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Another outward expression which should not be taking lightly is, looking beyond what you see when we are embarking on getting to know more about the personality of the individual we desire to acquire knowledge of.
We must understand that listening appears to be done from the individual’s perspective, or the conflict of teaching would be initiated.

Therefore, during information gathering acquired during listening, we must ensure to look beyond what we see.
Here are a few things to take notice of.
1. What are the praised words the individual is currently receiving.
2. What are the words of ridicule we may find individuals talk about.
3. Who are the mentors or good teachers the individual approves of.
4. Who does he say he truly is.

It is very simple to consider the praised words we hear people talk about. This is the generalization of conduct we may know about the individual. Friends and family have popular expressions that often associate with us.

They commend us when it comes to an activity we do for them. Here is where we must think outside the box.
Where is the positive attention of the targeted individual we like to know more of. He appreciates himself only when it is in conformity with his vision.
So for instance, he may execute productivity when it comes to the laid down plans of friends and family, ensuring that; he performs adequately well.
All the same, he may not naturally do well with his personal goals and vision. For instance, there was a slight loss of physical health and vigor. Nonetheless, the project was well executed.
So with a generalized presentation of activities there is good achievement executed from the individual, however, there’s less gratification of results when it comes to knowing the viewpoint of the individual under discussion.

This is looking beyond what you see. You see praise, but the targeted individual sees detriment in health.
The society praise him or her, but is he or she truly gratified or satisfied? His friends laud him with gifts but can that bring back his health?

Secondly, we would talk about words of ridicule, considering the many repercussions that may affect the individual we are having a targeted analysis on.
We may find out that he makes progress outside that field of activities that caused a family member or friend to pose a ridicule.
Here is looking beyond what you see. If an individual is being ridiculed and all the same gains momentum in his personal vision, then there is a clear positive advancement.

Can we appreciate the generalized words of ridicule that family and friends may view, or we are going to gaze at the positive energy caused on the individual to pursue his interests.
Here is looking beyond what you see. Society may be carrying a popular way of going about an activity. Friends and family may likewise do the same, and so the true viewpoint of the targeted individual may be faintly viewed.
He is making progress with his vision as a result of the ridicule. But we may hold him low at shallow investigations and analysis, when it comes to deducing the progress of the individual we want to have a clearer understanding of.
After listening we have to see, thus; we must see beyond the picture, appreciating what is the mode of behavior of the individual.

Is the ridiculing he is receiving breaking him down, or perhaps, it’s pushing him up. Negative words usually should carry negative influence on the targeted individual, however sometimes, it opens the door for the targeted individual.
All these causes and effects must be carefully studied before good judgments can be done when we are talking about what a person is, as well as who a person is to us.

More so, we would not neglect the power of mentors and professionals that posess influence over targeted individuals we would like to know more of.
An individual we intend to discover more of may declare that, he admires an individual and so, desires to emulate the behaviors of that person. But usually, he or she would say so from a narrower context.
Mentors spoken by an individual may have varying areas well blocked from the general public. As a result, it is quite easy for family and friends to associate the pattern of life of the individual to the famed man or lady.
Perhaps, the targeted individual agrees to such acknowledgment also. But your duty is to view the natural inclinations of the targeted candidate.

For instance, there is a ten year gap between the mentor and the individual. You see a married man against a single man, a famed man against one who is not.
That’s looking beyond what you see.
Seeing has to be very selective, and differences must be properly resolved.
Is that personal attitude of the mentor going to influence the attitude of the targeted individual, perhaps it may not?
There are unique qualities the individual may possess, such as untapped qualities that may need furnishing. Perhaps the attribute of the mentor is getting bleak, whereas that of the targeted individual is getting bloom.
Here is looking beyond what you see.

Therefore, let’s be very cautious with the way we go about our investigations and inquiries. We should use personal judgments and commendable opinions whiles we investigate thoroughly the attitudes of the individual.

Lastly, let us not forget to talk about who he is. This is the vision statement, or even mission statement of the targeted individual. But there is more to that.
You the individual are posing a question, and you must well take notice of your vision. Therefore, as he or she reasons and we listen; we must be sure we do not endanger the personal visions of our life.
The thin line between what we expect an individual to say with regards to our understanding, and what an individual says with regards to our future goal is where we must look at.
Here is looking beyond what you see.
You hear him say something that defines his life. But is that needed as per your research gathering. The slight differentiation that lays bare the generalized vision of the individual against the normal expected viewpoint of your research finding is what you are to tackle.
There is a severe error if we appreciate plainly the statement someone declares concerning who truly he or she is.

The goals and dreams of an individual are the driving force that determines that passion he or she exerts, nonetheless they must be directed to well-intended purposes and pursuits of which ours would be included in.

The natures and personalities individuals may possess is of a complex architecture. It takes time and acceptance to gather good information regarding who the person is as well as where he or she intends to go.
The generalized descriptions such as; praises of colleagues, ridicules from comrades, beliefs from mentors, and less guided truth of ourselves prove to be less than adequate to direct an individual who wants to know more about ourselves.
We normally must decide that, through listening we would learn to appreciate the vision of the individual. People always talk from their perspective, and do not care to talk from our perspective.

Therefore, we must try as much as possible to be patient when it comes to taking in the generalized beliefs that family and friends declare over them.
For good convenience when it comes to achieving viable results on our research findings; we must learn to secure a good spot regarding: listening and seeing an individual in their perspective.
And most importantly ensure that, except there is a clear interest demonstrated by the targeted candidate, no clear headway is achieved.
Seeing is for the future vision of the individual, and that is the point of his interest. Until we satisfy that in his perspective, most matters have not been achieved with good caution.

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