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People fail to understand they are leaders in their own rights. It is very important you understand this because, you are never going to reach any noteworthy position in leadership, unless you appreciate this principle.

When you were born, you came with special characters, traits and abilities peculiar to only your makeup. But you must be willing and ready to embrace this peculiarity so that you can become a true leader.
You can say that; leaders are born, and leaders are also made.
They are born with their uniqueness, yes. But these distinct behaviors are so much in an untapped state, that it is virtually impossible to use them, except by harnessing each one of them.
When we fail to realize that, we are special and there lies notable abilities deep on the inside of us; we just slack in life, and the chances for our leadership qualities showing up in life never get to happen.

Therefore, you must first get to understand your traits before you can live the life of a leader.
You are endowed with uniqueness; and by knowing them you can greatly improve your life.
You must see your uniqueness. Mostly, some personalities you have in yourself are left in you untapped. Many peculiarities you possess aren’t unearthed yet.
So you live just an ordinary life.
But if you look within yourself you can see that you have certain traits you can naturally perform better, using them.

By learning to organize and reposition them, you begin to influence your actions to be directed in a certain course.
This would be profitable in shaping your personality, and also, way of thinking in life.
Soon you shall achieve a prowess on your abilities and you can soon spread it further to help others too in that direction.
As a leader, you must ensure that you are going to be the strongest among all the team players you enroll, so it is very necessary to first dig deeper into what you possess, understand the makeup of it, before you reach to call on others.
A leader always sees his personal development first, before embarking to organize a team to a specific direction.

You can be lucky to have a number of passionate team players, who attempt to possess enormous drive and concern on the things you’ve set for them to be accomplishing.
But you must prove to each one to them that you are on top.
This must not be done only to prove that you are the leader; but more importantly, to raise the motivational spirit of your team players.
What always kills the drive of team players is where they see that; those who have been set at the topmost hierarchy possess a lower zeal compared to them.
An organization should always appear stronger as it ascends, for this would always make the juniors know that there is a higher expectation to be demanded from them.

However, the quenching of zeal and passion always happens where they realize their leaders are weak as themselves, or even worse.
So get to imagine what must be expected of a core leader to possess.
Indeed, he must be like a year ahead in terms of vision, experience and knowledge compared to his team players.
Whenever you direct a person who believes you have in-depth know-how on matters you instruct him to perform, he finds no problem placing his complete trust in you, even as he does the duties you tell him to do.
A leader is not someone born to possess that magical charisma that causes people to follow him.

People are always appealed to those they believe have greater experience and knowledge in things they do.
There is also a myth that personal appearance would always favor a person as a leader than, a person without it.
People say; tall, handsome looking men will have easy access to places than those who are otherwise. The magic charisma a person would possess as a leader would not come from fate or personal attractiveness, for in the long-term it is a person who declares himself to be a more experienced fellow that stands the chance to get more people to follow him.
You are a leader because, there are millions if not billions, who have a need to be satisfied. However, they see nobody else to possess an in-depth knowledge or experience in the thing they seek like you.

So the moment you lose that spark that made people to draw to you in the first place, they would leave; and they would definitely follow someone who is on top of his game.
If you are launching a business and you want to gain both dedicated employees and clients, then you must understand that you must have the needs they seek.
For employees, they seek a goal-driven leader who knows where he is going, and has analytical statistics to back the things he says.
For clients or customers, they seek a quality product or service they know they would never acquire at anywhere else, but at your establishment.

You always must give people extra reason to stick by you. Mostly this is not achieved even by talking, people are smart, and if you want to be a leader, let them know you are the best person among all others in you organizational-circle.
But you must note that; first of all, you are a leader of your own self, before you become a leader of others. So always make your individuality take on a much chief role in life.
People you lead can be time-drainers, in fact they can even make you lose focus in things you have established yourself to follow. So every day, and at every time; you must allow yourself to remain focused on ways to become better as a leader.

And this should be understood from a personal level. You hold the stirring wheel to become a better leader with regards to your given pursuits; and you are responsible for every diversion you make, as a result of not being on the alert with your own life.


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