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Never believe everyone is against you. Usually your friends who do not stand at your side on the dreams you have, do so because they are against your ambitions and projects, not you in person.

But there are people who are for your projects. They believe in your vision, and are confident you would achieve victory in what you have planned to do. And the reasons are many; they might have been on the road you are before, and understand everything you are going through: the losses, rejections, doubts and disappointments.

But they overcame, and have a great feeling you are going to overcome as well. Some helpers are also passionate about us because, they have understood our point of view of things, and are convinced it is significant to consider.
These might never imagine themselves to embrace that personality, or even desire it for themselves. But one thing is certain, they see passion in your eyes, they know you have an affection for what you are pursuing, and are proud of you.
These Helpers would give you their time, financial support, encouraging words, all because they care for you, and have a love for your daring attitude. Helpers also may appear elusively, and you may think they are not there to help you, but just when you are falling, you see them showing up boldly to keep you in check, so you go back on track.

Helpers are priceless, and no matter how passionate we are on our dreams, the supportive hand of a helper stands irreplaceable. So when you recognize one, allow that person into your circle.
You can do well alone, but with helpers you would do distinctively excellent. Embrace helpers who like your intention for excellence.
You have always loved to be a musician, and you begin to stay up late in the night to write lyrics and rehearse your songs, so you would one day become a star in the field of music. But friends tell you to quit, because no one is interested in your stuff. Explaining that it has been three years, yet nothing fruitful comes out of it.
And this may sound true, and you would doubt yourself, and begin to look on other work paths. In this low state of distress, it is only your helpers that can incite peace and strength again.

Words of inspiration from your helpers, can push you stronger! It can make you stronger even than before, more convinced that the victory you hope to achieve stands sure! Helpers are priceless, they know the spot to hit to get you back on track, and this is because they know you once believed in your dream.
But as human as we are, should we have nobody to tell us that – yes we can, it would be difficult to stay on track when the strong winds begins to blow at us.
Working and starting a project, we want to achieve usually has countless setbacks. It appears as if every noteworthy task in life would throw failures, and we are not able to see the way they come, no matter how hard we try.

But when we convince ourselves that the hindrances of life are not present to cause a weigh down on us, we would begin to see things from a different perspective. We would begin to see things in a new light that would be to our advantage.
We would see such troubles as only challenges, challenges present for us to go through, and not to stay in. It would be to our eyes a route leading to another route, as we pursue further toward our destination.
No failure you encounter should be seen as a destination, but rather, a mere short pathway you must venture to reach your final destination.

The transformation into a new habit, is a gradual process. It cannot happen immediately; it involves doing away with the old habit to embrace the new habit.
So if you have a new habit, of reading, drawing, or exercising to stay in health… all these good habits cannot just be imagined and formed in a fully developed state just because you felt a heavy zeal or passion, and crazy to adopt that habit right now.
You have to be patient, waiting on the test of time to fully establish the habit. First day may seem easy to follow a desired habit; two more days too might still feel rosy as well. But your brain would feel a lacking of your previous life; where you used to play games instead of reading a novel, hanging out with friends instead of practicing drawing skills, and eating junk foods instead of exercising.

One thing we must realize is that our personality and mind accepted that previous state of behavior as a routine engagement, and therefore, a heavier force of energy is needed to drive the execution of the new character we want to achieve for ourselves.
Going back to your previous life one or two occasions can pull you there, and if things are not taken care of, you may end up discouraged and admit your previous personality to gain root in you again.
That is why you need people who would carry your vision together with you. When you are hit against the wall so hardly, your personality itself can be afflicted to a state that calls for a helping hand to bring you on your feet again.

You would see your once desired ambition in obscurity. In fact, you might be blind to what you dreamed about and forget everything totally, to the extent that only your old personality would appear visible to you.
A helper would identify your fall, he would understand the pressures of life have weighed you down and thrown you so low. With empathy, he would find the right way to get you back on track.
The need to embrace helpers, does not indicate the certainty of a fall as you pursue your goals. In fact, that should not be the mindset to have as you journey along the road to achieve your ambitions.

You should think of yourself as strong, dedicated and diligent enough to reach for what you plan to do – with or without any helpers. That is the autonomous mind that would keep you focused on the right direction, and would avoid the deadly pitfalls that lie in wait for you.
Additionally, helpers are not only there to put you back up on your feet again. They are also there to bring you opportunities where an avenue would be created for you to unleash your adopted personality to the world.
But above it all, you are the one who holds the steering wheel of your life so be careful about what you embrace as much as what you reject.


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