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Walk alone and embrace it should it come. This was always part of the early stages of a successful person’s life. Walk with your dream alone and let it alone consume you. You should think about it day in day out. Let it direct your movies, let it direct your choices of books, let it direct your choices of music and ultimately, let it direct your choices of friends.

Have your dream stuck in your head and believe in it. This is the stage of your transformation, changing into greatness. If you have a dream to be a great entrepreneur, you have to think about the choice of product you want to bring, and let this thought consume you until you are ready to launch out with it.
The time you are alone is the time to build on your dreams, it is not the time to be lonely. Embrace yourself and work out your sole purposes. Then set time on it. Go to conferences, to go workshops, go to public shows that you can find more pieces of information concerning what you have dreamed on the inside of you.

Being alone with your dream does a good thing to you. It tears apart old habits of shame and reproach. It puts on you new habits of pride and praise. But it would first make you low. The low is the training process, where you do not have friends, where you do not have time to chitchat about trivial matters but rather you would get time to build on the foundation.
The foundation where you bring out what is best in you. The foundation where you tell yourself that you are becoming a new man. A man who knows nothing but the good great-life.
There, you begin to see that your test for things change. Now that you walk alone, you walk only with your purpose in mind. Therefore, you become single-minded and also resolute towards your targets.

You should begin to create paths that restrict you to seek only the good. The wayward life where you chat with friends with no vision, where you live with no burning purpose begins to fade away. See things that can only improve your life as that which counts. Then begin to redefine yourself and your priorities.
There is a need to walk in quiet solitude. Separate yourself to bring what is burning in your heart out. Look to this stage as a builder of character, and see yourself as to have arrived at a season where you reframe your interests and habits.
Have a stable mind and believe you can attain great heights. This is why you and only you can realize the great walk you desire. Walking alone is a stage of transformation, the platform where you redefine your priorities, your ambitions and your life goals. You and your old life fades away and the new desired life gets to be lived as you begin to bring great things to pass.

Refocus your attention on what is important. Sometimes is not that we can’t achieve a thing, or even that, we do not have a desire. But rather the constant motivation is lacking. We become serious on our goals for a time and then we lack the motivation to continue.
That is no change. When you walk alone you begin to realize yourself, understand your nature and also sense the changes that have started taken place. So keep going, until the sense of a new life is settled in you. Until you see yourself as a better version of you.
Until then keep pressing and do not settle. If you have to create a habit which would last for 21days be patient and do it. Be mindful to live your purpose and do not compromise. Let your courage take the better part of you. See that your past is gone and the future is now. The future is the constant now you put into action.

So go for your dream. Stretch yourself to be greater, and if by walking alone you feel discouraged know that is for a season, a short time that is fleeting and would soon cross over. Brace yourself with strength and push harder, dig deep and live better.
The realization of your inner self would unravel things beyond your wildest dreams. There would be things you would learn when you are alone that you would otherwise not have learnt when you were with friends. Friends who gladly talked over trivial matters with you, consuming your time and energy and making you oblivious to the dreams you so much desired.
When your training of walking alone is done, you become more aware of yourself and aware of the demands from your body. You begin to see that you are truly in a battlefield. The mind is a battlefield you fight. You turn out victorious when you think positive thoughts.

Here, you would soon realize that you lost a better life all this while when friends took your attention off your dream.
But as you become changed for the better, a whole new world appears to you. A world where you must redefine your friends, food habit, sleep habits and entertainment habits.
Always pick yourself up and don’t say you would be indifferent in the end. Don’t say that it does not matter to live a good or a poor life. See that it is worth it to live a better life. For this is the life people all over the world are envious of, with regard to those who have become successful. They worked themselves out in order to achieve greatness.

So don’t give in and don’t give up. Be bold and feel yourself to have changed. See the new you that you are becoming. See that transformed self sprouting up in a new light.
Be consumed by your passions and see that your courage to walk alone has led you to a new you. Repeatedly pick yourself back up and count the cost.

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