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You can only set mature targets, when you act maturely. This is not the expressive outward mannerism that mostly is associated with an adult’s way of life. This has to do with the mindset of an adult.

Therefore, reorganize what constitutes an accomplishment in your estimation. That is why what makes you fulfilled is not set target reached. It advances above that, into the benefit it has on both you and the world.
Would your character as an individual be defaced after attaining the height you have reach? Is there a better way you could have acted that could serve humanity better? Is some of your skills going to be utilized in the long run should you stick to achieving a particular target?
These are mature reasoning. You should not in the end of a specific achievement define your growth. Rather, let the impact and influences it has on the world be a guiding standard to use.
Your search for personal growth and development should never be jeopardized based on the launching of a splendid project.

Adults, are not selfish. They see things holistically. A father, automatically lays down an apportionment to his sons whenever he receives his income. There should come a time, after you have reached a certain stage in your life work, that you must find the works you do is not only about you.
However, it should be understood rightly. You are mature, so you must know when to stick to a thing or refrain from a thing. What matters is that you are at peace with yourself, whenever you are acting.
When you see the gifts you have as a responsibility, and attach seriousness to it; you are growing, and becoming disciplined. Anyone who has not recognized his gifts and talents he possesses, or anyone, who has recognized his gifts and talents yet does not hold them in high regard, is still a child.

This has nothing to do with the literary meaning that depicts the age a person must reach to be qualified as a child or adult. It has to do with mental attitude.
If you desire self-growth, like an individual who yearns to do more with the gifts and talents of life, you are acting well. But if you follow any slight whim with your natural impulses, you are acting badly.
Feelings can lead as to dead-ends especially when we do not make good judgement as we walk in pursuance on that path. But steady conviction and peace-of-mind would always lead as to a good life.

Whenever you let inspiration surge from within than without, you are on the path to making meaning with your life. If you only get inspired after reading an inspirational book or listening to a public speech, then you are telling the world that you need constant coaching and cannot do without a reference.
But true source of reference should be your soul. You should move on and work on your dream with or without an outside source of motivation.
If you allow teachers to constantly hold your hand in order for you to walk on your life’s path, then one day, should they leave your hand, you would be left in the middle of nowhere.

Teachers, mentors and whichever person positively involved in your life journey can only serve as guides and nothing more. When you solely depend on an individual before you make a move, then what you are doing is that, they may indeed help you start with your dream pursuits, but along the way, can make you lose focus.
Thereby, you would be living on a path through their lens. A way of life you don’t fully understand, but rather, fed upon, hoping that they show you the way.
Regard masters already in the fields of work that you are pursuing. But do not give your heart to them. Do not behave in a way that requires you to wait on their approval before you see that what you are doing is meaningful.

Grow yourself. Learn from their strength, reject their flaws. You may not know, but you would display a more professional way of doing things, as you learn your art and develop your skills day by day. Just make sure you love what you are doing and also, be much passionate about it.
Adults are like eagles. They walk alone. Not that, they dislike having the company of others. But rather, they have learned time and time again, that living as flock breeds idleness. It brings contentment and complacency.
You unconsciously do not desire to dare for more, all because no one around you behaves as such.

Let your visions be the indicator determining your growth. Soar above others, if that is what is required to take you there. It is easy to stay on the sidelines, making statistics on what the future has for those you have believed to be great.
It is easy to mock at those who failed, and also, hurriedly following those who are successful after their daring yield the fruitful results. But that is not living. What great accomplishment have you attained by waiting on only smooth routes to go after.
Man has been giving a passion. He must dare, fight, and release a staggering outcome. He must struggle amidst much failings and surmount it.
But if you reach a staggering outcome, without personal struggles and non-performances, you have proved no character. Therefore, you have no real experience.

No one would admire you, you would not be worthy to guide seekers of knowledge in your field and no legacy would be written about you. There is true joy after you have reached a longed desire. You realize the earth has served you well, and can boldly tell all others determination and patience yields result.
And your works would speak for themselves.
Do not love shortcuts, do not desire short-term accomplishments and do not follow after one-time record performances. You are born to have relationship with the activities you do. Do not impress, it would take you nowhere.
But fall in love as you work.

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