep down within you. Just push harder and also, see things better.

Overcoming fears works best by experience, and it works even better when you make a constant improvement to build on your past victories. An experience of a fear you overcame would make you gain the experience of never fearing that degree of fear you are similarly facing.
So when that situation is thrown to you, you would not fret but you would stand tall to bring those troubles to the place where they belong.
Distractions would surely come our way, be if we are determined the things that comes our ways would not have lagging effects on us. And the reason is simple, we don’t see a reason why they should distract us, when we have a goal to catch; when we have a target to reach and a mile to finish.

Sometimes the reason we do not endanger ourselves into the deep to take what belongs to us is the fact that we had bad experiences, pretty bad experiences that caused us pain. But we fail to realize that life must move on. And that past experience weakens our ability to overcome fears or even face them.
It takes determination to face your fears, and should you face any challenge life throws at you with a determined heart, surely, there is going to be a breakthrough. If you drive a nail into a wood constantly at one place, a hole would be created.
You must see hope that living your dreams would work; you must see the hope that the thing you set your heart to do would be successful. This courage is the force that drives away our fears.

Most importantly, do not look at the failures of others as an indicator of your failure. The only indicator here is you. Your strength you put in, the energy you exert are all the driving tools to determine whether the ambition would come through or otherwise.
When we lay grasp on what we what to do, we must understand that we are to be held responsible for the attainment or ruining of it. We are to hold only ourselves accountable, which to a less degree depends on our surrounding circumstances.
Blaming our unhappy state on circumstances and external factors just prove we are irresponsible or sluggish. Unfavorable situations are just the prove to us that we are to remain strong.
A resilient person who achieved greatness from rags-to-riches with his will, would have surely done the same thing when put in another environment with the same level of unfavorable condition.

It is not our current situation that determines our future situation. Rather is it the thought we think and actions we do that greatly influence that. The storms are there so that you would be well known. It is basically the noise set to the public that there is someone who walks through the storms.
And should you pass through the storms even once, you would definitely have no fear to pass through it again. Our enemies are just there to amplify our greatness, without them the joyful praise we find in greatness would not exist.

So let them do their job, that is, pushing you to getting through. There are uncertainties in our minds any time we face fears and decide that we are going to move on, but the moment the target is reached we learn there were no use fearing at all.
Over half of the things we fear never even exists. There is a world around you to explore but you must open your eyes to see your place.

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