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You would be able to see the Big picture if you focus very well on what you are doing. You must be able to see things as you have dreamed them to be, and not as what appears before you in present times.

This is the only way you would be assured that you would be successful in any adventure you find yourself to do. It is imperative for very man who wants to attain great lengths in terms of what he want to be in life to have a wide view on what he dreams of. You cannot say that you are going to attain or achieve your goal when you do not have a forethought of who or where you want to be.
There are a lot of things that comes in the direction of an individual, and anyone can sway from his true purposes he wishes to attain. However, a person having a fixed view of life would not be persuaded easily into doing things he or she does not delight in.

This is a simple truth that can be able to carry you into any place you so wish to be. Being able to see the big picture of the thing you want to accomplish would make your mind alert and have yourself to be more conscious.
You would clearly see the things you are to follow and the things you are to avoid. Understand that it is okay if you lose a fight but is it never okay to lose the war. Understand that, you can fail a 100 times but you are not going to throw in the towel. For the marathon race set before you is a sure finishing destination, but you may currently not be running as expected.
However, if you do not have a solid picture of where you want to go, you would not understand that it is a war you are in; it is a marathon you are in; or any other type of long-seated goal.

For a person who does not actually know where he is going, he might fall prey into believing that he is in only a fight, when he is not; he may fall prey into believing that he is in a sprinting game, when he is not.
For him, he sees failure of a specific endeavor as the yardstick for determining his dreams. He is easily convinced into depression and low self-esteem, because he does not realize that the journey for the attainment of a fulfilled life is long and involves great patience.
Until he realizes that he is more than what he is achieving, and yearns to achieve more he would not be able to do the things his heart so wishes to do.

That notwithstanding, it is very difficult to view your life journey as a collective whole. We easily find ourselves drawn to the details of things, and forget the essence of it.
For instance, we ask ourselves in the course of a project:
Are we going to hit our targeted income and cut down on expenditure?
Are people going to like the product?
This is looking at the details and not the essence of the thing.
When we start thinking about the true essence of a thing we turn to ask more appropriate questions a person seeing life as a big picture would ask. For instance, we ask and give ponderings to:
Are people going to be developed into better people with this project?

Is my life service going to touch posterity or it is going to fade after a short while? While it is not wrong to think about economic returns of a thing, when and how you think is what matters.
While is not wrong to think about the likes of people, holding people likes above their needs is wrong and inappropriate.
That is what seeing life at as big picture is all about. Personally, it is about, self-developing yourself to become more disciplined to attain a better version of yourself; and generally, it is about touching hearts with what you do.
This is the only way to derive true satisfaction from what you do. This satisfaction is undying and true. And we can only attain that if we are willing and ready to focus on who we are and what we want to be.

Do we know we have the gift to produce gracious sounds from our throat, and feel enthused whenever we sing musical tones, to our hearers and ourselves alike?
Why don’t we follow that path than consume our time and effort on things we don’t like or things that do not bring us true satisfaction.
In the end, it is the gift we generously share to the world that matters. In the end, we developing ourselves to be better people is what matters. And the big picture is where we would see that things like that is what should be the pillars to follow.
There are many of us who get moved into working when things in general are going on well, when everyone is praising us and when we hear people tell us words like: we are the best. That is a bad way of living, opinions and judgments from people are bound to change, and more importantly, are not genuine as the inner truths our minds tells us about ourselves.

No one has the right to declare you a winner or a failure but yourself. You alone hold the sole right to judge yourself to be successful or not. And the big picture never lies. Our hearts never lie to us when we open ourselves to them.
Since we now clearly see that the journey of life is a life-long expedition, full of turns and curves at every stage of life, we must try to view the completion of a course from the very beginning, and more so, the essence of the course.
This would give us the peace of a steady future. And this can only happen with resolved patience.

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