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Have courage and set concrete and reliable goals for yourself. Having a goal written in your diary, would only make you have a sense of awareness with regards to the goals you are setting.
Setting the goals; would take into consideration time, sacrifice, money, location and a certain kind of mind intended to drive your goals. This is a deeper analysis that an individual must affirm to establish toward the pursuits of the goals he or she has for himself or herself.

You should be able to consider all the issues surrounding what you intend to achieve. Factors that would drive growth, and matters that would bring about decline should all be considered.
Be specific in every way you can. When you declare specific goals, you produce in yourself a drive and passion to act in that direction. There is a surge of energy that you get to receive, because you are particular with what you want to achieve, or aim to reach in life.

That is why you must set specific dates, for every level of anticipation you have in life. There would be less drive in a person when there is a declaration of what he or she wants achieved; without giving thought to factors like how he or she would be working on the thing being sought after.
Get to see the goal, but more importantly, get to plan the goal you seek. You cannot say you’re progressing or retrogressing in life when a vague description of what you want to become is what drives you to move on in life.

There is no substance in the words; I want to be healthy. How; you must ask yourself.
Do you want to use exercise to attain this goal?
Do you plan to be a vegan?
Are you planning to cut down the food you eat?
Or probably, you intend to achieve this ambition by both exercising and regulating your diet.
Whatever the case might be… learn to spell out what you want or intend to achieve, accurately describing the processes involved to take you there. Be intentional about this, and get to feel a mark of delight or distress when you self-assess yourself on how you acted towards your goals.

It is one thing to have a broad picture of what you want achieved in life, and another thing to understand the minute details of the broad picture; likewise, it is one thing declaring the name of a project you are pursuing, and a different thing entirely understanding the processes involved, required to follow for the carrying out of the project.
More often than not; true goals in life are never reached except by engaging a conscious effort to direct actions on that specific goal. In fact, the setting of goals can be taxing.

It would have been convenient if declaring a goal in life was sufficient to bring out the intended results of our goals, but that is never the case – you need detail; you need specification; and you need exactness.
Get meaningful data meant to incite a deeper understand of the goal you seek, declaring to you the demands necessary for the attainment thereof. Engage in researches and studies so the embodiment of what you intend to achieve would be stipulated to you. You would understand the risks involved, as well as the demands required from you.

Setting a vague description of your goal is easy. Most people can do that; but understanding the issues surrounding what you want to achieve is a whole new ball game. And only few pursue that.
Gaining knowledge concerning who you want to become is a very powerful force that would make you quick at arriving on your intended targets. Forget about the title of your goal, you have already set that, and you indeed can remember that.
Rather, dig down deeper, appreciating the duties and responsibilities placed on you to further that objective quicker.

People have goals to become; the best student in a school, best football player in a league, or best artiste of the year. What you must understand is that, you are not the only person who has set that ambition for yourself.
Most people in a given setting, would indeed set the same goal, i.e. best student, best footballer or best performer. But why would only one be successful in obtaining the mark, as if he or she desired more intently than the rest.

Many really make set goals. But the truth is that; they do not set any goals at all. All they do is the setting up of a title, which of course is easy to declare.
But for you to achieve striking results, there is the need for you to set pragmatic and constructive goals, outlining the responsibilities and requirement that are obligated of you to meet. The best student, player or musician is the one who does this.
He or she would not declare the statement: best student; best player; best artiste without appreciating the demands occupying the fulfillment of that quest.

Taking the case of a student; he would study longer; he would study relevant topics within his scope of study; he would not be complacent; and he’d intentionally stick to his guiding dairy or journal.
That is how to set a goal. It goes beyond the declaration of what you want to achieve; rather, it entails the sacrifices you must place on yourself to reach your intended ambition, and you are hell-bent to attain that.
Respect your goals; and define your goals. Do not leave it to chance, agreeing to whatever outcome the goal would present to you.

With passion, you make drives on your goal. It is not your goal that makes drive on you. When you play your life like a game of chance, you are insinuating you don’t respect the goal you have set for yourself. Be intentional; be committed and be resolute, in the driving of your goals.
When you have a constructive plan highlighting the goals you intend to reach over a period of time, you make yourself well-informed with regards to the procedures governing the makeup of what you want to reach.
A drive that comes out of goal-setting has always been this – that an individual would declare himself or herself to a particular course, and search out all the processes involved to guide him or her towards the accomplishment of that goal.

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