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This step is very necessary and needed whenever we are willing to take on a new personality. Identifying what you hold, can mean to say: the time, passion, money, energy, friends… and the list goes on and on.
What you hold literally is what you currently have in your favor, even before you embark on your goal. The common phone, can be what you hold and this could be just enough to take you on a new journey to reach where you want to be.

For instance, if you want to learn how to sketch, you may hold in your hands common sheet of papers and pencils, and that is all, no skill or experience in drawing.
However, this thing you carry, is what you hold even right where you are.
In the process of time, you may need a digital software to enhance your skills in art, but presently you do not hold that, but you have in your hands limited sheet of papers and few pencils.

Hold onto these, and learn the basics of drawing, learn the fundamental theories of arts, and be practical by practicing daily what you learn. You dream may be to be like, Leonardo da Vinci, or some contemporary artist you admire.
Become like them, by embracing today, what you hold.
And today; you have time, you have health, you have strength, and of course, you have a handful of sheets and pencils. But this is what you have, and this is where you start from – from scratch.
But more often than not, we fail to identify what we have even though it might be stuck lying under our noses. And this is pitiful, even more often, we find ourselves in trading what we have to acquire something less worthwhile, and this achieves in putting ourselves in a more deplorable face of matters.

Get to understand what you hold as much as you would like to understand what you want to become. Because by understanding what you hold, you position yourself to be in a better placement to handle other state of affairs that are pertaining to what you dream to become.
Taking the same instance of learning the art of drawing; by understanding how the pencil should be pressured with the hands, you would be able to know whether shades or strokes are meant for this or that, and that would be resourceful in many exercises of sketching.

The elementary steps we learn when we take on our first move is highly essential as we build ourselves toward the personality we want to become. The principles of the central issues of a matter, are indispensable to create in us a fast-paced tutoring which would land us as an expert in no time.
And in regards to what you hold, inward affairs have greater weight than outward matters. I mean to say; a stable mind, a diligent personality, and an intelligent brain are of greater value than financial advocates, cutting-edge resources, and a wide spectrum of fan base.

And I am not exaggerating if I stand by the grounds that, having control over your inherent nature, places you at an advantageous position to accomplish your ambitions than the supposed helped person, who seems to have everything at beck and call.
Indeed, you should know what you hold before you turn to acknowledge what someone holds in favor for you, but not the other way round. Things can turn deadly for you if it were to begin the other way round.

Understand that you must appreciate who you are and what you hold first. This would make you be in control. Control meaning, you know the pace you are moving, the pace you can likely get to move after a few weeks, and ultimately the pace you can contain when things are hard pressed against you.
Having people to support you, without understanding what you already hold is like, appreciating what someone else holds for you. But how can you hold certitude in something which does not source out of you?

When the winds of life blow, that which is external might fall, but that which is internal would remain firm in position. Appreciate what is internal, that is, what you hold in bare hands. Little or sizeable, appreciate it and let it guide you in what you do.
One should be aware that the innate talents he possesses has not all been discovered. Typically, whatever we feel passionate of; whatever we desire to become, indicates that sign of an innate trait already lying dormant in us.

And it is incumbent on us to explore ourselves more. We must fix our eyes on the ideal personality we want to become, and allow that picture to serve as a drive to reveal our untapped potentials.
There is more we have on the inside of us that we have not yet realized, and it would take the visualization of what we seek to help us reach that expectation. We hold enormous strength and vigor needed to push us to be all that we want to become, and we would never know we have such a capacity until we yearn deeply for something.
If we hold dear the dreams of our hearts, it would in turn unlock unperceived pathways of our personality before our eyes.
The effects of change are tremendous, when we know who we are and what we possess.
And that’s what you hold.

You hold not only the external resources, like a PC or a good phone, but also the internal abilities like patience, and a yearning for success.
It is one thing to see what you have externally, and it is entirely another thing to understand what you hold internally. People grumble they have less than adequate resources; like money, exposure, or sure cover.
But they seem not to acknowledge the personality they have, whether that can cause a change in the direction of achieving their goals or not.

What do you hold?
Spend yourself some time to consider these reflections:
What are the admirable qualities I desire to possess for myself?
What are the resources I possess or can claim to initiate my intended objectives?
What is my driving force or passion?
When you are able to answer these questions correctly, you would be able to adjust yourself well along behaviors that progress you further toward the accomplishment of the ambitions you plan for yourself to reach.

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