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Seeing your place does not only have to do with where you are now. It has more to do with both hindsight and foresight too.
We have a place to be in the future but if we don’t first see it we would not reach there. We were at a place in our past but if we do not have a proper retrospection of things we would not properly appreciate why we had to be there.

The future can sometimes be easily seen and imagined by our mind’s eye. But do we not properly see our past experiences as lessons learnt in the past?
The past is a better indicator of our future.
For it teaches us the strength we were able to exert, the pain we were able to endure and the challenges we were able to overcome. No other source is a better teacher. People say we should view people’s mistakes and learn to avoid them.
But what is lacking with that attitude is the fact that we are not wholly aware of the situations, emotions, thinking and external influence that lead to a person’s pitfalls.

But if we are in a situation and we learn to beat it, we know what it entails. You know the struggles, sleepless nights and toils it took to get there. And we understand that better than anyone we try to communicate that information to.
See the place you are going, and know the cost it involves to get there. Know the friends you have to lose, the habits you have to throw up and other sufferings you have to endure.
Make up the mind that though the future it constantly changing, it would change to your favor. You have to tune your mind to face it. Be bold and work out each day holding your dreams and ambitions deep within you.
Set a clear vision for yourself and let that be your thirst. That is, the driving force for your greatness. The place you want to see would come to you but it would not come to you when you are now thinking about it.

Have your place you want to be constantly ringing in your mind. Let it saturate your being and thinking until it obsesses you. It would well up energies you did not once know existed.
Seeing a place of complete independence, bountifulness and richness is not the ends of matter. It is the heart needed to achieve independence, bountifulness and riches that matters.
The open vision of seeing a good future for yourself is not what you solely must aim to grasp. But rather the awareness of having the body becoming disciplined to reach the dream.
See the place, reflect, and work out things to fuel the accomplishment of it.
The vaster you see the dream the more work it proportionately calls on you. See the place and be awakened. Awaken your senses knowing that you do not need rest today. So possess an assiduous attitude to its core.

Beat your chest to work harder, hit your body to throw away bad habits the slows you down each day concerning achieving your goals.
And rise on your feet to make a move.
See only the place you desire, forsaken all others.
You may now be in a situation that deprives you of advantageous places, and your now is way low when compared to your desired dream, but live by what you see and not where you are.
Where you are would soon pass, and where would you be next? Truth be told, you would either be one step beneath where you are now or one step above where you are. Bear in mind that you are going to descend low if you have no vision or you carry a lifeless vision. And that is not what you want.

Seeing the place is what keeps your vision blazing.
And this is the surety to put you above where you are now and not only that, it would unleash new opportunities and worlds before you. Break the attitude of not being conscious of yourself. The lackadaisical attitude does you no good.
If people around you behave sluggish, for you, stand out. And don’t look to anyone for approval.
Carry your vision and follow hard after it. You know where you are going and you understand the cost so follow hard after it.
Our place now may make us feel content, especially when we have just overcome one strong battle of our life. But our place is the destined place. Contentment would only be accepted there.
So nowhere along the journey should we be content.

Nowhere should we be content with ourselves by comparing ourselves among ourselves. That said, first place is not the place where we pack our bags and stop working.
We should keep in mind that until we have exhausted our innumerable talents buried deep within, there is no place like quitting.
The bread we should eat is the desire to reach our promiseland. A land full of hope.
There would be thorns for sure, but they would stop the man who did not crave to reach his blissful place of promise. But, the man who has an unrestrained desire to reach his dreams is the man who would get there.

Our foresight is greatly distorted by our hindsight all because of distasteful experiences we passed through. An experience of seeing others falling flat to the ground can weaken the drive in us to carry on since we may think that too is our fate.
That is what hindsight does to us when we do not view things with the proper lens. When we view things with the proper lens we would realize that what we have dreamed of is doable. We would know deep down within us that those who fell along the way did not believe in themselves.
This can be the number one barrier to not achieving a dream. When you think you are not competent you shut the doors before you unknowingly.
So know what you carry with regard to what you dream.

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