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Personality type can also be known as psychological type. Basically, it stands to mean: the classifying of individuals according to the different broad personalities. These are distinct attitudes that do not require deep studies to spot an individual to possess.
And these are broadly grouped into introverts and extroverts. In this chapter, we shall consider who really an introvert is, so that the reader can make a clear judgment concerning whether he fitly falls into this type of personality type or not.

Introverts predominantly are those who become enlivened by actions of inner reflections rather than actions of social interactions.
He flows and behaves more of the time with his mind. A typical introvert would find no pain at all, remaining alone; with few or no friends at all.
He sees no pleasure when it comes to mingling with others, or hanging out with friends… gaining pleasure as a result of a having a company with him.
Introverts are deep thinkers, they are the ones who stand likely to be creative with the mind like no other. An introvert may grow to be a fast reader, a fast typist, a great writer, pianist, violinist, mathematician, or painter.

They use the energies of the mind in high degrees, and we have the most of the greatest inventors to be naturally introverts.
But introverts is so broad a category that deep personal analysis cannot to drawn to effect positive results on our own life.
But clearly, most people can distinguish themselves to be introverts or otherwise. How likely do you find yourself reflecting, meditating, or involved in solving personal problems.
All these are indicators to help you place yourself in this category or not.
Introverts would find themselves reading a book, being alone at a scenery site, or involving himself or herself in activities that are easily singularly done.

The reserved nature of this individual would make him very thoughtful when it comes to decisions he or she has to involve himself or herself with.
For instance, an introvert would deeply consider a matter like; who to take on as a friend, or who to allow into his inner circle.
They are very thoughtful, and would like to analyze matters deeply before they enroll themselves to partake in things as such. On the flip side, they become more prone to worry and anxiety given the case of extroverts to be compared with.

They can see all the possible flaws that can end up as a result of taking a project, or a venture in life. Their reserved nature would make them less likely to start anything, and would therefore need encouragement and motivation to keep them going.
Introverts may suffer from low self-esteem, this is because they may consider themselves never to be perfect. They always believe there is more to a matter than what is clearly known, and try to dig deeper to find out more about matters.
They are never satisfied people, and this can affect the level of general happiness they may have as a people. When they work, they never want to assume that their works are completed, they may have a drawback of slowing themselves down to presenting their works as completed, or resolving to sticking to a decision.

They always desire to see perfection, completeness and flawlessness, and strive to get there. As a result of this, they do not believe their actions are fully complete, and expect to do more to reach that height they seek.
They are the intelligent students in the class who never seems to contribute in lessons except when called. They seem to be the ones who stand aloof, more of the time. But never imagine to think they do this because they are ignorant.
It is just their nature to behave in such a way. They just like to listen, getting to understand the meaning to things, without exposing themselves to share a contribution. Sometimes, it is as a result of thinking they do not have a complete solution or answer yet; but other times also, they just want to remain private.

They find no problem at all, being alone. Just like how an extrovert would relish enjoying being in the company of friends, hanging out together; an introvert would gain pleasure exploring a place of scenery, taking a turn there to enjoy the breeze it provides.
Introverts may resort to contemplation exercises easily, like what yoga provides. Being with their inner selves, and taking drills to have them reach that, is likely of them to do.

What may hurt an introvert is what an extrovert would easily overcome. Words spoken are deeply broken down and analyzed word-for-word. This is clearly seen in relationships, where an introvert would not easily take an ill-spoken word from a lover.
Their nature is to think outside the box, and find needless probabilities or insinuations concerning what a person does or says. Indeed, this affects their level of happiness; and the effects it possess on them is for them to resort to sticking to the idea of being alone.

To be an introvert is a blessing, but that individual should ensure to find ways to better his or her nature as an individual. Researches conducted on sampled introverts and extroverts have found out that introverts demonstrate higher levels of intelligence in academic pursuances than their counterparts, extroverts.
A typical introvert, taking the scenario of a child, would have only few friends to bond with. At school and in his neighborhood, he would have only few people to be within his inner circle. And it would reason that, an individual cannot easily get to understand him unless he manages to draw closer.
They are those whose friends would term as ‘quiet’. Introverts have a naturally greater mental energy, so they would appear to be somewhat creative than extroverts might be.

The skeleton of projects, are better handled by them. In a business or corporation, they are those who are most of the time not publicly seen; but without them, such a venture would never do well.
They remain on the rear, but can be great pillars to any undertaking.

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