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Know what you carry. You carry mighty things in your hands but you have put them to slumber. You carry something that can change the world in its entirety but you have either not realized it or you have disbelieved in it.

You are capable of realizing the dreams you so wish for. But you have to look deep down within you to break it out. You have to shut your eyes to what weighs you down. These are distractions that makes you achieve less of your dreams. But your life is called to be lived more than that.
You are not supposed to settle for the mediocre life, and we are not supposed to belittle ourselves. It could be true that in the early stages of our lives, we were not able to achieve the great dream we desired so much to live in. But that is not what we are to look at, if we want to truly understand ourselves and do the great.
We must be intrinsically oriented.

In the deepest part of our souls, we know we are not mere humans. We know there is a buried treasure in us. But just like how diamonds are cut to become a gem, even in ourselves we know that buried treasure would take patience and diligence to bring out.
And this requires our own will to have it so. We need to shut our eyes to the belief systems we see every day. Those that whisper in our heads that we are not special, those that whisper in our heads that we are ordinary and we would not amount to anything much in life.
These are everyday thoughts that bring a lot of people to the low place. But if you’ve a dream and it lies deep within the soul, you should be able to understand that these are what are essential.
This is what you carry, this is what you are made of. And this is the driving force to keep you going.

What I want to arrive at is that, in the end, when all is said and done, only the accomplishing of your burning desires would be able to gratify you. Your friends may not see who you truly are, your family members even may not be able to judge rightly what potentials you possess. But that is not important.
What is important is that you are going to see yourself in what you truly are and promise yourself that you are not going to bring down the true blessings nature have vested in you.
But you would take your destiny in your own hands, and be responsible; that you would awake the capabilities that you have, and you would let nothing stop you from doing so.
Let what you believe you carry, give you faith in all your walk of life.

You carry intelligence to solve problems in unique ways unknown to men, you possess acumen to settle issues in your locality that even the government have not figured out. But if you do not understand the gifts you have been graced with, how can you improve on them to serve the betterment of man.
You may unconsciously, allow yourself to follow the routine systems that enslaves mankind. What you carry, in fact, is the fuel needed to keep you going when all other sources of inspiration is no more.
You do not need raving fans to cheer you up, you do not rewards in the form money to keep you going, even awards is not what you need to keep you on track.
The only thing you need is to recognize your dream, assess the impediments and, so firmly believe you are able to accomplish the dreams of your heart.

Therefore, it is imperative that you know what you have on the inside of you. This would explain to you that you would be able to face the barriers set before you and overcome them, because you know what you carry.
It is true that you can recall a lot of people who fell along the way, you may even think for a moment that those were smarter that you, yet they failed. But, it is not in your place to analyze people’s life for them, justifying grounds for your failure.
Rather it is in your place to analyze your life and justify grounds for your success. Believe that you can move ahead and do more, because you know who you are. More so, you know what you hold in order to accomplish what you have set before you.

The heart is where we say to ourselves, that I possess the gifts and the grace to achieve my dreams. We keep the dream burning with each step we take to reach all-the-more closer. We should no longer hold dear what others think about us. People may call us incapable, or powerless in our given endeavors.
But we know that do not define us, we are not shaken one bit. And this is all because, we have gone deep down within ourselves to perceive that we are more than what we see, or seem to now do. We know that we are now a diamond in the rough, and we are not yet presented to the world in our finest state.

A man who understand himself, needs less inspirations to keep him on the go. In fact, the understanding of who he is and the capabilities he possesses is enough to keep him strong during hard times. It is all he needs to be able to face giants and trample over them. If you know who you are, you do not need anybody to inspire you to not give up.
Inner motivation is an undying force you need on this long journey of accomplishing your boundless dreams. Another mentor or teacher’s inspiration is an outward motivation and it is not long lasting. It only becomes useful when your spirit is able to employ that inspiration personally.
For that reason, take all things personally.

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