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Food types can be studied when we talk about animals also. There are notable nutrients that cannot be found in adequate amounts taken the case of plants, but can be studied adequately when we take the case of animals.
Animals nutrients acquisition is also not easily detectable, and large consumption would not necessarily mean large nutrient consumption. We have the benefits we derive from animal not only sourcing from the flesh, but also, from their produce. We shall make relevant note that meat consumption must not be consumed in large amounts compared to plants, due to the fats deposited in it.

Secondly, mammary prone diseases that can be found in animals can be passed on to humans if care is not take. High heating of foods sourced out of animals may not remove hidden infections and since they are mammary prone diseases, they can be passed down to us.
We have the lists of foods that can be consumed by humans, though they are derived from animals.
Pork, beef, and chicken are food substances derived from the produce of animals.

Pork: This is the meat acquired from pig produce. Vegetarians are known to avoid its consumption, due to personal preference. Pork is a popular food that we know to consume in large quantity. It has a global influence and its consumption is noted to be mostly complements.
Rice eating as a main dish, have a complement of pork on the side. We realize that food produce eaten as a main dish have sauces or stews containing meat. Where pork it used, stew aromas are positively affected.
We have smoked pork, and other meats like ham and bacon also, used for special functions. If we are going to use this food substance properly, we must understand that personal preference and selectivity is what is going to help us derive good nourishment.

Beef: We derive beef from cattle. Beef is highly nutritious for the body when it comes to consumption. We know it to be highly rich in protein. The benefits of taken beef can be known with regard to the main dish being served.
Stews and sauces have beef giving it a good aroma. Because it is highly tasty as well as nutritious, we understand the benefits in other varying forms. For example, we have beef being converting to common sausages. Sausages eating as complements for bread or normal pastries have its source in beef. We must appreciate however, that the nutrient content would be physically disclosed and the excess of its consumption can results in sicknesses and diseases. Whenever we delight in taking steaks, and minced meat we must realize that there were all sourced out of beef.
We can connect ourselves with a popular food known as meat pie, and understand the contents to be beef.

Chicken: This is a popularly nutritious food of which the general population like to go for. We know common food substances like sausages. Chicken sausages are equally delicious like beef sausages and are known to serve as fillings for bread and sandwiches.
We can derive adequate nutrients from the regular consumption of chicken if we are careful on how we take them. Common stews and sauces are also having chicken serving as delicious accompaniments.
Chicken enhances the tastes of foods substances and popular kebabs are grills of chicken. Roasted chicken are also known to be complements of rich dishes and are highly nutritious when prepared properly.

To talk about the benefits we derive from foods sourced from animals, we have certain benefits coming from dairy, eggs and oils. They are not acquired directly from the animal, but are a produce of them.

food types pt2

Dairy: Animal produce presents to humans dairy. Milks for cereals is a relevant source of protein, and we must learn to take them regularly. Dairy production is not only taken raw.
We have ice-creams and popular yogurt getting their production major constituent to be dairy. Milk is juicy and just like fruit juices, must be taken regularly for proper body function.
Calcium is also a major nutrient we acquire from taking dairy products. We have powdered milk as well as evaporated milk also being produced in large quantities from animal dairy. We can stay healthy and fit, but we must first of all understand the benefits we can derive from food consumption.

Eggs: Chicken eggs are properly known to be consumed by a majority of individuals, and we understand the nourishment we derive from it. We have bread fillings to be eggs. They add a good taste to whatever food substance we consume.
Relatively cheaper than chicken, we find people taking two or more where there is a lack of chicken or meat. We have it used in stews frequently as it is known to boost mental performance. Energy for the day’s work is also derived from the frequent taking of eggs.

Oils: Animal oils can be used in the making of margarine as well as cooking oils. They are known to be highly beneficial for stews as well as soups. The oils we acquire from animal produce like meat is essential for proper body function.
Bread spreads are also products we can classify animal oils into.

We would now delve into the seafood food type. They are very essential for day-to-day food consumption. We know fishes to be a popular category of seafoods of which we must have adequate knowledge on.
The taking of fishes is a very popular practice since majority of individuals understand the benefits we derive from them. We have a large variety of options to choose from fishes. Salmons, tuna, and codfish are all examples of food produce we can derive nourishment from.
Where stews or sauces are prepared most of the time, people cannot do away with fishes. They present a nice aroma to stews and sauces and are desired to be taken in large quantities.
We derive protein from the regular consumption of fish, thus, we must rely on the regular taking of it.Seafoods can also be classified into non fishes. These are tasty food substances that we can acquire in the sea, although they are not to be classified under fishes.
Shrimps, lobsters and crabs and popularly known to be in this category. These food substances can provide for the body very essential nutrients.
We have some category of kebabs that are produced with shrimps. There are highly nutritious though they are grilled and can provide for the body many essential nutrients it requires.
Cod liver oil, is also an oil we can derive from seafood. We can derive omega-3 essential nutrients which help to keep the body strong and robust at all times.

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