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First and foremost, if you want to achieve what you dream in life; you must understand what you are seeking. You must not have a generalized idea of what you want to achieve; you must have a specific idea with regards to what you want achieved.
As this would keep your mind focused on achieving only that. You would be distracted if you are not able to see a specific goal for yourself, and possibly, you may end up to be undertaking something different entirely, which would hinder you from attaining your goals in life.

Seeing your goals; is the first step to reach if you want to achieve great things through the goals you set for yourself. If you have a vision for yourself to achieve something great, make it a point that the vision you are setting for yourself is not vague, as many people do.
People declare to themselves they want to be wealthy, they want to be healthy, they want to have an enjoying marriage, and what have you. But these same people do not care to concentrate their minds to the hopes they have anticipated for themselves.
Wealth is vague; if you want money, state to yourself how much specifically you desire to have. Declare to yourself, how much you anticipate to have a year from now, 5 years from now, and even a decade from now.

Do not set unrealistic targets you know you have no capacity to reach within the stated period. Set a feasible goal you intend to reach, but stretch your expectations a little wider so that, it can give you a push to target your ambitions appropriately.
For instance; you can estimate to acquire 1k by the end of the year, 100k by the end of five years, and possibly; millions of dollars by the end of the decade. This to most people can be a realistic target to seek.
Stating that you want to be wealthy is not an effective strategy that would guide you towards achieving your goals.
However, if you say to yourself you must achieve 1k by the end of the year, you put yourself to a certain tenseness that would ignite your brain to consider setting strategies in place to achieve that result.

Certain issues like; the work you must do, the activities you must do, and the investments you must make would be more clearly evaluated.
Perhaps, you may not now properly analyze the goal you have for yourself within 10 years’ time, that is, millions of dollars; but clearly, you can analyze better what you must do this year to make you reach the 1k you seek.
Every person’s goals in life differs, and an individual may not anticipate 1k as a threshold he must reach this year, his might be 10k or even a 100k, by the end of the year. But no matter what your goals are, you must have a certain level of understanding, regarding where you are now, and where you want to be.

There only have to be feasible expectations you want to have realized, and you must be determined and persuaded that you’re going to channel every energy in you to achieve that effect.
Goal setting always require specificity before you can be successful in the realization of it. Goals are pictures or imaginations that we envision with the mind, and the clearer they appear to be, the better what we desire to have achieved would become.
Never rush into pursuing your ambitions, if you have not first placed yourself in the situation where you’ve self-assurance regarding what you seek and how you want it achieved.

In other words, get a clear picture of what you want to be. You want be a doctor; you want be an entrepreneur; you want to be a writer. All these are okay to imagine; but if you do not know the field of medicine you want to go into, the type of enterprise you want to set up, and the type of books you wish for yourself to write, then you would be ineffective when it comes to the speed needed to accomplish your goals.
Being a doctor, an entrepreneur or an author is a vague description of yourself. Try to be specific always, when it comes to goals setting; and know that by being more specific, the more certain you would appear to become when it comes to achieving your goals.

For everything you want to achieve in life: create in yourself a visualized picture of it; learn to appreciate the strengths already existent in you; discover also, certain weaknesses or limitations that can hinder the progress of what you seek; then finally, launch on the goal you set for yourself to attain.
Seeing the goals you want achieved, is a very essential step to take in any life-endeavoring pursuit. You cannot rush seeking something you want without first getting to know the core essentials required for you to appreciate in life.
Dig deeper into your goals; understanding the sacrifices it demands and the price you must pay to get there. And also, it is required to update your goals regularly. Take notes with the aid of a journal, you can consider how you are falling or advancing in terms of a particular goal you have set for yourself.

Short-range goals would give you are clearer picture of the attitude you possess, compared to long-range goal setting. Receiving analytical statistics of the progress of your goals in months, is far more revealing, than waiting to know your progress only at the end of the year. That is why a person must try as much as possible to formulate closer duration strategies than medium or long-term duration strategies.
This is because you are seeing your goals clearer; it’s hard to predict what is likely to happen in your life in the space of 3 years from today, but possibly, we may take a wild guess of what is likely to happen in our life a month from today.
That notwithstanding, it is imperative to also set medium and long-term goals, so that a broader perspective of our goals can also be appreciated.

Goals must be planned ahead of time, and we must not pursue a goal based on a feeling we have or do not have; there is a higher force that should guide the pursuance of our goals. For instance, if we plan to have a workout training every morning, from 5:30 to 6:00, we should use the scheduled time to drive us, and never our feelings.
You should not say; I feel tired this morning and I would make up for the 30 minutes I forgone by training a straight 1-hour tomorrow during my workout training.
We try to make too many compromises easily, and this is the No. 1 cause of slack when it comes to the pursuance of our goals.
We give ourselves creative excuses, which we might think are worthy to consider, but we do not know that we are positioning ourselves further and further away from attaining our goals and objectives.

Schedules we set must be like a constricted circle in our lives, of which we would by no means disentangle ourselves out except we have reached the intended end-goal we have for ourselves.

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