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The MelPhleg is a personality which can be known by an individual possessing both the melancholic and phlegmatic temperaments. For this individual, his or her dominant temperament would be melancholic; and, his or her secondary temperament would be phlegmatic.

The MelPhleg is an individual who appears to be reserved. He or she would remain isolated from many public activities. He flourishes being alone, independently acting to further his plans and objectives.
He is less of a talker, but more of a thinker. These are people who normally cause no change at all, no matter where they find themselves.
They are relaxed individuals who are also well-composed. They are not easy agitated, and would unlikely fall into trouble.
They do not cause trouble, but remain isolated: only to their goals.

The MelPhleg are very thoughtful individuals, normally you would see them singularly concentrating on their projects, working every possible way to bring the best out of what they do.
A MelPhleg however, stands the chance to be taking advantage of in any given situation, or circumstance. They scarcely retaliate, and do not care to fight to get what they want.
They have different priorities in life; peace of mind, self-development, and fulfillment. Due to this, they do not battle their way to the top, but rather focus their energies inwardly.
They can also prove to be loving individuals, who demonstrate great empathy to people around them. It is very difficult to figure out their personality, and would normally not reveal their peculiarities to friends or even family.

They blend well with whatever goes, and you can’t easily get to know their point of stance. They can act very well in detective cases, and be good spy agents.
Indeed, they have a high level of tolerance, and would contain the weaknesses or faults of people considerably. They do not reveal secrets easily, and can cope to know very dark matters that are not so easy to accommodate.
In dating, these individuals can understand their partners to be cheating, but would manage to shrewdly undisclosed it, except when they want to.

They bear a lot, but reveal little. This sometimes makes them resort to isolation, and would prefer to do most things independently.
People who have achieved friendship with a MelPhleg can attest to the fact that, they are an enjoying company to be with. They have a lot to share, and are very creative people as well.
Lovers turn to enjoy varied behaviors of a MelPhleg, which can really spice up a relationship. In the workplace as well, they would like to be given individual-roles and thrive in doing activities with few people.

They rarely take the position to be leaders, even when it is wise they should. Rather, they like to be free individuals, with less commitments or responsibilities.
Once you get to their inner-circle, you would get to know they are very enjoying people to be with; but it is hard to predict them.
More so, unless they draw you close to them, there is likely no way you shall really get to understand them.

For the PhlegMel, he can be quite different from what a MelPhleg would be. He would not have few friends; rather, he would be open, and enjoy to be in the company of many people.
He is genuinely loved by a lot of people, and people as these may end up to be popular people in life. They easily attract people to themselves.
And would express themselves well, no matter where they find themselves. These people like to be happy people, and therefore not stress or involve themselves in many tedious tasks.
They are also quite analytical, and demonstrate good excellence in the things they set their minds to embark on in life.

They are normally not leaders, but whatsoever they find themselves to do, they perform well. They are not so much passionate in life, they like to enjoy the moments, as well as, getting carried away with whatever thing the moment has to offer them.
They are people who normally have a lot of friends. They are never leaders, but what they can do well is that, they’re perfect assistants; and they can push a leader to gain much popularity or prominence by they support.
They have a high degree of social or interpersonal skill; they can make people follow them like magnet, even when they do or say little.

If they’re ladies, they are likely to be pursued by a lot of men; and men are also very much admired as well.
They are friendly to whoever they meet, they do not hold grudges. They do not care so much about disappointments or losses. What they care is to be happy, enjoying the moments with whatever they may bring.
However, a drawback to their personality is that; they can be taken advantage of, or abused. They are not good fighters for their rights, and may end up being disadvantaged in a lot of things.
They also like to be loved and wanted. Also apart from their sociability, they stand to be very humane individuals.
They hold great sentiment to the needs or lacks people may have.

They have the ability to endure a lot, and would not care the pain or cost it may incur on them, should they do so.
Sometimes, they would desire to be alone.
Going to an isolated scenery location, where they can spend time alone is a very common thing of them to do.
They like pleasure, but analytical and can greatly balance the degree of pleasures they turn to embark on in life. They more of the time can be seen relaxing or doing very little.

But regarding matters they desire to do, they do well.
Nonetheless, they fare better as assistants or partners, and help create an atmosphere of peace or unification in whatever place they find themselves.
As assistants, they can help businesses or teams achieve their goals faster, as well as, create a sense of co-operation among team fellows.

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