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There are many gross behaviors we conduct ourselves in when it comes to food, and this greatly impacts the health condition we find ourselves.
We must first of all understand that, the lacking as well as the excess of a nutrient has a negative impact on us. Therefore it is very necessary for us to understand the quantity of foods we take, so that we know whether we’re moving in line with the daily requirement of nutrients needed for our body to have, or we are moving overly above or below that which is expected of us to consume.
More importantly, also, not every food would have a positive impact on our body, due to the fact that, they should be very minutely consumed or are by nature not safe to consume.

We shall also take a look on those food substances too in this article.
Now regarding inappropriate behaviors of foods, it may be due to an abnormal eating habit which we have no control over, or perhaps, feel lazy to gain control over.
A critical example are those who find themselves taking too much sugary substances, and lose control to regulate their intake of those substances.
A person would feel no shame at all drinking 2 or more liters of these popular flavored drinks sold on the market, all because they claim they are addicted to the taste of those drinks.
People lose control of themselves, so much so that, they decide to take normal candies and toffees as if they are recommended food supplements. These chocolate creamy candies, licky-milky lollipops, and strawberry-glazed jellybeans are nothing; but, sugarcoated substances.

They just are the reasons why we have a rising rate of obesity in present times. Sweetened drinks and sweetened candies are inappropriate for us to take regularly; they act disadvantageously to the body, so much so that, abnormalities like diabetes may hit us.
Regulate your calorie levels, and ensure that you are eating to stay healthy, but not eating to satisfy your taste.
Unfortunately also, people find themselves to practice eating disorders when there is a mental disorder. A common example is depression.
Whether it is as a result of unemployment, physical abuse, sexual abuse, work stress, or a heartbreak experience we must learn to find a way not to associate that with our food intake.
Depression can be disastrous, and when it begins to affect our dieting, then irregular or abnormal dieting practices are bound to occur. But should we fight against those matters, then, we have the chance to remain on the pathway to a healthy lifestyle.
Now, a major issue regarding inappropriate behavior on food substance has to do with the chewing and sniffing of nicotine drugs, alcoholism, piping and injections of drugs, and even drug misuse.

Nicotine drugs are mainly tobacco. This is an addictive stimulant that should not be taken. The proper use of nicotine is for insecticides, this is because it is a nerve killer, good to make insects die.
Nicotine alters moods, and good to destroy the lungs. By abnormally engaging your brain nerves to work, whether for relaxation or fantasy, you are also placing harmful substances in the lungs, which are going to destroy them in due time.
Alcoholism is also an unhealthy behavior to adopt, for statistics have shown that, people who drink alcoholic drinks over the long-term show signs of cardiovascular diseases as well as liver diseases.
Alcoholic beverages basically, are depressants that help to reduce anxiety. It can also create stupor and unconsciousness.
Addiction to a substance like this has very hazardous implications on the human body.
There is also the piping and injection of hard drugs, that are good to produce hallucinations and fantasies. All these are abnormal ways to stimulate the body, therefore, the side effects they pose are usually detrimental to the human body.

Concerning abuse of pharmaceutical drugs, it is also a serious issue that can affect the general health condition of an individual.
People who have been prescribed to take a specific quantity of drug per day, decide to double or triple the established dosage, either because they want to speed their healing process, or perhaps, acquire more benefits from the drug over a shorter-range period.
However, when we allow ourselves to take on such behaviors as a habit, it poses hazardous threats on the body, in ways we never expected.
We should also note however that, drugs are not the only inappropriate behaviors that can affect our reaching for the healthy life.
Lack of proper food intake, little water intake, irregular eating habit, little sleep, all have negative impacts on the general condition of our body.
For instance, foods rich in vitamin A, like; fruits, vegetables and fish, when not taking daily can lead to the deficiency known as night blindness.
Vitamin B, or specifically, Thiamine, which is mostly found in eggs and vegetables has the health deficiency to be Beriberi.
Hence, it therefore proves that taking less a basic nutrient, will provide on your body a specific deficiency that can give rise to many other deficiencies and illnesses where you’ll have no control over.

In the same way, overly having an essential nutrient in the body would in no way serve a good cause. Most of the foods substances we take, that exceed the daily requirements of the nutrients they provide can lead to many health complications and problems.
Drowsiness, depression, heartburn and a triggered sense of anxiety are just a few of the complications we may call on ourselves should we have a nutrient in overdose.
People by taking lot of sweetened candies may not know that, a health abnormality which may lead to obesity may occur as they continue with that habit.
The same has to do with fat rich foods, like sausages, cheese, and butter spreads. Excess of fats in the body has a tendency of causing cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension and stroke, and we’ll not have the capacity to control the growth of these diseases when they begin to gain root in our lives.
Always, we must ensure that, whenever we are taking a diet, the required amount of nutrients is what we take into our body; but never an excess or shortfall.



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