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There is a great myth surrounding the issue that some people are born with the traits of leadership, and that, unless you’ve that kind of natural charisma you stand no chance to become a leader.
This is a profound myth that has blocked most of us from pursuing our dreams and goals in life. If you want to reach a high level of leadership in whatever career pursuit you embark on; know it has nothing to do with fate, but has everything to do with you.

The idea that some people are born to possess the gift of leadership, whiles other must just stand to become followers is never true.
What is true is this: you’ve in your own hands to shape the directions you want to embark on; you’ve in your own hands to shape the personalities you imbibe into yourself; you’ve the sole responsibility to see yourself as a leader, or see yourself to be nothing as such.
Understand that you shape your destiny, and this is proved by the decisions you take in, day in day out.

It takes a conscious effort to become a leader. And this can never be achieved by luck or chance.
So be intentional with your dealings in life. This is because you stand to be more certain when it comes to steps you must embark on, with regards to any given pursuit.
Since leaders aren’t naturally created to exhibit the characters of a fine-leader, it therefore means that leadership can be learned, and it does not matter the gender, age, or nationality.
Leadership can be described as a very special trait found in a person, of which, he or she manages to use in directing teams and people towards a specific goal.

But before a person can be successful at driving teams, he must first become a good director of his own life.
For without the ability to direct right his life, there is no way directing the lives of others can be effective.
Therefore, when a person becomes successful at directing his own life, he manages to direct others too well.
Work out making yourself a better personality. That is, to be a person who can control his will and emotions.
This is what would make you capable to influence others well.
But if you neglect making yourself a better person, then you stand no chance to influence others. Leadership works best when the leader demonstrates to his followers what he or she can accomplish.

Many people are running businesses, but they do not lead the business; many people startup a team but they do not lead the team; and most importantly; many people are living a life, but fail to influence their lives in the direction they intend to take.
Leadership is a broad subject, so do not consider only leading people to be the definition of leadership. For every effective leader knows how to first govern his own life, before embarking to direct the lives of others.
You can be a leader of others, but if you are not a leader of your own personality; then, you never were a leader in the first place.
I can say that directing others can be simple. This is because, most people carry no sentiment or empathy as they lead others. However, no person can say that when it comes to leading his or her own individuality.

Stopping an addiction can be taxing; determining to stick to a project within its stipulated time can be onerous; and, gaining control over a wild character can be overwhelming.
We are sentimental when it comes to effecting change in our own lives, but when it comes to others; we easily issue a command, not taking into consideration how the person would react or feel.
Due to this, we sometimes become so bonded to ourselves that we fail to give up old habits.
The art of leadership is best learned through a conscious effort of directing your goals and interests. You must set aspirations for yourself, and also understand the sentiments of your followers.
No person would be willing to follow your footsteps, when he has doubts regarding the strengths you have, concerning the things you purport to lead.

If you are leading someone, let that person understand that you are committed to that course or object, in the same degree you expect from them to be committed.
Do not push heavy loads on those you lead, knowing you shall in no way carry a fraction of their load. If you assign a duty to those you have authority over, consider you have reasons.
Those who we call upon to help us in a team have a great sense of judgment to matters we easily disregard. They know when your heart is in the thing you tell them to be extra-committed to, and they know when your interest is far away from what you control them to do.
Never, should there be a time where a team player demonstrates higher passion than the leader himself. Leaders are drivers, so if you leave things flatly hanging for your subordinates to control, you tell everybody you are no more the leader.

Now, there is another serious myth; declaring that a person must first of all have a title before he can be a leader. Either a CEO, MD, or Boss.
You are a manager by function; you are not a manager by position. That is why a person who directs a team must ensure that he has the greatest passion and energy needed to keep the team going.
Without this, the subordinate who has a greater drive or performs more core roles is, needless to say, taking on the leadership position.
Leadership, is an attribute. And it can be started today right where you are.

Indeed; you can be a leader over your own individuality by driving it to act according to well-intended conducts, and also, you can further equip yourself to drive teams in accomplishing well-desirable projects, of which you could never had done had you not learned the art of leadership.


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